Smart People 1

Smart people think that everyone has the ability to go to college and if they don't go to collage then it is their fault they are poor. When they are kids smart people reject hurt and make fun of kids in Special Ed and call them all kinds of names. Then they expect them to not get depressed and be able to focus. They look at you as if you are sub-human if you are trying and have to have special help; They call you a moron and subhuman and make you hate yourself-which isn't helpful. They try to group together and drive you crazy and suicidal and to drug usage just to feel good once in awhile. Then they call you trash. Then if you end up on SSI for being mentally ill they get made at your lack of ambition. If you can't do any work better then being a Janitor or waitress they treat you horrible and say you could have bettered yourself if you wanted so it's your fault you are poor and can't get medical insurance or a decent roof over your head. Sometimes (if you are really lucky) they throw money at you and you manage to graduate from a Jr collage but you are having to compete for very few jobs so now employers are not as accommodating as the school was. If smart people were so smart how come they don't realize that some people are not born with the same abilities,and not everyone with a work ethic can make it in America.

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