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I live on this fucked up island in the Caribbean, Antigua. Antigua has semi nice beaches, but that's it. This place is so full of shit. Whether you're a legal immigrant or illegal alien, they treat you the same, like waste matter, well unless you're rich, have a fancy accent and most white folks just have it easy here. The natives are such liars, they give false impression to attract visitors (tourism is its main industry). This country is govern by morons, i'm convinced, truly convinced that they are somewhat retarded. I would not advise anyone to visit here. It sucks, unless your spending you can simply go fuck yourself, and if you're not spending a lot? It still applies, they won't fuck with you. If you want to see what killing or committing other crimes feel like, then come live here. The legal system is an old used up toilet.. Don't even get me started on the cost of living and taxes, it's fucking sky high. I think they'll soon tax you for walking, breathing and fucking. There's tax on every damn thing. I hate this place. Just a waste of fucking dirt and rock, i can't even say water, cause this place has no fresh water. Sucks.

Antigua 2

Antigua makes me so angry, the only reason I am living here is because legally I'm not old enough to move away from my parents, will be in a few years and I cannot wait to escape from this terrible place. Majority of Antiguans are prejudice and ignorant, they do not like anyone who isn't a "son of the soil" they will treat you like shit just because you have an accent different from there own..... unless you're European or to simply put it white. They are nationalistic and prejudice beyond belief. Most Antiguans are so hostile, you can see it in there faces and the way they speak to immigrants is so disrespectful, especially the ones in authority such the immigration officers you have to deal with either once a year or a few times a year. Their attitude sucks so bad, they literally will fuck up your day and make you feel like shit just because you're doing the right thing and regulating your status.... they treat you like a criminal, it doesn't matter if you're legal they just treat everyone who isn't from Antigua like dog shit. I lived in England for a few years before my family moved here and never experienced racism or prejudices until I got here. I honestly don't see what's the big deal about this piece of shit country that hardly anyone even knows exist, its a tiny little dot on the map a nobody country that they think is so great... I don't get it this place is so run down and crappy, there is only one town here and you will be sure to run into the same people every single day. The country stinks literally, its a total slum, St. John is filled with old nasty wooden structures, pot holes in the street and nasty sewage water that runs into the streets from the various shacks/" houses" the smell is putrid and will make you gag. The people are ugly, especially the men omg they make me sick just looking at them, these people have got the be the ugliest people in the entire Caribbean. Whenever you see good looking people there's two reasons for that, they are not from Antigua, or they are a mixture of Antiguan and another Caribbean race, Antiguans are incapable of producing good looking people !

The country is filled with crime, soaring unemployment rates and poverty ever since the current government came into power there's murders, robberies, stabbings all manner of crimes have been rampant. And the worst thing is they are hypocrites about it and will hide this shit to keep tourist coming here, giving you a false impression that you are safe in "paradise". They hide crimes and terrible things that are taking place, you literally will not see certain violent crimes on the news. The only positive thing I can say about this so called "paradise" is that it was fairly peaceful and the crime rate was virtually none existent when the old government was in power. I would advice anyone who even thinks about visiting this shit hole of a country, just don't, don't do it, you will have a horrible time, there is nothing to do here it so boring and the locals don't really like you. They will tolerate you but they don't like you and will smile in your face but talk shit about you the minute you leave. As I said before they do not like anyone who isn't from here and they make it known. They often complain that you people i.e tourist just come here to window shop and not actually buy anything from the craft markets etc, how rude considering without tourism this place would be as bad as Haiti . I cannot wait to leave this place, majority of Antiguans are vile, wretched, prejudice and disgusting liars.

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