Pet owners

I simply cannot stand irresponsible pet owners! They always make responsible owners look bad. They let their dogs and cats run loose in the neighbourhood, crap on other people's lawns and everything in between. They also let their animals breed willy-nilly and don't do the nessary health and temperament testing. Many animals bred by irresponsible owners have temperament and health issues. As a volunteer at a local SPCA, I am also disgusted on how thee people view animals as disposble rather than living, breathing beings. Animals are a lifelong commitment. If you are not willing to fulfil this commitment, don't get one.

dog owners 2

dog owners that don't clean up their dogs' shit! it's so damn nasty! i own a dog, and go out after each dump & clean it up with my poop scoop! this jerkoff with a rotweiller who lives in the next building down from me, NEVER cleans his shit up! this arrogant prick walks his dog over into OUR yard and lets his dog crap on OUR property. the next time i see this happen, that asshole AND his damn dog are gonna eat shit sammiches!

Pet owners 3

I'm so angry at to the whole concept of owning an animal. How can you own something that thinks for its self. Pet owners think its so cute to dress up their animals with some stupid ass clothing but overall, it just degrades the animal. Lucky the dog didn't choose to wear your stupid fireman outfit.

Pet owner aka Slave masters, even go so far to give their pets a slave mentality by putting them in dog training school. The whole idea of the dog training school is to have a dog do whatever the "MASTER" wishes! "Roll over" "Bark" "Play Dead" are a few examples.

Then the MASTER decides that it would be good to sterilize their animals because they don't want the female dog having puppies. They say "well, where are the puppies going to go, they won't have a MASTER that can give them a dog slave mentality that sterilizes their god- giving reproduction!" Screw the Pet owning philosophy! Pet owners even go so far to breed their animals. What the hell, who gave you the right to do such a thing. Let the whole dog race mix into a bunch of mutts. Let dogs be what they want to be. Fk PETA and their animal owning campaign. Let dogs run like wolves. Let puppies be with their mothers.

Stop giving your dogs a close system backyard. I know this one dog that has no other dogs to be around with. It doesn't even have space. all it has is a backyard with a fence. Its funny when i see dogs run away from their MASTERS. They run and run until they get tired. The master then either spanks it or tells it that it is a bad dog. Screw you Pet Owners out there. Especially you lonely asshole who own dogs who have no human being to live with.

Dumb ass pet owners 4

I am so angry at stupid pet owners. There should be a screening process to weed out all of the stupid people from owning pets of any kind, and the stupid assholes should suffer fines in the thousands if they are discovered to be breaking the fucking laws. Animals are flesh & blood and have feelings just like people do. So all the non-feeling stupid assholes that abuse animals, and the many that claim they just didn't know why junior or the town wack ball that was given a pet wasn't responsible enough to take care of it, should eat shit and die.

pet owners 5

It pisses me off when people don't do anything about their dog chasing cars! I have a neighbor who moved in and decided to let their dog run wild in the neighborhood. The dog chasses all cars. For quite some time, I would drive down the neighborhood road and sometimes have to completely stop to avoid hitting the damn dog. One day, the dog came running after me and it apparently misjudged I accidentally ran the fucker over. The neighbor comes running out the house and bitches at me for running the fucking dog over. If you have a dog who chasses cars, don't let the bitch run wild in your neighborhood. Take whatever action to keep you dog from chasing cars or be prepared to bury the fucker!

In-tact Pets 6

People that don't freakin FIX their damn dogs… UGH! They pick fights with other dogs in the dog parks and their fucking balls hang and dangle while they piss on everything that stands vertical, and oh yeah, they fucking hump everything and everyone. What do their owners do? NOTHING!! They fuckin giggle and nicely say: "no, no, Mr. fluffy, that's not nice" like that fuckin dog can UNDERSTAND YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT!

You know what else pisses me off? I will tell you, upper middle-class white women that finally (after screwing a bazillion men, and begging for commitment) found husbands who would get their bleached hair, sunless tanned asses outta trailer parks... these are the ones that brag about some fucking 1/4 k diamond ring their hubbies bought them from the store in the mall, and oh ho ho... how fucking romantic was that… right out of the fucking fairy tale. So, where you can find in-tact dogs AND the annoying ass “new-money” trailer tramps? South Riding, VA!

Owners Of Biting Dogs 7

It angers me that people bring their aggressive, biting dogs or cats, to the salon for grooming and say, "Oh, my dog/cat is friendly, and he/she doesn't bite." As soon as the customer leaves, the dog or scratching cat bites, you end up at the hospital for stitches on your hand or have 20 stitches on your face.

Let me continue...Bring your dogs to dog training you freakin nitwits! Wash your cats at an early age. Has it ever occurred to you that we are having unruly children in this world as it is with parental trials and now you have little Miss Poopsie or Miss Kitty, Kitty, who has never been groomed often, attack the groomer?

Get it through your thick skulls you stupid people who haven't the clue in raising children and then you get a dog who bites because you are such a wuss and too cheap to bring your dog to training? SHAME ON YOU!!! Look how many poor four legged creatures are being euthanized because of your carelessness. Again, it angers me! Shame, for shame, for shame!

Pet owners 8

Bark! Bark! Bark! Sudden loud bursts of noise directed into every corner into our house. Can't get away from it anywhere, even with earplugs and sound machines whooshing away. I'm paying huge amounts of money every month to live here, and for what? The lack of ability to rest, nap, have any peace. The family over there should be chained up and subjected to this constant, insistent loud noise as torture, with no distraction with their videogames or whatever else primitive acts they do to block out the sharp, loud, continual, repetitive bursts. I ought to buy one of those thumpers. Will they please pay my air conditioning bill now that I can't keep my windows open? Will they please pay my over $1000-a-month rent to live in what they have made into a hellhole?

*Note from Anger Central
Wife + Meat Cleaver = Chinese delicacy. ;)
The Angry Webmaster

dog owners 9

MAN! Dog owners have got me so riled up, if you slit my throat right now, you'd be shot in the nose with boiling blood. I mean the crap they say, "Dogs obey you, cats ignore you" all that crap. At least cats don't jump up and down when you come home like some 5 year old on ecstasy. At least they don't bark at nothing all night. At least they don't cause children and adults to go to the hospital every 40 SECONDS!

damn idiot dog owners 10

I am so sick of my neighbors and their total inability to keep their dogs on a leash, one of which is a deaf pit bull. They run through our yard and calling animal control doesn't seem to do any good. Of course, it's practically a felony if we try to get rid of the dogs ourselves (i.e. poison). I am sick and tired of feeling like we are being held hostage by our neighbors. Why can't terrorists come raid their house?

Pet owners 11

NOTHING says I'm a lonely fucking loser like a guy driving around with a yappy little doggie on his lap hanging out the drivers window! YES, we all look at you, but not because we think your dog is cute. It's because losers like you make us stare to the point of fascination. You couldn't be more pathetic if you put a tatoo on your forehead that says "I'm wearing my Mommies big panties". Read this and "KNOW IT" you Glad Sandwich Baggie human shit scoop. When you think people are smiling at you and your canine bedmate, look a little closer next time. They're really laughing at you 'cause they know you haven't had pussy since pussy had you.

*Note from Anger Central
Do you know what the Webmaster's wife see's in similar circumstances? Dinner! ;)

Pet Owners 12

Why? Why wont people keep their dogs on leashes?? Like, um… seriously?

Oh – I get it. That particular law doesn’t apply to you because you think your Golden Retriever is the cutest little fur-ball on the planet and “squeal” is so cute and wouldn’t hurt anyone. Well fuxstick – MY dog WILL.. My dog will tear your dogs head off. And while *I* keep my otherwise well-behaved dog on a short leash, I have no control when your dumbazz dog comes bouncing up for a quick game of butt-sniff and leghump.. Good luck tearing "Buddy's" face out of my dogs mouth.

Dog Owners 13

I know too many people who own a dog or several dogs and don't take propper care of them. They have these dogs just to brag about what breed it is and it gives them some special feeling to know that this creature loves them. Usually, they have to have an animal love them because no human being ever would... The dog will actually love anyone who feeds it - so you're really nothing special - just a meal provider. My neighbors have four big dogs. Loud barking all the time, always digging under my fence trying to escape their miserable existance... These people never walk the dogs, never check on them to see why they're barking or tell them to "shut-up!" Their backyard is really just a giant doggie toilet that smells so nasty you can't be within a hundred feet of it after a good rain. I can't even have my windows open if it rains. Of course, I can't open the windows anyway because of the barking. I've warned them for thirteen years to control their dogs and clean up the dog shit but the problem keeps getting worse and now my neighbors hate me because I have the nerve to ask them to quiet their dogs... They hated me anyway so I called Animal Control and Code Enforcement. Now, my neighbors really hate me! But, the barking is much, much less - and the dog shit is gone! I love being hated by neighbors because it gives me peace. I wish I had done it long ago, I would do it again in a hot second and I strongly recommend that if you live near a barking dog you do the same as I did. Don't get a dog just to have something love you - get a dog if you plan to be there for it like it was a small child. Don't disturb everyone around you just because you have a dog. They're a lot of work and most people are way too lazy to own a dog!

Pet Owners 14

A couple of different categories here.

First, Bird Owners:

I have known at least 5 people who have owned birds. In every single case, these people really make me angry. Why? Because they think the entire rest of the planet share their love of birds. Guess what, bird owners, WE DON'T. I don't want your sickly-looking cockatoo sitting on my head, waiting to take a dump in my hair or biting me while you ooh and ah, thinking it's just darling. As well, I can't stand the whole concept of taking a creature that is used to flying around and enjoying life outdoors and putting it in a cage. That is simply wrong. Unless it's a chicken or a turkey, birds are not domesticated.

Dog owners:

I have been a dog owner all of my life. Something that many dog owners don't seem to understand is that dogs are "pack animals". If you own one, you are their pack. Many dog owners take a dog that is raised as a puppy, give it attention, play with it and make it feel wanted. Then, in a few months, BAM, it's now a dog. Well, time to take it away from the pack it was raised with (you and your family) and put it outside in a cage or tie it to a tree somewhere and leave it all by itself. Isn't that great? Seriously? A cage? A tree? Someone should tie YOU to a tree all day in the hot sun or all night in freezing weather and see how you fare.

And then, there's the barking dog syndrome. This is something that makes me extremely mad. Don't tell me you can't hear that dog, dog owner. You know you can, but you just turn up Price Is Right so you don't have to bother with it. If my dog is barking for zero reason, it gets punished right away (lightly tapped newspaper on the butt while saying "NO!"). Thus, it does not do that after it reaches adulthood. But these people have zero clue how to raise a dog and so the dog sits, tied to a tree or in it's cage, barking day and night. Sad.

Personally, I think there should be a law that all would-be dog owners have to go to classes for three weeks before they can have a Dog License in order to own a dog. And there should be a 2000-dollar fine for anyone found owning a dog that is in a cage or tied to a tree.

People having relations with animals 15

I am sick of being in this world with these perversions who have relations (cuddle, stroke, pet, fondle, sleep) with animals. Every day children die of starvation and these sickos are feeding animals. When it comes to feeding my child or feeding their lovers they would allow my child to die. And if my child accidentally hurt their animal most of them would kill my child. I want to be away from these killers, pedophiles.

Dogs and dog owners 16

I am damn angry at all those damn dog owners who believe they are entitled to have their dog bother you, jump up on you, or jump in front of you when you ride your bike. Each and every single day I face situations where I am approaching somebody walking his or her dog from behind, and they don't bother holding on to the dog, although they can clearly hear or see me, but instead force me to come to a full stop within one microsecond when the stupid dog jumps out onto the bike path. I have hit dogs numerous times because I just couldn't brake fast enough. What is it with people and dogs anyway ? I know of numerous people that prefer dogs over other people when it comes to friendship. How retarded must you be when you believe that ? A dog is just an animal, and the only reason it likes you is because you feed it. If you stop feeding it and somebody else does, it will stay with that person. I guarantee it. Projecting your feelings on an animal that has not the slightest idea of what you are using it for is just sick. I hear people talking to dogs, right, like the dog has any idea of what you are saying. It gets really gross when the dogs licks the dog's owners face. That is really disgusting, since mouths contain so many bacteria, and are much dirtier than any other body part, including your behind. People, get real, if you need a friend, go find another human being, but quit treating these animals as companions. They are not. They are just creatures looking for food.

Dog Neighbors 17

I like dogs. They make great pets. However, what I cannot fucking stand is the amount of dumbfuck dog-owners who will leave their dogs outside all fucking day and night to continuously fucking bark, yap, bay and howl. It's the calling-card of a neglectful, irresponsible fucking dog owner. Firstly, they don't train them to not fucking bark at every goddamned thing that exists. Seriously. Your dog is fucking barking because there's a goddamned BIRD in the yard of all things. Your dog has to guard house and home and yard from a fucking BIRD? Get real. Secondly, leaving your dog outside at all hours in all weather and paying no attention to the dog at all is shitty fucking behavior. If you're just going to chain the dog out all day and not do anything with him, then don't get a fuckin' dog. If you want a pet that you can leave in one place and just feed it, get a goddamned fish tank. Dogs need attention and activities to keep them busy, otherwise they become neurotic and BARK at EVERY FUCKING THING ALL THE GODDAMNED TIME.

You can't tell me that you don't fucking hear that shit. I know you do. The dog is in YOUR yard. I can hear him five houses down. You have to hear that fucking dog. There's no way that you don't hear that fucking dog unless you're deaf.

"Well I need a guard dog to bark and protect my property!"

From what? Fucking BIRDS? The mailman? The kids riding their bicycles down the street? Leaves rustling on the trees? The wind? A bee that passed by? Besides, why do you need a guard dog when you clearly tune out the sound of your own dog constantly fucking barking? You're not paying attention to what he's barking at any way. It could be an intruder or a fucking Bluejay for all you know. Unless you have issues with bluejays, robins, sparrows or crows invading your home, that fucking dog isn't doing anything for you. He's just barking. At BIRDS. At ANYTHING. What the fuck did that bird do to him?

I'm no fan of government regulation but I'm starting to think that they need to test people before they get a fuckin' dog and issue licenses. Doing the same for reproduction would do our society many favors, but I digress.

Seriously. Your dog is fucking barking at a god damned crow. Take him in the fucking house or shut his ass up.

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