Creepy Cameron 1

I am so angry at this weirdo who keeps cyber stalking me on social media and refuses to leave me alone. One he acts like he's the coolest person on Earth when he's too stupid to know he is ugly as fuck and everything he does makes me cringe. One he makes videos of himself dancing on YouTube and it is so laughably embarrassing, you have no moves you're just a retard who acts like he's cool when really you make yourself into a fool.He spams my messages with stupid shit that I don't care about and then he gets jealous when I talk to my real friends and pay no attention to a loser like him. Everytime I ask him if he wants to Skype he ALWAYS says he is busy when I know he isn't, playing a crap game like League of Legends is not considered being busy, also you need to stop bugging me to play it because League of Legends fucking sucks. then when me and my friends get together on Skype to play a game, you fucking start blowing up my skype saying you want me to skype with you and I tell you no and yet he keeps pestering me to skype with him. I finally give in and I tell him my friends are waiting for me and he refuses to listen to me showing me his cringy dancing and he can't even speak properly at all. I leave the skype to join my friends and he calls me back and worst of all my friends all lost connection waiting for me and I was so mad at him. Way to go retard I hope your happy I missed a chance to hang out with my real friends because your retarded ass wanted attention.

Then he begins to make me feel very uncomfortable, anytime I would post a picture he would fucking share it on his timeline, fucking creep. Then he fucking messages me wanting him to but him gifts for his birthday and that was the last straw. I blocked him however soon my friends stopped hanging out with me as much after I missed them that night thanks to Creepy Cameron hogging my time and worst of all I think that little fucktard cursed me because i've been losing friends and nothing now seems to go right for me.

Well you know what fuck you Cameron, you're a creepy, possessive, annoying retard who has no respect for boundaries, you can't talk properly, your voice is annoying to hear, and just because you watch a lot of anime and play video games doesn't make you coolest person in the world, especially since you have been kicked out of conventions in the past for bugging people and stalking them. I can't stand you Cameron, I really do curse you to be despised by everyone and that nobody will ever be friends with a loser like you.

*Note from Anger Central
We had to think about this and decided to open a new topic.
We don't know how old you are, however we suspect that you are under 18. If what you are ranting about is accurate, this Cameron person needs help.
Run, DO NOT WALK to your parents and bring them into this. We've read way to many news reports on this sort of thing ending badly for you to take ANY chances.
We repeat, talk to your parents about this guy ASAP.

Cyber Stalker Terence 2

Be careful with who you friend on facebook because you never know if someone might be a sociopath that wants attention.He is constantly messaging me on facebook even when I tell him i'm busy he just won't stop spamming me. Look if I don't want to talk to you than I don't want to talk to you, not only that but anytime i don't respond he asks why do I not respond to him? I have a busy life, and also i'm playing online games with real friends and then he starts to act jealous all because he isn't getting attention. For fuck's sake I don't care about your fucking stuff, and you need to stop bothering me so much that also means commenting on my posts asking if I had blocked you; no dumbass you wouldn't comment if you had been blocked and he is also inserting himself onto friend's comments all because he wants attention. Then he really pissed me off when he tried to get me into his dirty business asking me to troll somebody he doesn't like; I have morals unlike you i'm not going to troll someone just because you don't like their opinion. I then blocked him because of how uncomfortable he was starting to make me.

Then he fucking uses his sister's account to harass me, like get the fuck over it already you must be that desperate for attention if you're going to say I'm just jealous of you, no why would I be jealous of a fat, tall, ugly as fuck loser who dresses like a thug all the time and uses people to attack those who don't agree with them and wants attention all the time. Also he began using homophobic slurs like faggot as an insult which yeah also shows the kind of person you are too now i'm not gay ok but since you called me a faggot than that just shows your true colors and then telling me to go kill myself; why should I kill myself I have a bright future ahead of me, I have great and true friends who support me but you are just a jealous, attention wanting asshole who wants to use people to attack others including how you sent one of your friends to attack me instead of leaving me alone, yeah I know the type of person you are, you get jealous when nobody is giving you attention, you want to use others to attack people who have a different opinion than you. You really are a waste of skin and a fucking loser and it's clear you can't handle being blocked when resorting to cyberstalking and harassment. You say friends get tired of each other, well it's easy to see why people get tired of you, fuck you Terrence you ugly bastard, I hope you fail at everything in life and that karma comes to bite you right on your fatass sooner or later.

*Note from Anger Central
We aren't sure of your age, and we aren't going to ask. If this idiot is under 18, contact the parents.
If that doesn't work, or the subject is a legal adult, contact the police.

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