Disney Land

I am sooo pissed off at the purgatory hell which is disneyland california. This place charges you damn near 70 dollars for entery, you would figure anywhere you spend 70-80 bucks for a days admission would be worth while and clean. GUESS AGAIN! They pack like a million people into a ammusement park that should only hold like 100,000. Then when you finaly fucking push your way through the hundreds of thousands screaming kids and asian tourists you get to a line that has a aprox. wait time of 3 1/2 hours, Yay! that 3 1/2 hours actually translates into about 5 hours, And right when your about to see the front of the line BOOOM the fucking ride breaks down FUCK! All your trying to do is show your 5 year old neice a good time on her birthday. Then you go to buy a bottle of water and they rape you 5.50 for a fucking bottle of water. Disney land is a fucking joke and should be shut/burned down! This is twards disney in CA, i havent yet had the privlage to be analy raped by disney world florida yet.

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