, the shitty link sharing community site

I am angry at Reddit. First the site kept repeatedly crashing, and the staff designed the error messages to blame the users instead of working on a permanent fix. After a few months the site has officially stopped crashing, but now the entire site regularly slows down to the point of uselessness. At the end of 2010, on the official Reddit blog, the staff praised the massive amount of new users that found the site, then blamed them for all the problems and e-begged for monetary donations to buy more servers.

The community has a fascination with trolling on Reddit and spamming threads with the same old internet memes over and over again. You can't even ask a question without being insulted or told to look it up on Google. I once shared a link with another member looking for interesting websites, and somebody else harassed me for spamming. Oh boy, I shared a link on a link sharing site! Better contact my ISP and send me to jail!

Reddit is now useless to me. My threads never appear in the new section anymore. I tried contacting the staff, and they won't answer back. I think my IP address has been mistakenly caught in their spam filter, and now they won't give me the time of day. They all should be fired and replaced with new management that has a competency for common sense and web design.

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