China animal haters!!

It makes me cry to hear about how some places in china, people stuff tons of cats and dogs into tiny cages and sell them for food. The are so badly treated!!! They stab them with sharp poles, beat them, and let them bleed to death for "better flavor", while little kids watch.

*Note from Anger Central
You may not be aware that the Angry Webmaster is:
A) Married to a woman from China
B) probably had a serving of Fido with a side of Fluffy the last time he was there. :)
You should try the fresh snake. They serve it while it's still moving. I'm told it's a tasty delicacy. Oh you should see how they take a sharp stick, and punch a hole in the chest of a duck them reach in and pull the still beating heart out.
Now, why don't you go back to your tofurky and veggies and stop trying to impose your views on others?

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