"Yoof" a.k.a Youth

The young people of today: I live in England and in my experience young people are bringing the nation to a grinding halt. More seem to be going to "uni" doing mickey mouse degrees but tests show that they are less intelligent than those of 30 years ago (1970's). They have no regard for those more experienced than them or those with authority. "Pranking" around and having "fun" are now alcohol infused episodes of banging some chick you've never seens before, pissing about with people and taking advantage of them and conveniently fogetting about it along with the pointless hangover the next morning. They could not care less about society and get what they want without contributing to it. Many young people also think it acceptable to get pregnant in larger numbers because our stupid government doles out money to them so they do not even have to go and even get a job. Many also appear to be hypocrites. They believe their opinion counts for much more than their real worth, integry or value suggests, and feel happy controlling others how they can and limiting their freedom or creativity with their abhorrent behaviour, partly directly due to the behaviour itself, or through authoratitive actions of a restrictive nature which have been implemented as a result; effectively ruining freedom for the rest of socity. We are a doomed nation if this sickening lack of respect continues. Half the twats in my shared student accommodation can only bitch about "banging as many chicks as possible" on leaving "uni". Women are like accessories there only to fulfill their alcohol and testosterone fuelled lust. Most "yoof" I see around these days are a bunch of plebs. Get a grip you wasters. Oh, Bringe Britain with its bunch of whiney, lazy drunken sods and government with its head-up-the-ass blindness, what has become of a once great nation?

Youth who don't see their potential 2

It bugs me when I see a young person with a TON of potential, who knows they have a TON of potential throw it away on drugs, fake friends, and trying to grow up too fast. Dang! Do you realize you can be the next great thing? I know you know what you have because we talked about it and you showed me so what's the hold up? I don't even know what to write anymore. It angers me to see such a talent go to waste.

The Elderly 3

Actually this rant is aimed at these fuckheads who are slaging on the elderly, namely all these motherfuckers who shit a brick every time an old person shows any semblance of a personality or a sense of humanity, or who (god forbid) BE SEEN IN PUBLIC. FUCK YOU. Contrary to what you believe, THEY HAVEN'T STOPPED BEING HUMAN JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE OLD. And yes they were kids and young adults at one point in their lives. All you assholes who want the elderly isolated from the public should go crawl into a hole away from the world and see how you like it.

The elderly are a burden on the system? Fuck that shit. Where do you get this crap from? Their pensions are paid for by tax money they spent their lives putting into the system. Burden on the system my ass.

And a special note to all you cocky young fuckers: enjoy your youth while it lasts because it won't be forever. So remember: be nice to old people because EVENTUALLY YOU ARE GOING TO BE ONE. And perhaps it will be you that people find repulsive and refer to as "creepy", "dirty" and "slimy".

And before you look for the old geezer who wrote this, forget it. I'm 27 years old.

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