Celebrities live well. They make millions of dollars. They live in homes 10 times the size of the mindless public who run to buy their latest CD or watch their newest movie/TV program. Let's have celebrities do what they do best -- create an imaginary world through music, movies, or TV. Let's just have them pretend in their imaginary worlds. How about they refrain from "educating" the mindless public on their political leanings. If I have to hear anymore sound bytes from another celebrity on their views on Iraq or anything else for that matter, I think I will scream. They are undoubtedly against the way things have been handled. So what! Let's have a few more celebrities encourage us mindless to give to charities, to volunteer, to whatever. It may be hard for a celebrity to understand that the mindless public has to work and does not have the time, the money, or the energy that they do. How often are celebrities on hiatus from a movie/TV project, waiting for their next big moneymaker. Get off your ass and out of your enormous home, spend some of your money, and leave us alone. Celebrities are arrogant and ridiculous people who think the American people have nothing better to do than follow their command. I no longer contribute to the bottom line of celebrities. My TV is off and is for sale. I just wish more people would do the same. Then maybe being an actor would pay a salary of what the rest of us make.

Martin Sheen 2

As of your late comments about our Commander in Chief and the war in Iraq, please don't be signing up for script reading when the Hollywooders want to start making movies about it. You are a disgrace to this great country and you should pack your bags and head out with some of your Hollywood buddies. If it weren't for those great soldiers of ours making the ultimate sacrifice you couldn't be sitting in your Hollywood mansion with your bank account doing what you do best, mouthing off and getting paid for it.

Martin Sheen 3

As of your late comments about our Commander in Chief and the war in Iraq, please don't be signing up for script reading when the Hollywooders want to start making movies about it. You are a disgrace to this great country and you should pack your bags and head out with some of your Hollywood buddies. If it weren't for those great soldiers of ours making the ultimate sacrifice you couldn't be sitting in your Hollywood mansion with your bank account doing what you do best, mouthing off and getting paid for it. While we may not agree with everything that is going on, this is the last thing our soldiers need to be hearing. Let's not have a repeat performance of Vietnam and how those soldiers were treated...NEVER FORGET...Thank you.

Howard Stern 4

No, I don't dislike this guy because he's "crazy" or "controversial," actually in these days this dumbass is about as controversial as the nickelodeon channel! I mean, have you actually listened to this guy in the mornings? And I don't mean the 30 minute segments they show on E!

Howard Stern is not a funny man, he relies on his sidekicks to dish out the laughs (they are actually pretty damn funny). He himself has NEVER made me crack a smile; usually whenever he says something there is silence, and one of his dudes chimes in to save him. I sincerely don't know how this guy got to be so famous, I guess cause he was the first of his kind to get hot girls to strip on air or whatever. I think he's pretty pathetic and doesn't deserve the ego he has.

Howard Stern 5

This guy's morning radio show (no not the show on E!) can really piss me off at times, especially when the dumbass sound effects guy starts getting "button-happy." Listen to it sometime and count the number of times he pushes the same sound effect button in a row, and it's usually a LOUD and ANNOYING sound. I once counted over 20 times in a row they played this wierd laughing sound, and it started to seriously hurt my ears and piss me off to the point at which I had to change the station!

Also, anyone who has half a brain and who listens to good talk radio other than Howard Stern will realize that this show really is not that funny OR edgy. He's unfortunately past his prime and needs to move on because no one really cares about him anymore.

Tom Leykis (fat radio host)

I am angry because this pregnant beluga whale thinks hes such a ladies man. When he really is a fat, ugly, old, perverted and desperate looser. The only reason women go out with him is because he has money, if his money disappeared then so would his women, they are a bunch of dirty sluts that fuck anything. This fat ass also says that he does not spend money on his women, Please, I dont think women are that desperate to get a man, and his fat ass has been seen taking his whores to restaurants. Fuck Tom Lickass, fucking fat ass stop stuffing yourself with fucking french fries and get on diet but seriously, dont just say that you are on one. A diet is not a Big Mac meal with a diet coke fucking fat ass, if you were poor the only women you could get are fat old ladies, maybe not even. Fuck that Anna Nicole Smith wannabe of Tomy Lickass.

Jewel 7

Let's talk about Jewel's so called "new image." I saw her on the cover of some man magazine today, Maxim I think. She was wearing black fishnets, a slutty red tube top, and black eyeshadow. She looked like a hooker! The quote on the cover was, "I like to serve men, and I like to be served." There's that sweet, innocent Jewel for you!

What ever happened to the white tank top, khakis, and guitar Jewel? She has sold her soul to the bubblegum pop world. Jewel, ask yourself this question, "Who will save YOUR soul?" I used to be a fan. I used to love that Jewel was so different from everybody else. Her poetry was really moving and her music made you think. She wrote about peace, love, and life. Now, she writes about nothing. Her new cd 0304 or whatever it's called, is just a whole lot of nothing.

I think her best CD was "Spirit," there are a lot of really beautiful songs on it. I was telling my friend today, she has a song on there called "Do You." Now, if you say that around Jewel she will! I am angry with Jewel because I thought for a breif moment that under all the cleavage, bad makeup, and slutty outfits, the real Jewel was in there somewhere. But I think that Jewel is gone. And we're stuck with songs like "Sweet Temptation" and "U + Me = Love" DO NOT buy "0304." Let's hope it bombs and Jewel comes back to her senses!

Howard Stern 8

Howard Stern makes me angry. First of all, the calls of Stern's show are all setup. You have absolutely no chance of ever getting through on the phones to Stern's show because he only takes calls that he has set up and paid for. How phony. Anyone who can't figure this out for themselves has an IQ of a slug. And still, the idiots laugh and drool over this show. Stern is the most ignorant person in the media. He parades his ignorance about history, world affairs, health issues (!!! He diagnoses people online and suggests treatments for them!!!), he is so ignorantly homophobic, he is juvenile and infantile, contemptuous of anyone who is disabled, etc. He is one of the ugliest men alive and yet he has the nerve to attack any women who does not measure up to his silicone pumped up hooker adolescent ideal. Where does an ugly dude like him get off with that crap? He has a pretty girlfriend but who would go out with him if he wasn't rich? Also, Stern's constant slamming of celebrities has led to his show not having them as guests anymore. Every day it is the same old tired drugged out porn stars and strippers with Stern asking them if they have ever had lesbian sex. This is EVERY day. Another thing that drives me crazy is how his co-host, Robin Quivers, is nothing but a parrot and a shield for him when he makes racist comments. This woman was a NURSE with no boradcast experience when Stern hired her to take the heat off him for his racism. All she does is parrot back whatever he says. I once heard her change her opinion about an issue FOUR times because Stern change his within the space of five minutes. This woman is the ultimate Uncle Tom - working for the massah. I wish Stern would retire as he is way past his prime like Imus.

Hollywood Bigwigs and Studios 9

It's like they don't even try anymore. Rarely is there a movie that is genuinely good and original. Hardly a week goes by when they are not releasing some pap that should never had made it to the theaters. Romantic comedies are getting dumber and more insane by the minute.

Actors and Actresses 10

When the hell did these people become so fucking important? They are nothing but toys for the public's amusement. Nothing else. Acting is for whores who want to be respectable. They are a bunch of sexual deviants, criminals, freaks, and psychopaths. The only reason they survive is because they are not put in their place often enough. They need to be bluntly told that they are nothing to anyone, and they are on the bottom of the ladder in prestige. They should stop acting like heads of state and royalty. They are the lowest common denominator and should be treated like dirt daily to remind them of their inferior place in society. I think walking across the street if you see one coming toward you and spitting on them is perfect. Encourage them to do drugs and shoot up, therefore decreasing the amount of actresses and actors. Also, alcohol is good as well. Serve alcohol as they get into their cars.

Christina Aguilera 11

Why oh why oh why did this incredibly talented singer go the way of all sluts and pretend it is about glamorizing womanhood? She has a great voice and skills, but she makes me want to vomit about the way she dresses and her videos are porn. She wanted to change her image, ok, do it in a mature manner and become more adult, adult meaning mature, not slutty. And the dumbfuck believes she is empowering women? She DOES NOT NEED TO BE A SLUT!!!

Gwyneth Paltrow 12

She acts like she is some dman blueblood. She is a fucking daughter of an actress and a director. She was born into the entertainment industry and she somehow believes that she is some fucking royal princess? "when I go to Europe at a dinner party and we have a great conversation including wit and intelligent debate, but when I get back to America someone runs up to me and says 'great jeans I need to know where you got them'"! Sorry princess if we proles are just too uneducated for you to mingle with. Who does she think she is? She is an 'actress' and in the whole structure of society it is considered the lowest in the rung of prestige.

Camryn Meinhem 13

Camryn Meinhem makes me want to vomit. She made her emmy award an achievment for all fat people. She has written a book about how it is good to be grossly obese like her. Sickening. She and other fat women fell perfectly fine to insult and belittle slender actresses and people, but if someone insults them, they start acting oppressed and pissy. Bluntly put, they encourage women to become fat and unhealthy. While some fat women might be fat and fit (although we all know its just bullshit) mostly they are unhealthy and in danger of an early death.

Pop Stars Who Want To Act 14

This drives me insane. Pop stars whose star is fading and so they want to latch onto the acting profession. They sincereley believe that their movie will be a hit and then of course they will be on their way to oscar stardom. Makes me want to vomit whenever I think of a woman struggling, and with loads of talent and can't get a foot in the door and a braindead popstar just released a movie that will make millions at the box office because of her fanbase of teenybopper idiots. The stories are usually simplistic, with the main character as wholesome and innocent as a two year old baby. The of course the character meets a 'bad boy' who is really just a sweetie in wolf's clothing. Then something will happen to affirm the main character's goodness.

Multi Tasking Celebrities 15

I am getting fed up with hearing about actresses who start restaurants, clothing lines, perfume lines, and merchandising. Now yes, diversifying is good, but let's face it, so much quantity and so little QUALITY!!! I hear Hilary Duff is already sending out a clothing line and it is pissing me off! If you are studying to be an actress, just fucking act; if you are a singer, fucking concentrate on singing good songs and developing a good voice! Yes, I know you little braindead idiots can't stand the thought of struggling, or perhaps developing the talent and would rather overexpose yourselves, but just live with it!

Actors and Actresses Who Act European 16

I swear it drives me insane everytime an actor or actress decides to completely ignore the fact that they were born Americans and then decide to pretend to be 'charmed' by us regular folk when they are in Europe. They act as though they are some cultured Eurosnob sneering at our bourgeoisie way of life. They like to think of themselves as more intelligent and cultured, and I think it is this sort of mentality that possibly gives them the belief they are superior. Ugh. Of course, by acting European they only enforce by belief that Europeans are useless.

Kate Hudson 17

Alright Kate, you're not that important; you've made one good movie and now you want to join the rest of hollywood with your loud mouth.

So you think Americans are the "most annoying, boisterous creatures in the world". She also intelligently adds, "Sometimes I'll be walking down the street and I'll hear some American and I'll just go, 'Of course they hate us, of course they can't stand us'" (When she says the word "American" it sounds as if she's talking about a foul, disgusting, abhorred creature from hell!).

Well guess what, Kate. You've now put a very large dent in your almost non-existing career, because most people who are semi-intelligent understand that most Americans are not like this, and what the hell gives you a right to say these things with your "lil' princess" lifestyle that you've lived forever (especially when there are such hard-working americans out there)! I hate you, I hate all of your movies, and you make me sick to my stomach.

How dare you say these things about America, desperately trying to side with the French to win their hearts. If you weren't America's little "darling," the media would be all over this more, so consider yourself very lucky. Why don't these moronic, hate-inspiring Actors and Actresses move away from this country if they dispise us so much?! I don't understand this.. I say we start a fund-raising business to pay for plane tickets for these trators to leave to countries of their choice, granted they promise never to return.

JLO 18

This rat makes me want to vomit. She shoves her personal life in our faces, treats people who work for her like shit, dresses like a tramp in magazines, and now she wants the world to believe that she is some 'good girl' who should be treated like a lady? Hey bitch, last time I checked you are P. Diddy's former sex kitten, a skank who poses in magazines using your body as an advertisement, and a Boruiaca slut who is a worthless gold digger. Nice try in trying to portray yourself as someone worhty of worship, but the whole world is laughing at you and your pathetic attempts to come off as a respectable lady with a good reputation. Truly pathetic. She is a flash in the pan thankfully, and it infuriates me that she does the things she does.

Christina Aguilera 19

I don't like Christina Aguilera because bits and pieces in her music video w/the one where she has moths (butterflies or whatever) has similarities to Björk's "Cocoon". Who the fuck does this whore think she is? Ripping off Björk's cocoon. They both have oriental hairstyle's. They both involve cocoons. Both have powder white skin. Stupid whore, Aguilera. Find your own damn video concepts and shit. I'm pissed off, webmaster!

Celebrity Ingrates 20

I despise celebrities these days that want to disguise themselves, hide, and surround themselves with bodyguards to avoid paying one of the very few dues: signing autographs, and posing for pistures. God for fucking bid they should give a little back. Aviril Lavigne tells little girls who dress like her to "get a life." Well princess, perhaps your fans will get a life and forget you! Kelly Clarkson wears a wig and disguise so she can go shopping with friends without people hounding her for autographs. Fuck that, she is a minor celebrity and she should be damn grateful for all she has. Celebs who want people to buy their movies, buy their albums, and boost their sales so they make money should do the bare minimum required by signing a piece of paper or posing for a few seconds so their fans can take a picture. Just a few seconds out of their pampered lives and they can go back to shooting their heroin or sniffing coke, or shopping and fucking around!!

Jamie Oliver - TV CHEF 21

I am angry at Jamie because he is cockney and thinks he is, "oh so" funny, when really he is a guy with a lisp and a silly floppy hair. JAMIE, go back to the gutter where you belong, and while your there, nibble on my specially made tomato sauce, you east-London wannabe, spice girl look-a-like. Oh and your wife's fat and ugly too.

Suze Orman 22

This woman with the financial advice program on CNBC... Sometimes I turn it on and start counting out the seconds. She has never gone more than 45 seconds without saying the word "money".

It's so damned annoying to someone like me who really doesn't give a rat's ass about money in the first place, as long as I have enough of it to live my life pleasantly. I've invested well in real estate and all the right mutual funds, but resent having to do it. I'd as soon live in a society where everyone has a mobile home, and you can paint it any way you want and put anything in the yard you want and nobody natters about property values/property values/property values because what you've got is what you've got and it's yours to do with as you please. And everybody has a job, and if they slough off they get sent to a work camp and if a boss is incompetent he gets stoned to death on the spot. Instead, I have to listen to this know-nothing bitch answer questions from stupid people about money money money money money. Fuck money!

*Note from Anger Central
Let's see...She works on a financial program and uses the word money a great deal. And the problem with this is? And you have no interest in money? So why are you watching the show in the first place??

"Christian" Pop Sluts 23

I am fed up with asinine pop stars bragging about their Christianity and values while tramping around on the covers of magazines and stages, claiming to be 'good girls,' and 'ladies' thus confusing people, especially innocent children growing up about how a lady and good girl is supposed to act. Hypocrites the lot of them, and curse them for having the gall to say God approves them stripping and posing nearly nude in magazines. Furthermore, their pretenses to being good girls are laughable.

Brittney Fucking Spears 24

I'm sick of this overhyped opportunistic jailbait hanging her butt and her tongue out all over the place. Twelve year old girls want to dress and act like sluts partly in thanks to her. I hope she looks like Rosemary Clooney one day.

Madonna 25

Madonna angers me in the sense she is treating her bastard daughter Lourdes like some princess who must be kept away from the evils of this world while she exposes herself on international television and makes out with Britney Spears. It's all right for her to foist this shit on little kids and teens, etc. But at no time must her precious little kiddies be tainted with impure visions. She is filth personified and I am tired of her insane, hypocritical behavior.

Celebs Who Move To Europe 26

Lately it seems that every single pretentious snot in Hollywood is moving out of the country. While I like this quite a bit, it annoys me when they act surprised that Americans forget about them. They expect us to spend our money on their work and then get surprised when we don't, while they ignore us completely while with their snobby European friends. Madonna is prancing around England talking in an accent when everyone knows she is from Michigan. Will they please not denigrate this country and remember that they too are Americans! It pisses me off when Gwyneth Paltrow says "The one thing I like about my home in Spain is that it is as far away from America as possible," or something like that.

Britney Spears 27

Britney ticked me off when after taking a year and a half long break she spends only a few months doing publicity stunts and talk show interviews before quitting. She then left Europe claiming a cold, but what do you know, she's back in America singing in Times Square barely dressed. Now over thanksgiving she was partying topless in Hawaii, and some people claim she deserved it!! How can she possibly be exhausted when she's barely done any work at all!!? And furthermore she recently dissed Justin TImberlake when she hinted that he was "More like Timberworm than Timberlake!" Would she just grow up and stop talking about him? It's been over for years now and she is still pulling stunts and trying to make him jealous. She seems to be getting crazy or something.

Paris Hilton 28

I hate this disgusting wench. She can't help being born into wealth, but maybe if she didn't flaunt it around, be so disgusting and slutty, and willingly be so stupid, perhaps I wouldn't be writing this rant. She wastes it all on booze, gross clothes that anyone with a sense of class and taste would not be seen dead in, and parties with C-list celebs not worth mentioning. I see her as a person who has had all the opportunities one could wish to have and squanders it on parties and fucking around. After hearing about how during filming of "the Simple Life" she stole another girl's boyfriend and dumped the guy after filming, and how he still carries the torch for her. Sickening. Her mother and father should be shot for failing in their duty to raise her right.

*Note from Anger Central
Have you seen her "other" video? The quality isn't great, but it shows she does have a talent for "alternative" films.
(Yes, we have seen it...many many times) <grin>

Celebrity "Diplomats" 29

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and a few other Hollywood assholes want to go to the Middle East to stop the conflict. Does this mean that with my tax money they are going to travel there, put their useless asses in a situation that our troops might have to rescue them if they get captured? Who do they think they are? When will celebrities realize that we hate them and most likely people over there especially hate them for being immoral infidels. Why can't they just act and remember their place in this world.

Sick of celebrities, pro-athletes, and models 30

Fed up with corporate monopolies forcing celebrities, pro-athletes, and models in the publics faces. I was without a tv for 2 straight years after it went out. Best thing that could happen. Wasting my electricity for that crud. It's not about talent, ability or entertainment anymore. It's all about endorsements, money and attention on me me me! Many ppl feel the same way and have also shared the same mentality at the suggestion of "pay no attention to them and they will be just like anyone else". Problem is, ppl won't stand together and DO it! Like empty-headed fools they scream and idolized ppl with the worst morals in the world ... making them richer and richer. What is wrong with ppl? Do they believe that "since I'll never be in that position, I'll live my dream through this celebrity/athlete/model". Again, what is wrong with ppl. Everyone would like to be richer, yet they willing fork over their hard earned cash to make these fools and their management partners filty rich... all to look down their noses at the fans and continue on their greedy me-show to make more and do more than their arch-famous-nemisis. WTF!? Why not even out the score and knock these jerks off their high horse to work like everyone else does? Band together instead of handing your alligience and wallet to these arrogant talentless flavor-of-the-month ppl who fuel the everturning wheel of greedy corporate heads and managers. We'll never be paid what we deserve at our jobs so long as this small group gets paid ridiculous amounts of $$ and sit atop of the socio-economic period of this country. Don't make them stars for looks or selling-power ... make them EARN your adoration (and cash). Out.

Michael Jackson 31

What is the hype with this psycho? He has seriously lost it. A person who says that it's okay to sleep with young boys should be shot! It's not okay, it's paedophilia! He's a fucking lunatic and he belongs in a mental home! And the baby incident, well, his career should have ended after that. I can't think of any more eccentricities that he has done, him and his pet monkey should fuck off! His career is over.  I hope this alledged kid lover goes to jail for a long, long time.

Entertainers 32

I want to hurl every time I hear about these self congratulatory awards shows and their opulent gift baskets for presenters. I just read about the Golden Globes (and who cares about those awards anyways) doling out $27,000 gift bags full of luxury gadgets and gewgaws. I barely made that much in salary last year. Many people never make that much money in a year. How about these celebs saying stop the baskets--we can buy whatever we want and please use the money to donate to children's charities, animal shelters, homeless shelters, food pantries, organ donation funds, medical research funds, and a whole lot of needy and deserving causes.

Celebrity stunts 33

Janet Jackson flopping her boob out is not the most shocking public display we've seen. It's just another in a long list of lame attention seeking stunts that have gone of for years. I'm glad she did it, if only for the purpose of people finally saying enough already. We're sick of you high falutin' no class celebs shoving your egos in our faces. What's next? Guys flashing their penises? Why not just have sex on stage? Where else is there to go? Britney, J-Ho, Justin, Madonna, Christina, Janet, Michael, and the rest of you wacky sleazo's are put on notice. Shut up and cover up.

Pamela Anderson (slut) 34

I hate that bitch prima Donna Pamela Anderson! She is such a whore. I heard she had sex with Scott Baio, Tommy Lee (I think everyone knows,) and that loser Kid Rock, and a bunch of other losers that banged her. What does she think she is trying to prove to people? How much of a whore she is? No one cares how many guys fucked her and it only proves how much of a slut she is. Also the fact she got implants again. First she got them and then got them removed and then she got them again. I never need to worry about getting implants, my boobs are naturally big, and I bet they are even bigger than hers are.

Sarah Jessica Parker 35

SJP needs to get over herself. She's very dismissive of her Sex and the City costars. She didn't even tell them herself she decided to end the show. She let Business Affairs do it. People in the cruel world of corporate America have had more compassionate firings! (She said so herself in an O magazine interview, so it obviously didn't phase her.)

She will also say that she barely ever sees her costars, because she doesn't shoot scenes with them everyday like she does the crew. Of course, she screwed the crew of 300 people, too. Frankly, I'd rather see the show continue with the three costars and her character drowning in Paris.

SJP also said in the O interview that her husband "saved" a Broadway show (The Producers) by going back to it. Well, several cast members went back to The Producers, including Nathan Lane, not just your hubby.

And the hair color commercials and print ads? No celebrity does their own hair color or uses a home hair color product, unless it's just before shooting the ad and they sure as hell don't do it themselves. Celebs go to high priced stylists that charge $300.00 for color, unless the celeb gets it for free, just like they get so many other things for free. To her credit, SJP supports her very large family, so maybe that's how she justifies the hair color ads. I still think she's gotten full of herself from Sex and the City.

Courtney Love (Psycho) 36

I strongly dislike Courtney Love. She is out of control and is close to killing herself and/or winding up in jail. I cannot believe that she is becoming famous for all these infamous acts. Plus, I believe she is very unattractive. I hope she does overdose one day and dies. Thus, I don't have to see or hear this personified filth.

Britany Spears 37

Britany Spears is lousy at singing! She hangs out every damn part of her stupid flaby body and excpets young people to think it's "kool". It's stupid and she sucks at singing. She thinks she has talent? Rgh.

Michael Jackson 38

This depraved sicko now wants the press to leave him alone. This from the same person that stands on top of a limos outside his court appearances, wears Sergeant Pepper costumes, and has a new face carved out every year. If that's not a perverted need for attention, what is? I think this sicko really did molest children, only he doesn't call it that, he calls it love and thinks it's perfectly ok. He can go to prison, let his grey kinky hair grow out and wear no make up and be somebody's bitch and see how love feels like from a new perspective. Michael, you're going down, even if you don't go to prison. Your career is finished and you will be a pariah forever. Maybe O.J. needs a roommate.

liberal celebrities 39

Ok. Liberals suck. Period. Celebrity liberals suck more. All of them: Sean Penn, Kate Hudson, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Affleck, Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon etc. They are all ignorant assholes that think because they have a public voice they are justified to down-talk our country and president about the choices we have made about the war in Iraq. Ohhh so you want peace and love and all that utopian crap. Well, guess what? Your violent movies promote hate and a lot of other things that are wrong with our society today. So you all are a bunch of hypocrites. Its too bad you weren't the ones who perished in the world trade center. Oh and Michael Moore--please calm it down with all your political activism before you die of a heart attack (actually the idea is quite pleasing if i do say so myself). It must take a lot out of an 1000 lb. body and your arteries are already shot from the 100 trips you make to McDonalds every day.

bill maher 40

bill maher, this idiot could not make anyone laugh if, even if he shit on Jane Fonda's head. Hey visualize it , its funny. But maher isn't . why not. Glad you asked. Duh. He’s a wild eyed , egg sucking dog pinko commie liberal. He believes that once a democracy reaches a certain age, unenlightened voters can and will vote themselves unlimited governmental resources namely free stuff, like welfare and grants and other shit. Well no shit, he’s right, the other idiots of his elk will vote to deny the vast.....vast....vast....majority of us,, the tax payers, our fair share. may his tv show get canceled.

Michael Moore 41

After his speech at the Oscars, the man should die. We should hang him for treason! How do we know the bastard is not working for Saddam?? I get pissed when idiots like that cross the line when trying to exercise free speech.

Michael Moore 42

The man made his fortune in this country, and quite frankly it annoys me like no other every time I see clips from his speech. The man obviously likes the way the Iraqis are treated over there, so why doesn't he just go over there and help Saddam torture and maim his people? Hell, he should also let go of the damn 2000 election okay? The two parties deferred to the Supreme Court like they should have and the court decided. If the Hollywood losers don't like it then they may vote in the next election (if Ben Affleck can find a voting booth and knows what to do) or just leave the country like they promised. He ruined an awards ceremony that is in existence to honor people for their work, not as a political forum.

Michael Moore 43

Michael Moore should have kept his mouth shut, There is a time and a place for freedom of speech, but I didn't think that was the time, nor the place. I think he made an ass out of himself. Did he really think he was making points with the public?? When Celebrities take advantage of the camera, and say stuff like that, The President should take advantage of his position, and have the Celebrity Audited by the IRS for the next 10 years to life, depending on what was said...

Michael Moore 44

Moore used to be funny. Seriously I mean it. TV nation was good when he exposed a few dodgy happenings or crooked businessmen but now he is just plain stupid. his rants are absolutely god smackingly dumb. he rails against Bush. yet not Saddam. why?

Michael Moore 45

This man is anti American and is evil. His movie is crap and so is he. I wish I could meet him in an alley, I'll show him how he should be treated. If he dislikes this country so much, just like his other liberal Hollywood freaks, they should leave and move To Iraq And Iran.

Fahrenheit 911 (46)

I would like to watch Fahrenheit 9 11 . But unfortunately Michael Moore thinks that anyone who lives in the stretch of land betwixt California and new York doesn't have the mental capacity to understand it and it has not yet been released here . Moore is a twat who seeks to undermined the effort in Iraq . He says Iraq is a repeat of Vietnam and in doing so he hurts morale and helps make it a repeat of nam .

He gets to say whatever he wants for some two hours without any mediater checking the facts . If the u.s was anything like Iraq pree occupation , he would have been drug out and shot by now . Sure troops are dying in Iraq , but they are dying deaths that I for one, envy .

I would rather die in service of my country than of collapsing under my own fat like Moore probably will . You liberal assholes who don't think Iraq should have been invaded are racist pricks who are full of shit . If the horrible shit that was happening in Iraq were happening to a white country you would have been in an outrage . So what if people died , what if we had said . "oh I'm sure slavery will peter out soon ,its not worth the loss of life" . Or "Hitler and Stalin will just cancel each other out , no need to get involved".

Fuck you Michael more . The invasion was justified . But that shouldn't matter anyway . If we elect Kerry , he goes nuts , decides to draft me tomorrow and send me to attack Ireland , all alone . I'll do it gladly because I love my country , and I play for own team . Unlike Moore . Of course bush was shell-shocked when we got attacked , but wasn't everyone . Him even more so , because he's the fucking president and he knows what's going to have to be done .

Moore claims to hate wealthy white men who don't do any real labor , fat cats , well I have news for ya Moore your the fattest cat of them all . In conclusion FUCK YOU MOORE !!!

Celebrities - Michael Moore 47

You piece of shit. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say. Why don't you go and help people instead of exploiting them to make money. Fuck you and fuck your stupid movies you cheap lazy freak. If parents did their jobs we wouldn't have shit like Columbine and the World Trade Center. These kids/people weren't taught the proper way to act in life. They wanted someone else to teach their kids. Go to hell Michael Moore. Nobody in Hollywood likes you either. I have heard from reputable sources that you are an outcast and they want you out of their business there. YOU JUST DON'T FIT MR. MOORE!!! And by the way, go get your vocal chords fixed or have some hormone injections, you sound like you have a biscuit in your throat...

Celebrities in General 48

I can't stand anything about these jackasses. HOW in the name of HELL do they get off being seen as superior people to us? They're put in front of us as GODS OF ALL THEY SURVEY. FUCK OFF! THEY'RE GOD DAMN ENTERTAINERS FOR CHRISTS SAKES. Therefore they should shut the fuck up and entertain us. I don't care about your god damn personal lives, your five minute long marrages or the obscenely expensive shit you have - and most certainly don't deserve (Role-Playing, chasing a fucking ball, walking down a catwalk or spewing out god-awful shit they pass off as "music" is NOT worthy of more money than someone who does shit that society's VERY SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON). STOP SHOVING IT IN OUR FACES! YOU'RE ANNOYING US with your constant non-news that is worth a whole lot of sweet-fuck-all. I also don't need advice on world issues from some twat who plays "lets pretend" or "Dress up" for a freakin living. but no, they seem to think they have the right to talk out of their asses about voting, the war in Iraq and the environment, while the opinions of say, an ecological scientist or a soldier who's actually in Iraq's opinions dont mean squat. For fuck sakes, these damn people don't know what goes on outside their champaigne parties and crack binges, let alone what goes on in the environment or global politics.
And its also funny how they always take a liberal attitude towards things. NEWS FLASH! You're making asses of yourselves. Not only are TRUE liberals against posh, money grabbing bullshit that you fuckwads regularly indulge in, there are so many people in most liberal parties (IE: the US democratic party) who are against so much the entertainment industry offers, that if they had their ways, your jobs would be mangled into oblivion. NOW FUCK OFF AND DIE YOU USELESS CELEBRITY BITCHES! Or better yet, simply SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO BACK TO ENTERTAINING US

P. Diddy 49

This creep makes me sick. He has several 'babymammas' and now he gets involved in politics? Who the hell does this thug creep think he is? He's a thug rapper who lives for violence and now he wants to become part of the political process with his ridiculous "Vote or Die" campaign? Why can't he just stay in Hollywood and among his other sick bastard rappers. His filthy lifestyle and lack of intelligence to even practice basic birth control makes me want to vomit. He pays in spades child support, complains, but still gets women pregnant. The mere fact that he hinted about running for political office makes me wish for the days when we lynched thugs like him; it would lower the crime rate significantly. His posing as something other than a hip hip rap punk is pretentious and stupid. The man is a walking stereotype, the stereotype of a black thug with money who can't use his brain, blows money on tacky shit like nine hundred carat (I know I'm exaggerating) jewelry and buying a zillion pair of the exact same jeans.

Rosie O'Donnell 50

Can't believe I haven't seen this evil, rotten-to-the-core phony on this site yet. She won over a whole nation of good but gullible hausfraus with her talk show, then came "out", what a cheap, cowardly way to gain acceptance. She must be having financial problems because when she shows up on TV lately she has "regular-girl" hair, can't fool us twice you big nasty phony.

Donald Trump 51

my anger rises to dangerous levels every time this self absorbed fucker appears on the apprentice with that God awful combover, swish to the left, swish to the right, donny just does not look right.

Bono 52

I'm sick and tired of this asshole hassling our government to send more money to Africa. He's not even a citizen and already he has met the president and treasury secretary, telling them to send more and more taxpayer money to sniveling Africans who still idiotically don't even know how to get along with each other. Bono doesn't understand that the average American works their ass off for shit money trying to live at a decent standard, only to have that money taken from them to pay for for shit projects like Africa. Africans need to support themselves, and Bonohole should donate his own damn money. And his money only. Bush needs to stop sending billions and billions to African dictators and sexually promiscuous moronic Africans. People in America wage their own war against poverty, we work almost nonstop. I am barely getting any hours at all and I barely make any money at all. Should I donate to some starving African when I need that money just as much? I'm sick and tired of hearing about how Bono spoke with GW and how that idiot president sent 15 billion to some African dictator. Even if they see the money, they'll do nothing productive with it. AS it is, people in America are living in poverty, people in America need more money and deserve it.

Michael Moore 53

My girlfriend picked us out a movie at the video store last night. It was Fahrenheit 9/11. I HATED THIS COCKSUCKING MOVIE!! She said she heard it was good and I'd love to hear who told her that so I could rant at them. This fucking movie(and I use that term very loosely) was the most boring, bias, uninteresting, american bashing, piece of trash I've ever seen. He portrayed those troops like animals and portrayed Saddam as a quiet, peaceful old man. I heard before I watched it that it was sort of anti- Bush but that was fucking ridiculous. I wasted my fucking money because some fat dumbfuck hates Bush. My girlfriend was really disgusted and I just about broke the dvd in half. There should be warnings on these movies, "This is fucking awful so watch at your risk". I just found this website and just might use it more often. Thanks for letting me rant.

Celebrities 54

I think I know why celebrities support dictators in power: dictators live the life they wish they could. They would love to make the population work day and night to be taxed to death to support their disgusting lifestyle. Actors would love to be able to pick up women, any woman, off the street randomly, then rape them and toss them out. They live out their psychotic desires and fantasies through dictators. Female actresses already abuse their paid workers, imagine how much fun they would have being able to have slaves. These freaks also don't like the idea of having to answer for their actions, imagine how happy they would be if they could competely control what the media says about them. They want an unarmed citizenry so they can terrorize and hurt as many people as they want without ANYONE KNOWING! They want their word to be law, without anyone interfering. A free, armed, and brain using citizenry prevents that. So they need dictators in power through which they can live out their disgusting wishes.

Bill Cosby 55

Eww. you fucking piece of shit bill. I really hate everything about you. You go to the NAACP and talk shit about black people. Yeah some of it might have been true but so what.. who in the hell are you to say? Your a fucking rich guy who got successful off of your "black comedy" you got rich because you were black bill! and now the same community that supported you and laughed at your watered down jokes you say are lazy and ignorant.... Well billy go fuck yourself and keep sallowing the $$$. Bill what you said was true but you were surly the last man to say such things, it doesn't matter if you are black!

Shar Jackson 56

It kind of pisses me off that so many people sympathize with her after Britney Spears married her ex-boyfriend. This moron has already had kids with her former boyfirend, and stupidly got knocked up twice by this guy. When the hell will people wake up that Shar was a complete idiot. Did she really think that by having this guy's kids it would keep him? It rarely does. Now of course I dislike Britney Spears, but really, why the heck should Britney be to blame for the breakup? Why dump on Britney? Why not hold the idiot Shar responsible? Didn't Shar ever hear of birth control, and that it is just as much the responsibility of the female to use BC, not just that of the male. She had two kids, TWO KIDS PEOPLE, with another guy before Kevin!

TV Know It Alls 57

Why is it every time I sit down to watch a show with my buds, there's always someone who has to bitch and moan about how many years they've been doing this and that and this is how it's supposed to be done? I've got one word to say about that: DILLIGAF(Do I Look Like I Give A F*ck?)

To all of you people out there that can't keep your mouths shut while the rest of us wants to decompress from a hard day's work by killing brain cells in the fantasy world that is TV: Shut your cakeholes or get beaten within an inch of your life! Now that would make a good TV show! "Who Wants To Beat Down A Know It All?"

Congrats to you and the new Mrs. Webmaster, AC Webmaster-Mack-Daddy!

*Note from Anger Central

Celebrity - Reese Witherspoon 58

I'm sick and tired of hearing from people how Reese Witherspoon is looking luminous. She is beautiful now, yes, but now she doesn't have to stay married to a devoted father of her children, Ryan Phillepe. I have a theory as to what really happened. After Reese got her Oscar, she felt better than her husband. It happens all the time in Hollywood and in other places. The girl meets successful, guy, gets pregnant 'accidentally' then secures her place and then dumps the guy.

I think she did do that. She gets pregnant out of wedlock, then marries Ryan Phileppe before giving birth, then as his career wanes and hers ascends, then as he takes care of kids she goes out and makes money and all sorts of wealthier and famous men. So go figure she gets happy and comfortable. But once he begins to get a little success of his own and hers peaks, she decides to divorce and then blames it on him. He may have cheated, but on flimsy evidence such as a photograph of them smiling together, he's ruined and the reputation of a possibly innocent girl is destroyed.

Who knows if Abbie Cornish did it, but why splash it all over the press BEFORE there is actual hard evidence. Reese Witherspoon just wants a divorce and doesn't have th eguts to admit that she used Ryan Phileppe and wants better.

Celebrities 59

I am so sick and tired of hearing about the sainted Princess Grace of Monaco. She was not a major beauty, nor was she really royal material. She was a Hollywood actress who married a ruler of a Eurotrash Principality. Ranier never would have looked twice at her if a member of a legitimate royal house had offered a daughter to him in marriage, or if a royal princess of even a dethroned royal family had showed an interest in marrying him. Grace didn't bring class to Monaco and she was quite selfish in always wanting to be away from the very province she married into. She should have used her brain in deciding whether or not to marry Ranier and weighed her options. However like most idiots she tried to have everything and not pay the price of her actions, good or bad. She was not a woman of refinement and was just as Eurotrashy as her husband. I suppose I am tired of hearing about how anyone who becomes the next Princess of Monaco will have to compete with Grace's memory. They only show Grace at her peak, not how she looked toward the end of her life. She was just a spoiled diva and gave herself unjustified airs of gentility.

*Note from Anger Central
News Flash! Princess Grace of Monaco is still dead! Doctors are still hopeful of a full recovery!
We haven't heard a thing about her in years. It seems to Anger Central Princess Diana is the big thing in dead people.

Barefoot Celebrities  60

It disgusts me that a bunch of untalented whores like Britney Spears and Nicole Ritchie get extra attention by walking around in public barefoot. When I first saw those disgusting pictures of Britney Spears leaving a gas station bathroom barefoot, I was about to puke. She got what she deserved when she stepped on the needle when she was barefoot in Hawaii and the same thing will happen if you stupid ass celebrities don't leave your damn shoes on in public. Seriously who wants to see Britney's ugly, nasty feet anyways?

Not me hopefully not anyone for that matter and as for people with foot fetishes please get a life because FEET IS FUCKING GROSS TO LOOK AT.

Angelina Jolie 61

I am so sick of "Saint Angelina" Jolie. Her big problem is that she collects children like equally insane but less well off women adopt cats. Her first young son Maddox now has to deal with three other siblings and a mother who's running around the world playing savior while Brad takes care of her kids. Sickening. I sincerely wonder what Brad was thinking in getting involved with her; she'll never settle down and is using him as a nanny to take care of the kids who she acquired through what are possibly shady adoption agencies. Her latest desire is to adopt an African boy from Chad to 'balance the races' among her kids. Is that demented or what? Personally if I were Brad I would take Shiloh and run, run before she manages to get him down the aisle. The sad part is that he has really bonded with her children, so if he leaves Maddox could end up traumatized. It's such a sad situation all around.

*Note from Anger Central
We tend to agree that Ms. Jolie isn't the most stable person around. She isn't stupid, and in fact has an above average I.Q. True, the children will be better off with her then in the Third World Hell holes she found them in. However, as Ms. Jolie recently demonstrated, she is quite capable of bearing her own children. We have issues with healthy women/couples adopting when so many others can't conceive and aren't able to adopt due to the "shortages" of available children. (Yes, not the best choice of words. but it gets the point across)

Is Ms. Jolie a good mother? She's a hell of a lot better then some of the other morons out there. (See Brittany Spears) We don't think she would do anything to risk harm to her children, and we think she would do absolutely anything to protect them. As to "collecting" children? Take a look at Madonna and her antics.

Only time will tell whether or not these children turn out well. (One has AIDS and probably won't see 20)
FYI, this is not a defense of Angelina Jolie, just what we see and think.

Paris(ite) Hilton 62

I've just heard she's been taken back to jail to serve out the rest of her 45 day sentence, yet with the way she carries on about it, anyone would think she's being executed! Geez, if she can break down after being in there for 3 days, she wouldn't last one friggin day in the real world! She may be rich, but why should that exuse her from facing the consequences for her actions? Why shouldn't she show at least a little respect for us mere mortals? I hope she grows up at least a little bit during her sentence, but she'll most likely wither and die because she can't get used to sleeping in the same bed, along with being forced to wear clothes that actually cover her body!

that bitch Paris Hilton 63

I am so sick of people talking about that skank Paris Hilton all the time! She is just a stupid skinny whore and people make a big deal about her like she is the queen of England or something. I hope she dies in a horrible accident, then everybody will stop making a big deal about the anorexic Barbie bitch! >:D

Rachael Ray 64

My god, why is she everywhere? She's a bad cook. She uses olive oil, chicken stock, grill seasoning, and lemon zest in EVERYTHING. She loud, obnoxious, and doesn't know what she's talking about half the time. She uses heavy cream, tons of cheese, some kind of read meat, and ice cream and HUGE portions but claims her meals are "figure friendly". She claims to be fighting childhood obesity but is the spokesperson for Dunkin' Donuts. Not mention that if you do a little looking around, she's secretly a bitch to everybody. She's a moron and she needs to go away. People, stop thinking that just because Oprah loves something it doesn't make it legit. Peace.

Carrie Underwood 65

Damn I'm I sick of this tofu eating self righteous bimbo. All she is is Pam Anderson Light. She cant sing and looks like Chris Burke in drag. Oh and her lame fans are a bunch of frigging brain dead zombies that get all upset if you dont like their precious little Carrie. I would like to see her make an ironic exit from this world by accidently being hit by a tank driven by Jim Caveziel! How anyone likes this mysanthropic psycho I'll never know give me Avril Lavigne or Ted Nugent any day over Carrie Underwood. May she be digested in the innards of a T-Rex!

*Note from Anger Central
We had to look this one up. No one in the Anger Central Corporate offices had ever heard of her.

Miley Cyrus 66

I'm sorry, but I don't get it. She's everywhere, I don't have the slightest clue why. She's only marginally talented - she can barely sing and her acting is just about as good. The fact that she charges upwards of sixty dollars at her concerts is criminal. How you charge a bunch of preteens that amount of money, especially during the state of economy? I wish all the parents would revolt and refuse to buy such drivel for their kids. They need to get some real role models - Martin Luther King, Jr or Jane Goodall or Mother Theresa or ANYONE ELSE BESIDES HER!!! If that means that your kids have to crack open a book once in a while, so be it. The worst thing about it is HER DAD!!! Did we really need to her from the one-hit wonder mullet head wonder ever again? My answer: NO!!!

One more thing: She needs to stop taking half naked pictures of herself. When she's eighteen she can do what she wants, but until then, cover it up.

Celebrities 67

These stupid fuckers are going to kill us all. They think Obama will share power with them and they will be his co rulers. Like the intellectuals who supported the Bolsheviks these morons think they will happily run the country with Obama. Perversely they will end up being his propaganda tools and again, the little guy such as us will suffer the most.

Gordon Ramsay 68

This egotistical, arrogant tyrant needs a good punch to the head. He's an ASSHOLE!! I can't believe he is famous because he swears at people and abuses his staff. I've seen him manhandle staff members on TV. If it were anyone else, that person would be sued. Noooooooooo, not this piece of shit.

Just because he's a fantastic chef does not give him the right to belittle people. There are different ways to handle inept staff or people that don't do their job properly.

You will get what's coming to you one day you fucking asshole.

Angelina Jolie 69

So now she has re-invented herself as some sort of holy earth mother saving children and working for the U.N. She is still an unattractive skinny woman who can't act worth a crap and who sleeps with other women's husbands and collects children as accessories and photo opps.

George Clooney 70

I am feeling really homicidal over the fact that George Clooney is being present at all these political meetings. It seems as if this pretentious nimrod sincerely believes that he knows what he is doing.

Sooner or later because of these freaks we are gonna get nuked. Then they'll blame Bush for it as they always do.

Jessica Simpson 71

I am sick of people raving over Jessica's 'curves' and how happy she is with them. It is not the job of Jessica to be happy with herself, it is her job to the hottest. She isn't paid to feel good about herself, no actress or pop singer is. She had better slim down and find decent outfits.

If she wants to have a happy marriage and go pork herself up, she should leave Hollywood. I do not care about the feelings or self esteem of actresses. They know what is expected and if Britney Spears can get it together, I'm sure it shouldn't be difficult.

Bragelina 72

Apparently Angelina said she now only does movies to fund her various charities. This is a perfect example of why I no longer want to go to movies or at this point watch many of them. This pretentious twit is SO freakin’ out of it now I do not know how she manages to open a stupid door. I suppose now it’s an act of piety to go to her movies so she can buy more kids (q)

Also, I recently heard that she and Brad are suing to stop a tell all book being written about them by their former bodyguard. How do they have a right to do this (q) I am so fucking sick of these people and a lot of idiots say stop reading about them, they’re all over every fucking magazine! One week after another it’s another article, another cover. Now the stupid dips are acting as if what he will reveal are akin to state secrets! They are making me sick, throwing themselves all over the place and then demanding the right to dictate to employees (to whom they pay next to nothing) what they should and should not reveal.

I am so pissed at Brad Pitt for bonking this slut and now I can’t stand any of his movies either. Or him at all.

Jack Black 73

I feel so isolated man... like, the whole world disagrees that Jack Black is the most aggravating comedian on the planet! This no talent, cracker asshole messing up my television night and day, peddling his wares.

It's haunting just how talentless you need to be to end up on television. He reminds me of Bart Simpson at four years old "*fart* booger *fart* bottom".

*Note from Anger Central
Never heard of him. Sorry.

Sheree On "Parking Wars" 74

I watch this show called "Parking Wars". This show is filmed in Philadelphia, PA, and some other places, but mostly Philly. Now this show is about the Philadelphia Parking Authority and their enforcement teams that go out and put the boot on cars with a lot of unpaid tickets. It's a pretty good show. Especially when the people come out of their houses all pissed off about the boots and/or towing the car away, and they start making excuses or trying to bargain or just plain cursing out the PPA workers.

So when the PPA sends out a team of two to put the boot on these cars, one person fills out the paperwork and the other has to get down on their knees in the street to put the boot on the car. Obviously, the booting is the worst part of the job. Most of the teams on the show share the booting and paperwork equally, but not this one stupid bitch Sheree. She will never, but never get down there and put the boot on the car. She always leaves the dirty work to her other team members. Just once, I'd like to see Miss Sheree put the boot on a car.

Well that's what I'm mad about regarding this otherwise good tv show. Maybe it's stupid to be mad about something like this, but I am. So there it is!

Sarah 75

Why is a certain horse faced star of Sex and the city so damn successful? She is probably the ugliest celebrity in acting. Fuck her. i said fuck her. People praise her confidence. Fuck her confidence, its ill-deserved.

Lil Wayne 76

This so called "rapper" gets me extremely angry because all of his songs talk about degrating women and getting lots of money while there are people starving in third world countries and his conceited ass thinks hes the greatest rapper of all time.Why not bring in some good rappers like Chuck D or Jay-Z and Im sure they will beat his ignorant bitch-ass up in a rap copetition.I sware if I listen to another damn Lil Wayne song Im going over to his mansion and ASSASSINATE his bitch ass with a sniper rifle.People like Lil Wayne need to die and go the HELL!

Cat Deeley 77

I would like to enjoy "So You Think You Can Dance," but I can never quite get there. You see, this ostrich-legged creature with a horsey face and donkey laugh hee-haws nonstop for two hours each week, like Mr. Ed gone nuts. For some inexplicable reason, this 6-foot-plus basketball center also feels it necessary to strap on an additional 5 inches of heels, like some glam drag-queen. Except even drag queens have tits. This one’s got a 10 year-old’s chest and the maturity to match. Do a freeze-frame on her incessant lip-licking and I promise you’ll want to hurl. She drapes herself on and giggles and drools over the male contestants, all of whom look uncomfortable at the pawing, gay or not.

Jeez, if she paid half as much attention to those dark roots of hers as she does the guys, we wouldn’t be forced to look at her bad dye job on top of that horsey face. Please, Nigel, I’ve read the rumors that the only reason she’s there is that you’re porking this nasty piece, but please, show some class and keep the sticky honey at home.

*Note from Anger Central
No one at Anger Central ever heard of this person. We had to look her up on the internet.

Big Mouth Celebrities 78

Big Mouth Celebrity Wannabes:

You’ve seen him, a swirling soft-cone pile of dog crap cleverly disguised as a grotesquely obese, bargain basement documentary film maker. Lies spewing forth from the snarling smirk on his KFC gorged jowls. His wild eyed followers would never liken him to the archangel Michael. Moore over his venomous attacks on that religion could only come from the “Religion of Peace” as he wolfs down a sack of cheeseburgers at the trade center McDonalds.

oprah winfrey 79

i honestly can't stand this stupid, blowhard bitch. it's not the fact that she's fat as a cow & can't make up her mind whether she wants to lose the weight or not (then harps on about healthy eating choices & how others should follow her example). no. it's the fact that the smarmy old cunt has enough money to buy out one of my favorite channels (discovery health), name it after herself, & get rid of all the programs the channel offers. & for what? a bunch of no-name, pompous assholes that she befriends on her show? what a crock of shit. i hope her channel does poorly, & she winds up having to sell it. stupid, slovenly old hag.

Dr. Oz 80

Dr. Oz has to be one of the biggest phonies on tv seriously this man is a real tool; Why the fuck would people want to watch this idiot and actually listen to him, seriously Oz does NOT know what he's talking about at all, his tips for better health are all a bunch of bullshit and lies, he's only doing this to make money and fame.

Do yourselves a favor people turn the tv off and go out and see a REAL doctor, either at a hospital, clinic, or any doctor's office make an appointment for a checkup, ask questions on how to improve your health, and you'll know for sure how to take care of yourself instead of listening to some dumbass on TV that doesn't know shit about medical practices who's probably only following a script with actors as patients to make money, so fuck Dr. Oz he needs to be arrested for impersonating a real doctor go out and find a real doctor and he'll tell you right there about your problems, and how to deal with them that's what there paid for and what they're here for instead of some quack on tv.

*Note from Anger Central
What's a Dr. Oz? Is he the brother of the Wizard of Oz? :)

Justin Beiber 81

I speak for the whole world this retard has to be taken out right now, I wonder what crack Usher was smoking to think this loser was a great singer seriously Usher i hope you get shot by 50 Cent and G-Unit, seriously there are schools ful of kids with talent but what does Usher do go to the special ed room and that's how this loser came to be.

Really in God's name do most underage retards see in this idiot he can't sing period, he's supposed to be 16 but he looks like he's 12, his voice is so high pitched glass breaks, he's never hit puberty and if he does thank god it'll be curtains for this loser, He hasn't had a haircut in his life seriously who the fuck want's their hair covering their face it's annoying, he claims to be gangsta but he's most definetly not he looks like an emo/scene skater tard. His teeth are so buck he looks like a beaver yeah let's call him Justin Beaver Face, and he's gay as hell who will never get laid and makes love songs to hide his sexuality.

Another thing that REALLY makes my blood boil are people who think Justin Beiber is the next Michael Jackson that is about the most tasteless statement ever made that retard's name does not belong anywhere near the King of Pop the only reason why is to make statements about my rant sorry for misleads but seriously anyone who thinks beaver face will be better than MJ should be automatically stuck dead and sent directly to burn in hell! I'm also sick of seeing this loser everywhere from posters to clothes to now Justin Beiber DOLLS! seriously if I wouldn't get in trouble or be giving that loser money I would take one of his dolls and shoot it, stab it, decapotate it, and set it on fire and post a video on Youtube to shove it in all the faces of the Bieber tards.

Another thing are Beiber fan tards who seriously need to fucking get lined up against the wall and be shot by the Military or Angry Bieber Haters in cluding myself. Idiots who make stupid waste of time video's claiming their in love with this worthless piece of shit claiming he knows them PUH-LEEZ he doesn't give a shit about his fans or anyone for that matter all he cares about is destroying the music industry which he is doing right now. I seriously wish James Hetfield, Jon Bon Jovi, Eddie Van Halen, Axl Rose, and Ozzy Osbourne would take their guitars and slaughter Bieber until his own worthless family can't recognize him we need real music now not garbage but you you teenybopers, emo tards, and underage kids don't give a shit about real music all you care about is the next best(worst) thing seriously the day this brat is gone you will learn to love Metallica and AC-DC.

By the Way to Bieber tards who want to threaten to kill Kim Kardashian guess what their are groups of her fans who want to kill you including Bieber Haters because you retards obviously want attention and to piss everyone off well guess what ask and you shall recieve because one of these days your going to piss off the wrong group and fanbase and you'll most likely get threatened back so to all you Beiber tards I hope all of you die and burn in hell you worthless brats any of you try to touch me i'll rip your skin off of your body and burn your bones then we will take a video camera and force you to watch Beaver Face's Execution by every single person who hates this retard's guts and if any of you try to save him you'll die with him.

So Fuck you Justin Bieber, Fuck You Bieber tards I hope you all burn in hell Death to all of you and I hope Satan lower's all of your flesh over the flames of hell and be fed to all of the demons below.

Celebrities who are talked about... too much! 82

I hate it when the news, the media, fans, and just everybody keeps talking about certain celebs all of the time! It is so iritating! Like Justin Bieber for example. he is always being talked about! every video i watch on youtube, there are comments about Justin Bieber! on any artist video! Linkin Park, Michael Jackson, A7X, Keri Hilson, Madonna, whoever! there are always comments about him! even his videos on youtube have the most views. i mean, that "Baby" song, that video has over 400 million views, like seriously? it's pathetic! even celebs like Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, i am so sick and tired of hearing about these same celebs all of the time! who gives a shit about them!? well, onviously, alot of stupid people do!

Celebrities - Natalie Portman 83

I am so sick of actresses being lauded for doing next to nothing while the stunt doubles do all the actual work and take the actual risks. What on EARTH justifies such a fat salary to these entertainers when all they do is pose and the rest of the doubles do all the actual work? During the PR, Portman was lauded by using her training in classical dance to perform in the Black Swan and other than that, Portman didn't do all that much. I downloaded the movie and still couldn't understand the point of it. There wasn't much of a plot in the movie and there wasn't that much of a character development. The people who should be getting those fat paychecks are the ones doing the stunts and the actual work, not these posing entertainers who don't do half of what they should be doing for that kind of money. It's about time actresses started sharing credit with those who put their health and lives at risk for the sake of a good movie.

Richard Heene 84

The Biggest White Trash Family ever on Wife Swop obviously wanted to have their 15 minutes of fame with the balloon boy bullshit also this dickhead acted like a jackass to everyone if he acted that way to me wife and if I met him face to face i'd kill this worthless piece of white trash. I hope the fucking neighbors burn the Heene Family's House down and all traces of their attention whoring ways are wiped from existance.

Judge Judy 85

I Fucking Hate this bitch, why this bitch is even a Judge in a court of law is ridiculous seriously FUCK YOU JUDGE JUDY I hate you you verbally abusive cunt your voice makes opera singers sound like librarians you try to intimidate people is stupid this bitch shouldn't be allowed on tv just because she's nothing but a fame whore. I hope karma bitch slaps those glasses off of Judge Judy and leaves her with a fucking a welt what I wouldn't do to punch this psycho bitch in the fucking nose and shoot her fucking head off. If I ran things i'd have this bitch taken to a parking lot have her throat slit hung and then set her bitch ass on fire. Fuck you Judge Judy Karma's going to hurt you and don't be surprised the day you meet someone who'll give you a dose of your own medicine you worthless psychopathic bitch.

Wiz Khalifa 86

This loser can't rap, his low is depressingly bad, people who listen to his shit actually smokes marijuana cause their with his stupid taylor gang saying Taylor Gang or Die how about if you idiots go to Compton and say you're the Taylor Gang to the Bloods and Crips you would get shot for your stupidity and so should Wiz also shoving the worst football team in history by giving them their own song black and yellow seriously the Steelers don't even need to be in the NFL anymore for how much shit they are and for how stupid their fans are and you give them their own song. Worst of all you got people who hate the Steelers actually love the song Black and Yellow you really are a big fucking Hypocrite. Seriously go suck a dick Wiz Khalifa you suck and fail at rap, your music sucks, steelers sucks and Taylor Gang members will get shot by real gangs because of how stupid you really are.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer 87

Ok this rant is not seperate it's a full rant about the 2 biggest idiots in the movie industry Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. These 2 tools have directed parody movies that make fun of blockbuster hits movies like Scary Movie which have parodized known horror movies, Date Movie parodies romantic comedies, Epic Movie, Disaster movie, Superhero Movie, Meet the Spartans and Vampires Suck. When it comes to it those 2 idiots make stupid immature sex jokes and crude humor incorporated into the movies jokes that are not funny and tarnish the reputations that the movies they parody. I mean seriosuls if you want to make a parody at least let it be funny and the makers of the movies can laugh to instead of making 100 fart jokes a scene and end up pissing off the makers of those movies. Also their movies incorporate the Media in their movies from Donald Trump's apprentice and his hair falling off in Epic Movie to Youtube Videos in meet the spartans yeah the fucking internet set in a fucking middle age gladiator era in the world. Also Charlie Sheen and Michael Jackson in a fight around the time when MJ was accused of being a child molester by some stupid lying kid way to tarnish MJ's reputation even thouch Sheen is still winning and Disaster movie supposed to be related to weather disasters and we have Indiana Jones parodied, high school musical and super bad parodied, jokes about speed racer, enchanted parodied, Hulk and Batman couldn't stop a tornado and made to look like fools, tell me how this pile of shit has anything to do with being related to disasters other than the movie being a disaster itself. Superhero movie stupid jokes to try to mock Spider-Man, Vampires Suck was so bad it made the worst movie in exsistance Twilight look good. Way to go idiots you can't parody the worst movie ever without making it look good with your stupid childish crude humor. Now comming soon the Greatest Movie Ever in 3D which will parody recent movies like Avatar and oh god I will be in a rage if they do this parody Toy Story 3 seriously I will feel sick to my stomache if they ruin the most heartbreaking ending in a animated movie with stupid jokes and crude humor.

Seriously note to Friedbrain and AlkaSeltzer FUCK YOU AND YOU'RE STUPID MOVIES. Your not funny you piss of directers who bust their ass off to make award winning blockbusters and you go and make fun of their movies with stupid immature humor. Your movies will never win an award other than dumbest movies ever and worst directors ever. So Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer stop making movies and go back to living in your parents basements or go in a street corner and bum money for food anything so you'll stop making your stupid, idiotic movies.

Phil Pressey 88


*Note from Anger Central
Take a chill pill. It's a game.

Michael Pachter 89

This fucking self proclaimed know it all anylist thinks he is so smart with his predictions about why Nintendo will fail. How about I make a predicition on why you Pachter are a failure in life. For one thing you don't look like a gamer you look like what would happen if Eugene Levy had sex with a retarded walrus; secondly if I saw you in real life I would punch you in the face and knock those glasses and hope that the shards of your glasses stab your eyes out. Seriously why do you make all of these predictions saying that Nintendo will fail; first of all what do you have against Nintendo, secondly you don't know shit about games at all period, you think you're so smart on your show Pach attacks when really the only thing that get's attacked is you by how much gamers everywhere hate your guts for being nothing more than a liar and a hypocrite. The Wii U does have games out for it and third party support so obviously Pachter you need to get your facts straight instead of trying to make up a bunch of shit to piss of gamers. Third if the whole video game industry went under I think you would be happy because of how much shit you talk about games in general.

Micheal Pachter you need to go fuck yourself. You're a liar, you never have anything good to say about Nintendo, you're an idiot who couldn't predict a 7-day forcast let alone the state of the video game industry so why don't you go crawl under a rock and stay there and get the fuck out of the gaming industry. (Iwould laugh if the Webmaster put this under the Stupid People Collum; just for kicks.)

*Note from Anger Central
We never heard of this person and have no opinion on him one way or the other.

Glenn Beck 90

Seriously i'm surprised nobody has made a rant about this worthless waste of skin, Glenn Beck you have the nerve to call video gamers losers, wrestling fans idiots, and also say that the Boston Marathon Bombings were false flags what kind of a human being is allowed to say that, and blame video games for Newton shootings you Glenn Beck are without a doubt the dumbest god damn human being walking the face of the Earth. Everytime you see something happen you pick up a bottle of booze and start talking shit just to piss off America, well guess what Beck your no better than Bin Laden and Saddam when it comes to your bullshit, if I ran this country I would have your dumbass skinned alive like the good for nothing, liberal pig that you are. Also you have the audacity to write a book and have it put in bookstores, I would pay customers to take your book and throw it in the trash and burn them until they're all wiped from exsistance and wasting money for your own tv show just to shove more of your bullshit down people's throats, are you trying to create an angry mob just to come out to kill you.

Glen Beck I wish you were dead, everytime I see your ugly face I just want to badly put a bullet in it or take a knife and slit your fucking throat. You talk so much shit to piss people off that if someone calls you out to fight you would hide behind your fucking news staff and talk more shit rather than being a man for once in your life and getting the worst ass kicking of a lifetime that you are way overdue for. I wish the US Government would shut up Glen Beck and throw his stupid ass off air and in prison or let an angry mob kill the worthless good for nothing white trash, alcoholic, dumbass, piece of shit, idiot. Karma is coming for you Becky and it's only going to be a matter of time before you finally get what's coming to you, you fucking retard.

*Note from Anger Central
Umm, Glenn Beck a liberal? Libertarian yes. In any case, he is to be taken in very small doses and none of us at Anger Central watch him.

Dr Phil 91

Dr Phil is a fake piece of shit. He may have gotten his medical licence, but he doesn't even help the guests he accepts on his show. He fucking makes fun of them on stage and then sends them off to other people for help, sometimes they are actual professionals and sometimes they are not, trying alternative medication and shit. This is fucking bullshit. Dr Phil acts like he is a great guy but he supports cruel and unusual punishments, he said that in one of his shows. He used to abuse his first wife and would lock her in his house. Dr Phil is a fake piece of shit and won't help his guests, he just makes fun of them and hands them off to other people to help them.

Snoop Dogg Defends Michael Vick?! 92

I'm furious at Snoop Dogg for defending and supporting Michael Vick (I'm surprised this site doesn't have a rant on Vick, yet). It all started with this infuriating B.S. he talked about in a Maxim interview, November 2007 and many more. I saved the magazine clipping. Here's a link to the interview online, in case you want to read his exact words about his feelings for Vick that ticked me off, and also to be aware about which things I'm addressing from the interview.


As for my response on that interview: How DARE Snoop Dogg defend Michael Vick while he bashes hunting and slaughtering! Is he calling himself vegan? I doubt he really is. The hypocrite! Isn't he aware there are many carnivorous animals out there who kill more indiscriminately than humans in order to feed their young and survive? I try to argue this part, because not everyone chooses to eat veal, lamb, or lobster, etc. And in certain countries it would be illegal or taboo to eat turtles, horses, cats, dogs, or even cows, etc. At least hunters and slaughterhouse workers have the chance and option to kill selected meat animals quickly and humanely! They even have a Kosher method of slaughtering an animal, killing and making the animal unconscious in like 2 seconds! Also many people eat meat because they need to eat in order to survive, not because they enjoy taking an animal's life. To go vegan or vegetarian will be tricky, trying to keep track of all the alternative beans, nuts, etc. to maintain the protein, and other nutrients easily found in meat...

Animal fighting on the other hand, be it dogs or roosters etc., is nothing but pure cruelty. To its participants, it's all about greedy gambling, and pleasure in watching something forced to fight to the death. (Discovery and other nature channels hardly come close to anything similar in their animal documentaries) It will never be humane, EVER, and will always be worse than hunting or slaughtering! And Snoop Dogg has the nerve to almost condone that "In certain parts of the world, dog fighting is permissible and even cherished." Fuck you Snoop Dogg! I sure as hell DON'T condone Spain's cruel spearing and lancing of bulls several times in non-vital places; yet their cruel form of bullfighting is permissible and cherished! I'm surprised no one called Snoop Dogg out in the following magazine issues' mailbags (if they did I sure wish I could read it).

I'd LOVE to see Snoop Dogg defend Vick if he was WHITE! Why do they insist on supporting trash losers just for the sake of their black pride? What's next, Snoop Dogg, you wanna support a couple of baby killer punks just because they were black? Or that bitch teen that stabbed an elderly woman 30-something times for $10 in video game money? How about defend Chris Brown who assaulted Rihanna bad enough to send her to the ER? I could go on forever with this! Shame on you Snoop Dogg! You're a disgrace as the Doggfather to all dogs alike! While I may still enjoy listening to your classic hit songs, Snoop Dogg, I have lost respect for you as a rapper and dog person, because of your unbelievable support for Vick. You're such an ignoramus, as well as a hypocrite yourself, and yeah, you definitely killed some brain cells. You're so full of shit...

Vick didn't merely participate in dogfighting, he knowingly sponsored one, and had willingly participated in it for like, 6 years! Reports stated it was so brutal that the losing dogs were killed by drowning, hanging, being slammed like bags of ice onto hard floors, or even electrocuted! Seriously! Vick used a kiddy pool and a car battery with those electric pinchers to electrocute the dogs in the most torturous ways possible, NOT put them to sleep with a simple injection shot or pill. It was NOT a lapse of judgment; he didn't say afterwards, "Oh my God! What have I done to these poor dogs?!" He took great pleasure in his cruelty everytime. He even had a female pit bull tied down to be raped by several male ones. In the end, he got off very easy for his crimes, with like only 23 months in jail, instead of several years. And then he just goes right back to playing football, like his crime never happened. Oh sure! He's "sorry" now, since he's actually been caught, has had "some prosecution" and he's got these cameras on him!

I don't care what race Vick is, or if his victims were animals or humans. Those were still very sociopathic actions, and anyone participating in that abomination is never worthy of being an honorable celebrity. If anyone reading this rant doesn't believe me, here's some links that might tell you what really went on with Vick's dogfighting acts. If these links no longer work, then I'm sure your favorite search engine will provide hits to such articles.


*Note from Anger Central
We gave a LOT of thought regarding including the links, however we do recognize the sources with the exception of the first one. In general we don't usually include them.
As to Michael Vick, hasn't he already done time for his actions. And as for Snoopy, who cares about him? He's just another phony.

Jim Rickards 93

My rant is on this lying sack of shit, economist for the CIA who seems to be somebody who just wants their 15 minutes of fame talking about how we're going to be going into a 25 year great depression; here's a thing why are you shoving this down our throats? Don't you think it's a waste of our economy alone to advertise your garbage all over the internet; and predicting when it will happen who the fuck are you Nostradamus or Harold Camping two other doomsday prophets that got proven wrong now you decide it's your turn. Seriously I thought after the world didn't end two years ago we'd be done with this doomsday garbage, now this bald headed, bitter old man wants to make his claim about when our economy crashes. I know the economy sucks but seriously going around advertising just to spread fear and make people scared about the future with your bullshit theory, how about you go fuck off; i think we'll know for sure when and where it happens. Also go tell your butt buddy Alex Jones to also stop spreading his own doomsday disease and why don't you and his fatass both go get a room and get the fuck off my internet and tv with your crap.

Celebrity Worship 94

I'm tired of this insipid, vapid fucking pop-culture bullshit that we have to live with where people practically prostrate themselves before celebrities. Most of these dumb, stumbled into money, never worked a day celebrities are more fucking stupid than the average houseplant. Kim Kardashian, for example. What the fuck has she EVER done, in any way shape or form, to help society? What the fuck has she EVER done that could be considered beneficial or enlightening or relevant to anyone but her?

Fucking absolutely jack-shit nothing. She was born into a rich family, got famous by laying on her fucking back and letting someone film it, and has given nothing of value to society. She's not a musician, a writer, an artist, a scientist, an actress or a director. She's not a web developer, a systems administrator, a researcher, or a mechanic. She is nothing. A man who digs ditches for a living, or a woman who mops floors for a living, they have contributed more to society than she EVER has and likely EVER will.

Why the fuck do people worship these cocksuckers? Why are we expected to like them, or even want to hear about them? I don't give a flying fungal fuck if Kim Kardashian's fat fake oily ass is on a magazine. I don't give a single all-night bender beer shit if Paris Hilton took a shit in the McDonald's bathroom today. I don't fucking care. Why should I?

Why should I care about these idiotic adult-children who, their primary concerns are publicity and what fucking designer handbag to buy? Why should anyone care?

They contribute fuck-all to society, they don't do anything relevant, and when they open their mouths to talk about politics or beliefs or anything at all, the moronic, juvenile, vapid shit that comes leaking out of their face-holes makes me weep for the human species.

Fuck them, fuck TMZ, fuck the tabloids, and fuck all of the people who buy into this shit. These people are not deserving of even a single iota of the attention they garner. There are much more pertinent, pressing matters in the world than Kim Kardashian's silicone engorged ass cheeks, and if society should judge me for saying that, good, I don't like you fuckers anyway.

Perez Hilton 95

I think it's about time this inbred manchild finally gets a rant about him on here, this inbred, pathetic fame whore who constantly makes fun of celebrities is nothing more than a waste of human skin and an abomination to mankind. First of all this retard makes money stalking people and making idiotic blogs for his own personal amusement. The fact that you are a constant pain in the ass, all the time gossiping and making tasteless jokes, harassing people all the time especially those who are Anti Gay. You think your real tough sending death threats to people who are against gays, and yet you got the shit kicked out of you, after you pissed off the wrong person and you deserved to get the shit kicked out of you but I think you deserve to be stabbed and shot at.

Rockstar games made a parody of you in GTA IV, but if I had you in a Helicopter over the skies of New York City, I would throw your ass out of the Copter and watch you fall to the fucking ground to hopefully your fucking death, and then whatever is left of you, set on fire and put that on a blog just to see how you how bad Karma hurts. Would it be a little too extreme? maybe, but as way to wipe this retard off the face of existence. I'm sure Satan has a room waiting for you in Hell to rape you with his pitchfork.

Perez Hilton is also a Hypocrite too, joining a rally for Anti Bullying, when clearly he cyber bullies people on his blog, the fact that he goes around and defends being gay and attacks anti gays yet has a relationship with Lady Gaga, goes to show that you are nothing more than a good for nothing hypocrite. Also you need to stop acting like your tough behind a keyboard and saying you want to do something, because if you met someone who can easily kick the shit out of you and hopefully takes your head and runs it into your monitor and I hope the volts in the computer is enough to electrocute you, better yet I hope someone takes a knife and stabs you in your mangina and makes you bleed like the fucking bitch that you are. A lot of us real hard working people don't even make enough money to support our families, yet you get paid to sit around stalking people just to get a laugh out of shit such as one's addictions or dirty laundry you like to blog about; how about the next blog you make becomes your last and you end up getting your neck broken and be forced to live the rest of your worthless, pathetic life in a wheelchair, that would be hilarious to see that happen to you and I hope it does, and I hope it comes to you a lot sooner so that way the rest of the world won't half to put up with your dumbass once your in the grave and what goes around, comes around; bitch ass retard.

Chris Hansen 96

Ok just to set the record straight, I hate pedophiles, yes I do think they should go to jail, but Chris Hansen is just a downright creep himself, I mean why does this guy feel the need to go through people's online chats and internet history; why he fuck do you want to invade people's privacy so bad, I mean seriously how do we know you're not some creep yourself, because obviously you look like one yourself. Also who the fuck do you think you are going to a Day Care to berate the owner and bringing up their criminal past yet they know all about you; seriously the man was just trying to change his ways from the past, yet you seem to just want to harass someone for their past sins.

Chris Hansen you got your ass fired from NBC after you got caught cheating on your wife with a woman young enough to be your daughter, now how ironic is that, maybe you should take a seat and be handcuffed by cops yourself, you damn creep. not to mention having all of these others shows like to catch a fake lottery ticket or to catch a scam. Seriously, it's obvious your just in it for the money to fill your pockets even more by exposing people and ruining their lives; seriously you already have enough as it is, i'd like to know what the fuck you even do with it; hell I bet you use it to put down prostitutes bras.

Now your doing a kickstarter to bring back To Catch a Preditor, but using facebook, yahoo, even VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS, are you really that damn desperate for money and ratings you'll stoop to any low you can, ok catching predators is one thing but for God's sake are you trying to destroy everybody's online lives just for your own profit. My advice don't give this idiot any money at all, he already has enough, plus according to resources the people who get arrested on his show aren't even charged; it goes to show that this guy is all about money and ratings, and is even lower than any of the pedophiles that he's publicly shammed ; I hope the day comes that this prick gets a bullet to his head, or better yet gets hung. So Fuck you Chris Hansen you creepy ass bastard; I hope you never get another tv show, and I hope the day comes that your sorry ass gets hung for your own bullshit.

Larry The Cable Guy 97

This RINO turd blossom just simply is not funny. Why some of my fellow conservatives think this inbred Nebraska Carpetbagger is a conservative is beyond me. Most of his jokes are putting down the mentally challenged and references to incest.

Real family values displayed there schmuck. The idiot isnt from the south but the mid fracking west. Hey learn geography, Groot! Oh btw I was born in Georgia and I'd laugh my fanny off if Chuck Norris sed a flamethrower and bbqed this phony redneck.

*Note from Anger Central
We've all heard of him, but no one hear watches him. *shrug*

Pastor Steven Anderson 98

This man is a disgrace to preachers everywhere, he is nothing more than a homophobic jackass, with his whole wanting to kill homosexuals, wanting to kill the President, and a new low said those who died in Paris deserved to die for attending a Rock Concert. You listen hear you bearded moron; I think a sorry worthless excuse of a human being like you does not deserve to breath at all.

 You are nothing more than an attention whore, and a complete waste of skin, if I were the President, I would have your sorry ass hung in a heart beat and have the Church you run down burned to the ground; not only would I hang you, I would rip that ugly beard right off your stupid face, and skin, than take a knife and stab your fucking dick, and use that same knife to skin you the fuck a live, before setting your worthless ass on fire.

You are an embarrassment to Christianity, just like that bitch Kim Davis, also you are one of the biggest hypocrites in the world, hating homosexuals and women; Christianity is about love and all you preach is hate, and I don't understand why so many goddamn retards are brainwashed into following a loser like you, you deserve to get your ass beat by Border Patrol Officers, because you acted like an ass and they tasered you, and I would've shot your sorry ass if I was a cop; you're life doesn't matter Steven Anderson, you are a pathetic worm of a man and you don't deserve to live and I hope your fucking church gets burned and I hope you die and a very painful death, and I hope you get your fucking throat slit you dickheaded moron, and if anybody defends this piece of shit than you deserve to share the same side of Satan's Pichfork in Hell along with him

*Note from Anger Central
No one here has ever heard of this person, and what little we've seen in our research indicated we don't wish to have anything to do with him.

Daniel Keem 99

This lowlife became famous on youtube for getting into people's affairs on youtube and spreading nothing but hate, death threats, racism, and spreading lies about people all over the internet. I'm talking about the unpopular youtuber Keemstar-DramaAlert this waste of skin has no real job, goes around youtube spewing hate, spreading lies, racist remarks, wishing death on people, mocking people with disabilities, and the lowest was when he falsely accused a 60 year old man of child rape and it was that point where his videos now get dislikes where the only praise he gets are from his dumbass tween fanboys who are obviously inbred and too stupid to know what's right and they follow this guy's word and believe anything he says. You dumbass kids obviously must be Middle School Drop Outs that never got their asses whooped by their dumbass parents because if you praise this dickhead than it's obvious that you are nothing but a blind fucking sheep.

Youtube needs to permanently ban this dickhead from Youtube permanently, and need to get the Police to track his Internet IP and throw him in Jail. It's a shame how so many youtubers end up leaving or having emotional breakdowns all because this white trash loser wants to fucking make a living out of airing people's dirty laundry on youtube, better yet I think this piece of shit needs to get the SHIT kicked out of him and let's see what happens if you came face to face to a 6 foot black guy or a member of the Bloods or Cripes and let's see you call one of them the N word to their face because I can guarantee you won't make it back to the comfort of your youtube videos alive, and I can't wait for Karma to hit you hard little bitch.

*Note from Anger Central
We had to look this guy up. Frankly, we never heard of him.
We suggest you exercise your 1st Amendment right of not watching him.

Talib Kewli 100

First of all what retard or crackwhore would name this kid this I can't even pronounce this, if you want to know this whiny and entitled asshole is some shitty rapper who decided to make some tweets accusing anime of being racist. First of all dumbass there are Black Anime Characters but you defend the idiotic woe is me crowd known as Black Lives Matter that you think everything is against Black People nowadays. It's obvious someone as irrelevant and idiotic as you would stoop so low as to accuse anime of being relevant just for attention really goes to show how desperate you really so fuck you asswipe your music sucks, your name sucks, your face needs to get beaten with a baseball bat, and you're just some attention seeking, whiny crybaby that acts so entitled, anime is not racist so how do we know you're not you ignorant piece of ghetto trash, I hope your dumbass goes broke and your stupid rap career goes up in flames you dumbass ignorant loser.

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