I'm proudly British apart from: the poor state of the National Health Service despite investment, the crumbling transportation infrastrucure combined with the governments policy and high taxation on transport, London's archaic public transport falling to bits while Mayor Ken brings in congestion charging to push even more people on to overcrowded trains, soaring crime figures particularly gun crime and a judicial system that believes criminals belong on the streets and not in prison, an asylum (as in fake asylum seekers) and immigration policy which has totally compromised national security, which is unfortunately pushing people towards the far right so they can vent their frustration and where unbelievably this government has for some reason decided to allow the people from the 10 new EU members to move straight to the UK unlike the rest of the EU which won't allow migration for 7 years! As if the immigration problem isn't bad enough and sensitive enough! When the UK is attacked by extremists, the blood will be on the hands of the British Government because they have no idea who is in the country anymore and no doubt the culprits will be so-called 'asylum' seekers.

I could go on but I'm not in the mood. All in all, the bloody Labour government has failed to deliver and they are is letting the people down. The country is run by politically correct do gooders who are too busy worrying about the rights of those who don't deserve them. Unfortunately there is no opposition to Labour! I'm definitely not paying my taxes to that load of rubbish!

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Britain 2

What angers me about England is that when Spain was bombed last year, England refused to cooperate in bringing over a suspected terrorist (living in England) for questioning. They argued that there wasn't enough evidence to bring him over for questioning. I think what happened in London is terrible, but 4 times as many people were killed in Madrid yet the attacks were not taken seriously by one of its closest neighbours. The consequence is that London is now in perpetual paranoia and it seems to have taken a shoot now, ask questions later policy with the killing of that young Brazilian . I myself live in Australia and know that or turn ill probably be next so I am hoping that if or when an attack strikes other countries will be cooperative with us and not give us the civil liberties speech.


I am angry because of the way motorists are treated here in the United Kingdom, they have to pay the equivalent of $10 for a gallon of petrol, high insurance costs, and $265 for road tax. As if the tax the government gets from road tax and petrol isn't enough, they have now sent the government agency, the DVLA out to catch the tax dodgers. Today in my area, DVLA towed away more than 40 cars, and the owners of these cars will be held to ransom, pay a $600 fine + back tax, + tax, and if they don't comply their cars will be crushed and destroyed. Now many of these un-taxed cars are older cars, owned by low income people, who can't afford anything newer, or even to tax them, so these people are being penalised by the british government for being "poor". Then there's the DVLAs speed cameras, which are dotted all over Britain to catch and penalise the British motorist yet again. Many cameras are placed on busy roads, and not just accident blackspots, to get the DVLA and the British government as much income from speeding fines as possible. Fuck the DVLA and British government, they make me so angry.

England 4

England sucks big time. It is the biggest shit hole on the planet. Not only is the weather completely shit (all of the time), but they cannot speak or add up.

The number of stupid English I encounter who cannot express a percentage or say "alright" instead of "o'rite" instead of good morning which is what they mean is only limited to their population. Not only are they stupid, impaired bunch of bunny boiling twits and mother@@%%69's, they prove this to the world by being ruled by foreigners. One of my employees came to me and said what's Andorra? Arrrggghh - she should have asked were the mutant.

Their current Prime Minister is Scottish, their Monarchy is Germanic . The populace being tricked by a name change from Saxo Goburg-Gotha to Windsor. There are few peoples that haven't ruled the English. I suppose they are really governed by the USA at the moment but it has been Romans, Dutch Frisians, Danes, Germans, French, Welsh, (Tudor Dynasty) and the Scottish (Stuart Dynasty). Need I say more. Their houses are tiny toilets, stacked up against each other like playing cards. They call this a terrace and say it's okay. Basically its a cheap shitty way to build a home.

The English can't speak, spell or reason. In fact their dictionary was first written by a Scot, their language is Germanic peasant with a French-Latin veneer and they were led by Scottish armies and Generals to create an empire they couldn't hang on to which was headed by a fat German lady.

God save us from this sink hole and pity their neighbours. Greater London and the South East of England resembles the bottom of a trash can with shit blowing in the wind and caught on fences. But, "its okay I'm English" they say as they drink warm beer and piss in the street. Their children run around with teeth that point in every direction wearing trainers (tennis shoes) with short greasy hair, cheap bling and a can of beer.

London / Epsom 5

Angry at the ignorant English (the rest are fine). No matter how many times you tell them that you're not from a jungle, it's no use; when they think you're from the jungle / savannah, they're minds are stuck. That's why I only talk to cab drivers when they ask me where I'm from. Other times, I just say I was adopted, fuck would I know. My lecturer would not let go of the idea that I was from HK just because I'm Chinese. You stupid motherfucker, I have to pay eight times the amount just to study in this miserable country, and I guess I get the same shit, And worse. Maybe its the cultural difference. Well, I give people a chance to learn about my own. And you fuckers are thick.

Some also think that just because you're a foreigner and you don't talk in their accent, you are a fucking idiot. Guess what? I can spell better than the most of you, because I also care about my vocab and grammer, not just the 'accent'. And when I don't adopt some freakish mutant British cross American accent, they look at me like I'm stupid.
British humour is shallow. If you love England, you should go theire for holidays. Study there and you end up miserable like them. Oh, and I hate Epsom, Surrey, because they are the British hillbillies. I saw more cows there than I did in my own COUNTRY. I hope they trample you. Thank you, Anger Central. Even if you don't post this, you've made me feel better.

London, England 6

A recent newspaper article stated that changes may be introduced at local government level. One change is how we are to pay for services. At present this is in the form of council tax which usually is at around an average of fifty pounds per person. People on low incomes or the welfare system here do not have to pay, but people who work do have to pay. I have to pay. the main change to be introduced is that people who live in better neighbourhoods, ie less crime, graffiti etc, will have to pay more where as the lower income neighbourhoods will have to pay less ( even though they don't have to pay as long as they don't work.) This is insane. I work like a mutherfather leaving the home before 6 in the morning and not returning until after 7 in the evening. There is low crime where I live, but that's because every one is at work. So now they want me to support a crime ridden area out of my pocket. We need to bring in a large boot to kick some asses into work

england 7

im so damn angry because our fucking country *sould be spelt cuntry* is run by the biggist bunch of incompitant pig sucking mother fuckers to ever grace the face of the plannet,all they fucking do is fuck everything up lose all our fucking jobs spen all our fucking money bump the fucking tax,s up raise the fucking prices on absolutly fucking eveything, then have the sheer fucking ordacity to say ooooh we fucked up!!!!! AGAIN!!! suprise sufuckingprise guess who,s left to pick up all the fucking peices, wait for it, the public... hooooray!!! the public with no fucking money no fucking jobs and no god dam lives anymore all because are goverment are a big bunch of fascist cunts!!

Scholes, Wigan, UK 8

People here are thick, racist, benefit scrounging scum. They treat every other culture or anything decent or more sophisticated than a rock. I work in a public facing job and have to put up with these worthless druggy (although ironically the druggies are the better ones) alchoholic work shy bastards. 72% of the surrounding area are entirely supported by benefits. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against benefit claimants if her genuine but this lot are all on the sick but can steal to order, fight, breed, drink, shoot up and pick on the genuinely vunerable all day long. May they all burn in the darkest recesses of hell.

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