Trump Supporters 1

I am so sick to death of Donald Trump and all of his white trash, inbred supporters who go around wearing their stupid little MAGA Hats. If I see someone wearing that hat I will immediately punch them in the face and beat the goddamn fucking life out of them until they breath their last breath and cut their fucking limbs off. All of you Trump supporters want to fight so bad guess what let's see you be a man for once instead of jumping someone who doesn't support Dump. If you did you would get the fuck beaten out of you, and let's not combat hate with love because clearly these retards don;t deserve love hell they don't deserve to breath on this planet, the only place they belong is burning in the very flames of Hell.

Donald Trump is a disgrace to humanity, the orange fat fuck doesn't deserve to be President for all of the crimes he has committed locking up children after separating them from their families, using tear gas on children, and shutting down our Government because he can't get his stupid Wall. I say let's build a wall around every Trailer Park and around the House of every Trump Supporter and keep them out of society or better yet Trump how about you take big orange fatass and be the wall yourself instead of trying to drain our economy for your own selfish agenda. Yeah Meuller is coming to send your fat orange ass to prison where you belong and it's only going to be a matter of time. But sending you to Prison isn't good enough; where you really belong is hanging on a noose and I say let's also find everyone who supports Trump and hang them all and Make Earth Great Again.

Also to the two white trash MAGA thugs who assaulted Jussie Smollet they need to be found, they need to be beaten to death, they need to have their fingers cut off their hands, they need to have their dicks chopped off, they needs to have nooses tied around their necks hung from a tree, douses with gasoline and set on fire and the same thing needs to happen to every inbred white Trash Trump Supporter, since you all want to act like Violent People I say let's give them all a fight and kill these lowlives and wipe them off the face of existence. Death to Donald Trump and death to all Donald Trump Supporters may you all burn in the fires of Hell and get raped by Satan and his Pitchfork. That includes you Webmaster you racist Trump Loving waste of life who defends the overgrown Oompa Loompa because you're a racist bigot yourself and can;t take the truth you want to call me a snowflake than I hope you get buried alive in snow and die a horrible and deserving death and I wish that on you and every other Replublinazi, Trump Loving, Russian Sympothizing, Anti American, Terrorist that needs to be wiped off the face of existence and burning in the lowest depths of Hell.

*Note from Anger Central
Here we have a classic example of Liberalis Dementis. Someone who is so blinded by hate that he, (or she), is blind to what will happen.
So allow us to tell you. You are nothing more than a violent neo-Nazi thug. You are a racist and a believer in slavery.
Your calls for violence against anyone who disagrees with you shows you for what you are. A totalitarian scumbag.
You may want to start a second Civil War in this country, thinking you will win, but you won't. The people who have just threatened are well armed and will skilled in violence.
They also understand that, unlike you, violence has to be the absolute last resort. For you and your ilk, it's the first resort.
To date, none of the people you hate have used lethal force yet to defend themselves. It has come close several times, but those who carry guns also understand the responsibility they bear.
Eventually, it's going to happen. You and your Antifa friends are going to assault someone and he or she will pull a gun and open fire. At that point, it's going to be "Game ON.
You may think that violence is analog, that you can dial it up and down at will. People on the other side of the fence see violence as binary.
It's either "Let's talk, let's debate, let's vote, or "Fuck it, KILL THEM ALL! Keep pushing and you will see a true nightmare happen.

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