I hate it when people will not hesitate to mooch for cigarettes. There's this one fat ass that I work with who always asks me, "do you mind if I talk you out of one of those?" As if he never fucking heard what a cigarette was. I have no problem giving out cigarettes once in a while but this asshole has been doing this for 3 months straight. I know it's mostly my fault for not telling him sooner, "hey , do you think you could buy me a pack for all of the times you bummed smokes off of me?" I'm just too nice, I don't know how to bring it to his attention. It just really fucking pisses me off because he needs to stop being so fucking cheap and buy his own dam smokes. They don't give me them for free you know. Thanks, I seriously feel a lot better.

Moochers 2

I'm sick and fucking tired of people asking me for a cigarette. I worked my ass off to buy the cigarettes that I smoke, and now here you are asking for them repeatedly, for free? I can understand 1-2 cigarettes, but I've gone outside with a full pack of cigarettes, and I come back with 5-10 left. Fuck off you goddamn lazy fuckers, go get off your slob asses and stop being lazy, get yourself a fucking job, and buy your own goddamn cigarettes.

Moochers 3

I hate that my friend's always mooching off me for everything. I mean, I get that you're poor, but it's not like I'm exactly made of money either. Whenever we hang out somewhere, eventually she'll be like "I'm hungry" and look at me, and that's my cue to go "Ok where should we go eat?" And I ALWAYS FUCKING PAY. No joke. Every single time. I don't think she's bought one thing for me in my entire life, and we've been basically best friends for 4 years. She needs to either get a job, like I do, actually pull it together enough to find someone who'll hire her neurotic ass to flip burgers or whatever, or just stop expecting me to pay for everything for her. I hate that she's this selfish and doesn't even see it. And if I criticized her, she'd just pull the "oh but I'm poor I can't afford it" plug she does for everything, or get all sad and pathetic and think that I hate her--well right now I kind of do! I hate that I feel like a pushover, all I want to do is be a good friend to her and I do everything I can, I just wish she'd put forth the same effort.

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