These people are repugnant. I just read an article stating that black conservatives are nothing but "uncle toms". I don't appreciate being told that just because I am black, I am supposed to be liberal and I am supposed to vote I mean Democrap. You can go to hell with that, Mfume. I mean come on now, lets be realistic. Why should you even care how I vote. Why should you care about my political views, when your biggest concern in how many black people are on the T.V. show "Friends". Before you try to tell me what my opinion is, I suggest you get a life. Contrary to your speech, I am not, as you put it "ventriloquist dummies". I make my own decisions and my decision is to not to be a bleeding heart liberal based on the color of my skin, especially when Democrats think with their dicks. I cannot be a liberal when in the dictionary under the definition of liar there is a picture of a red, white and blue donkey. I am black, so what? I still voted for Bush, am Against Affirmative action, supported the war and damnit I am proud. So If Kwesi Mfume, Jesse Jackson, Wendall Anthony, Al Sharpton or any of you other self-righteous ass holes who call yourselves civil rights leaders (but are really nothing but media whores) want to take away my "ghetto pass", come and get it because it hasn't done me any good anyway.

*Note from Anger Central
It is a shame that such a fine organization took that left turn right into the dumpster. :(


I'm angry b/c the NAACP doesn't help anyone. Not even black ppl. I played music for a gathering of theirs and I was flabbergasted. I know of the members. Their faces were familiar to me. When they were younger, they usta be heathens, drug dealers, and petty criminals. The president of the local chapter were on crack cocaine at one time. How did they become leaders? There was a lady there who acted out a slavery scene. I thought it was in poor taste myself. If you wanna know why so much money leaves the community it's b/c the NAACP rents white-owned banquet halls/hotels. The place I saw them was in a predominately white town. Okay, where's all this goddamn racism? Why didn't the racist white ppl prevent them from renting the building? The NAACP organization are full of shit. Them and other so-called black leaders have overloaded our brain cells on slavery and racism. Every situation is not racist nor does it pertain to slavery.

One of the guest was a college instructor. Psychology, I think. Anyway, I remember a female telling me that he told her that he'd give her a passing grade if she slept w/ him. That can't be considered racism b/c he and the female are black. They gave him some type of an award and thanked his wife of 33 years! WTF! The NAACP members are just as dirty and lowdown as criminals.

Fuck the NAACP! Black ppl can do without them b/c they aren't any help to anyone

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