Recording Industry

I am angry with the rap industry for sending it's young listeners a message that promotes violence and morons who insist that rap is music. Calling RAP music is like calling a WORT a beauty mark. Another thing that angers me is that when these little pin heads listen to it in their cars they make everyone in a quarter mile radius listen to it as well. I guess that's why they want us to "try to like it". If we like it then they'll think they're doing us a big favor when they crank it and drive around looking like zombies in their little asphalt scrappers.


Because they are whores, polluting the world with acts of social engineering/brainwashing of the masses, taking aim of teens to sell easy-to-produce mainstream shit for great profit.

Real quality is hard to come by these days and prices are steep, therefore the piracy of music is a good thing, as it enables each and every one of us (almost) to experience a wider range of music than we would otherwise, and therefore develop more advanced taste and stimulate our creativity. If something is good, hell yeah, we will buy the album.

I should start my own company PGfRIAA, Pirates Gunning for RIAA. PGfRIAA would dissolve once RIAA cease to exist or lay down their arms in the war against piracy.

If you happen to work in RIAA, either as a clerk or a janitor or something not evil, you know, something innocent, not related to the degenerate but still amazingly pure evil of RIAA activities, please murder your bosses, and PGfRIAA will bust you out of jail and send you to the Bahamas with a million dollars cash in a cool official PGfRIAA suitcase.

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