California is the place where the whiney hippies graze and the usually treasonous vermin live. Funny how Hollywood is located in, well, gee whatta ya know, L.A. in California!! Damn the motto of the whole state is probably "Better Red Than Dead." All those whining hippies who have nothing better to do than protest every damn thing that our government does to protect and ensure the safety of this country, lest it interfere with their precious bong hitting and mindless poetry scribbling. Of course they can afford to do this, after all the East Coast is closer to the terrorist lunatics after all and lord knows that all the actors and actress loons work nad sometimes originate from there. The whole state is polluted and filled with god knows how many illegal aliens and sleeping terrorist cells.

*Note from Anger Central
They don't call it the "Left coast" for nothing!

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palm springs, ca. 2

Im angry because this place is looked at as some great "paradise" on earth when in fact if you aren't part of 50% of 1% of the people in the world who are multi-millionaires then you're lower than that of a starving wet dog. Why do people go to such a place? I have had the unfortunate displease of living there and let me say one thing to you Palm Springs,well.... I better not. thanks for letting me whine a bit.

portsea 3

this is a place not to dissimilar to L.A. where the rich are fuckwits, and hang shit on normal folk. i just like to ask them why the fuck do you think you are gods gift to earth?? the place you talk up has nothing going for it. It takes a day to get from house to house and then when you get there you couldn't be fucked to hang with the guy you went to visit.

at least tell me this do any of you wankers even know where portsea is. it seems to me you could be in sorento, blair shithole, or even mt matha and you all say, "lets go to portsea for the weekend", "we can stay at my daddy's house". i'd just like to finish with a fuck you and have a nice day.

Southern California heat wave 4

This sweltering Southern California weather is always too hot outdoors and indoors. It's always still summer-like in November and December. My A/C keeps getting bust every time and my fan just blows out hot air like the Republicans. It never seems to get cool enough so I can get some work done on the lawn, which is browning out and growing weedy like hell.  Someone reading this rant might ask: Yes, I'd like to move elsewhere, but my good paying job is here.

California 6

In a word, California is a shithole. It's the land of multi-millionaires, and welfare trash. Hell, according to the polls, 44% of welfare recipients are illegal immigrants. God forbid if anyone says anything about it, either. US citizens can't even find jobs, because the welfare folks are given first priority, and they rarely even speak English. Crime is rampant, but nothing ever gets done about it, because the cops aren't allowed to enforce the law. You can't even watch TV, anymore, because most of the goddamn channels are in every language, except English. The roads are a mess, the money from car registrations is spent on welfare, and social services. Even worse, the fucking state wastes tax money on TV commercials advertising different types of benefits, only available to the worst trash imaginable. They actually advertise programs that are available for illegals to have more fucking babies! The hospitals are closing at an alarming rate, because of these people, and they're telling them to have even more! Fuck! The schools are a joke. Teachers are racist if they actually try to teach, because the material may offend some fucking minority group. The kids are morons. And then there's the gangbangers. They're practically worshipped. The state loves gangbangers- they pour so much money into these bullshit "disadvantaged youth" programs, it's sickening. I wonder what will happen to these programs when there aren't enough taxpayers still employed to pay for them?

Sun City 7

It be raining for months here. Damn. Sun City Califoria (Old people) Capital of the world. Sun City's are everywhere even in South Africa their is a Sun City.It was brilliantly designed by a man from Bakersfield. Hmm...gee I wonder why.. their ain't shit to do here or there. Plus evertime I go to the store I hear about 3 to 4 farts a day because EVERYONE IS OLD!!!!! The only thing to do is stare at my wall and listen to the same damn cds over and over and over again. The only young people here are skinheads. They are annoying and stare at me anytime I LEAVE MY HOUSE FOR 20 SECONDS. ARRRR

Interstate 880 - California 8

This has got to be one of the worst highways in the country. For a stretch of road that's barely 60 miles long (San Jose to Oakland), it has several bottlenecks that lasts from 8am to 10pm.. or longer on a regular daily basis. I doubt there are many other highways that have such a high length-to-bullshit ratio. The people who designed this road should all be fucking dragged behind a car while driving the entire length of this road! Example.. Dixon Landing exit area, it goes from 5 lanes down to 2 lanes in less than 2 miles! And within this 2 miles, there are 3 entrances, one of which is Mission Blvd (the perpetual bottleneck), a major crossover for traffic coming from I-680... another fucking genius of a road design. So now they decide to fix it... of course, not without making it even worse first. The bottleneck is now even worse... 22-hours a day, it's backed up! FUCK ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS at Caltrans and FUCK ALL YOU POLITICIANS who had anything to do with highways. FUCK YOU ALL! I wish you all fucking die on the shit fucking roads you built. FUCK YOU

California 9

I fucking hate California! Especially L.A. It has to be one of the worst cities in the nation. Horrible traffic (the kind that will make you want to go on a ramming spree), illegals on every corner, ungodly theft and murder rates. Not to mention it's run by a bunch of liberal tree-hugging hippy faggots. Taxes are through the roof, housing costs are higher than the hippies that live here, and jobs are scarce because of all the illegal immigrants.

Why does the state with the nicest weather have to have the shitiest everything else? Fuck California. I hope it falls into the ocean.

Monrovia California Sucks 10

I HATE Monrovia California. Not because I got a traffic ticket there for breaking a law, but because the cop that issued the ticket was a militant PIG. Hey douchebag, it's a traffic stop, not a terrorist attack. Calm the fuck down.

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