Cefn Golau housing estate in Tredegar U.K.

I am angry at the dilapidated condition of our Cefn Golau housing estate; it has been left to get run-down by our local council who don't care two fucks about the conditions of the estate that residents have to live with. There is rubbish and litter everywhere including old mattresses, washing machines, burned out cars and other large items of junk. Boundary fences and garden walls are in dilapidated condition, and so farm animals from the common, sheep, cows and horses are free to roam the estate, shitting and pissing everywhere. There are unruly tenants, who cause annoyance with their anti-social behaviour and make hell for the other residents, and again the local council won't take any serious action against these scum. Getting repairs done to your home is like getting blood out of a stone, and many of the homes on our estate have damp problems, draughty windows and doors, and other faults, which never seem to get repaired. If you lived on the Cefn Golau estate, you'd be angry too!

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