People with Fungal Infections 1



Christ alive, if you have a toenail infection, don't ask to borrow my shoes! Don't put them on, don't wear them for eight hours, and give them back! Just buy me another pair, and we'll be done with it.

Actually, that's a little unrealistic.

How about you just tell me "I have a fungal infection under my toes"?

How about you DON'T BORROW MY SHOES?

Doesn't that sound reasonable?

Well, not in this world, I suppose.

Just take my shoes, and as a thankyou gift, give my your infection. Goddamnit, I hate you so much right now.

The least you could have done was told me you had disgusting feet.

Nonhealth Hate on Healthy 2

I'm angry! Wow! Sorry, if I worked my ASS off to get the size that I am. Literally. I worked it off. I ran. I still run. I run 8-10 km three times a week, and go to the gym. Yeh, I'm skinny. I'm almost underweight. I eat a vegetarian diet, and I never exceed my daily caloric intake. I never eat fried food, at least when I have a better alternative. Once in a blue moon I'll bake for myself, because hell, I deserve it.

But who are YOU to tell me that I am skinny, and snobbish and full of myself. I love myself more now than I did half a year ago. I'm comfortable in my skin! Isn't that how we all are supposed to be? I have no problem with people, if to them, being bigger is a natural fit. This is my fit! I am fit! Sorry, if that's not something you value in your life, then that's not my problem. Maybe some day, when I own a gym or a clinic, and you come in looking for help after three heart attacks, ye, I'd love to give you advice. But it's not up to me how you run your life, SO STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MINE!

I don't eat meat, so when you look at me and say "whoa, you're so skinny, you should have a burger once in awhile" you're bashing what I worked for, AND my lifestyle choices. And hey. I don't miss meat. I don't miss fries. I don't miss having an entire days worth of calories in one sitting. That's fucking gross. I'm not saying you are if you do, but the concept, to me, is unappealing. So get over it. I'm going to be skinny, you can be fat. I don't care. I just want to live a life, comfortable as I am. Butt the fuck out, and STOP HATING ON THE HEALTHY!

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