Anti-War Protesters

This is the mentality that makes me want to scream. at one time yeah I didn't see the reasoning behind us going to iraq. since joining the military however, i see it now. and I also find I cannot really understand why in the world anti-war protestors believe as they do.

I wish my job wasn't necessary. I would much rather everyone sit at the table, talk about their differences and hash them out like adults. But this isn't a perfect dream-world. This is the reality. People want to kill YOU. You are the wrong religion/race/whatever for them. It is MY job, and the job of everyone in the military, to make sure THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN. We are defending your freedom and your right to sit lazily in your arm chair, flipping your remote and criticizing the war on terror.

We are bringing whoopass on the heads of Al-Qaeda, because quite frankly it broke my heart to watch my home state of New York under attack by f***tards flying planes into buildings. The next time you feel the need to criticize the war why don't you thank a sailor, a soldier, an airman or a Marine for defending your right to open your stupid mouth in the first place. thanks for listening to me rant.

*Note from Anger Central
You're welcome Soldier, (Or Marine as the case may be). We at Anger Central support you and thank you for the hard job you are doing protecting our worthless butts. Keep up the good work!!
The crew at Anger Central.

2008 Olympic Protesters in SF 2

Okay, so yesterday April 9, 2008, the Olympic Torch made it's only North American stop for the 2008 Summer Olympics. At the last minute, the torch route was rerouted for the safety of the runners. Why? Because of these damn protesters getting violent on the announced route. I saw on TV that these people were getting extremely violent by going up to a random tour bus and vandalizing it while trying to gain entry. These people were apparently protesting on the behalf on the Dalai Lama, but if the Dalai Lama were there, he would've been disgusted. And it took away the chance for some people to witness a historic event. I am all for peaceful protest, but when you start vandalizing and threading someone else's physical well-being, that's not protesting, that's just being an asshole.

*Note from Anger Central
The protesters today are nothing more then Nazis. Thuggish and violent to anyone who disagrees with them. Read about the rise of the Nazi's and how they liked to treat people who disagreed with them.

Protesters 3

I am angry at the stupidy of protesters. The may day protesters in Los Angeles to be precise. These dumb asses scedual a march/protest in the main hub of los angeles which is the biggest city in our country, with the biggest population. While we are on the brink of a global pandemic (swine flu/HnH1 virus) The very country where this virus came from (mexico) and its people (hispanics/mexicans) scedual a mass march/protest. Thousands of potential carriers gathering by the thousands in close proximity in the most populated city in our great nation. Is that fucking genius or what? This of course shuts the whole area down and my drivers cant make it within 10 blocks of the fucking destanation. At any rate these may day protesters are pissing me the fuck off!! thanks for the vent Mr web master, and good luck with the tyrany of our medical system

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