These Europeans makes me sick!!!, they are the bloodsuckers of the world. First they came to America and robbed and destroyed centuries of civilization, then, after WWI and WW2 committed the worst atrocities known in mankind, and millions fled to the Americas looking for a better life, Americans went and freed these bastards against Hitler and liberated the fucking French. But now all the people in Europe are sickened when they see people from the Americas go there looking for a new life. They are prosecuted and treated like dirt!!, You bastards, when you needed a place here in America we opened our arms to receive you, and now you cant stand us??? ungrateful bastards, do rot in hell

Europe 2

I'm sick and tired about how Europe is superior. They invented Fascism, Communism, Nazism, rufies, and other terrible things that have essentially ruined life for Americans. Let's not forget that they started two world wars and apparently let Muslims run amok in their society (which we will have to clean up later).

*Note from Anger Central
Europe is a dead culture. in a generation white Europeans will be a minority living under Sharia law.

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