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January 17, 2021

Greetings all. It's been fairly quiet here on Anger Central. We had one new post come in and it has nothing to do with politics at all. On the other hand, the Webmaster has been forced to cancel a couple of credit cards this week. The numbers were stolen and he found some fraudulant charges on them. It's been a royal pain in the neck clearing things up. He has one of the replacement cards now and another is on the way. We blam the Democrats for this of course. ;)

We lost our account on Parler when AWS shut it down last week. This leaves us on Gab and Mewe as well as, (for now), Twitler and Faceplant. We fully expect to lose our access to Faceplant and Twitler sicne we refuse to toe their lefitst totalitarian line.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 10, 2021

Greetings all. Well, last wee was rather exciting now wasn't it? We expect this week to be even more exciting. You can read about that on the Blog.

We had 2 new rants come in, which is surprising considering the previous week. One dealt with PETA and the other with Nintendo. (Is that still a thing?)

The Webmaster's Real World Job has gotten really busy now that the Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years season has concluded, and we anticipate it getting even busier, at least for the next few months. By then the Fake President will be in office and moving to wreck things, just as he did in the Senate. (This concludes the political aspects of this update)

Yesterday the Webmaster also discovered that one of his credit cards had been "Jacked" and he found a charge he didn't recognize on it. The card has been canceled and the charge reversed. He also spent several hours changing his auto-pay settings on several services. Once he gets his new card, he's going to have to change them again. All we can say is thanks for Quicken. The Webmaster spoted the charge as soon as it posted.

Oh well..

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 3, 2021

Greetings all and Happy Frakking New Year. Yes, it's a new year full of all sorts of possibilities, and if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in purchasing. As is our normal procedure, we have archived last years news and RSS feed. We won't say we will miss 2020, because we won't. For all the political stuff, head over to The Blog where the Webmaster likes to let loose.

Speaking of the Blog, we had a bit of a surprise Christmas Day when our stats exploded. We received some 5000 page views in a 24 hour period. We found out that Author Sarah Hoyt had linked a post we wrote regarding Governor Gavin Newsom and the rebellion taking place out in Kalifornistan, then posted it to Instapundit.

On the Real World Job front, the Webmaster has received a small raise, which is better then the no raise he recieved last year. There have been some major changes within his Real World Company, many of them the Webmaster likes. We're also hiring big time, however, as per our policy, the neither the Webmaster or anyone else associated with Anger Central will discuss their actual places of employment ecept in the most general of terms.

The Webmaster also had the last week of the year off, as comp time for working Christmas eve and Christmas Day. It's back to the salt mines tomorrow.

So what is in store for 2021 for the Webmaster? Well bith he and the Angry Girlfriend are looking at getting new cars. The Angry Girlfriend wants to trade in her Honda for a Subaru, and the Webmaster is looking at the new Ford Bronco's when they are finally put on the market. He's saving up his pennies, and hopefully wont' end up with any other surprise expenses like a new water heater and a new furnace. ($12K combined)

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!



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