Kansas 1

The people here are so just... Dense in the head. We had a question about the emancipation proclamation today, and it took at LEAST, at least, FIVE FUCKING MINUTES TO FUCKING GUESS THE SPEECH! It was a vocab word, proclaim, and he was just trying to reference it. They got within two letters until all their wrong guesses were up. They all know who the smartest kids in the class are, because, me and my buddy, WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO ANSWER IT! This is fucking fourth, at least, fourth grade curriculum at my old school. But NO ONE HERE IN FUCKING SEVENTH GRADE KNEW IT! The other class took longer! I fucking swear to cat shit.

THATS NOT THE ONLY CLASS. Fucking science, no one can answer anything unless I say it quietly. The funniest thing is that my other smart friend, IS NOT FROM KANSAS! Neither am I. ALSO THE ENTIRE TOWN IS RUN BY TWO MAIN FAMILIES! Holy shit, I needed to blow off that steam. If you live in Kansas, post some more about one of the most sence minded states in the US of fucking A. Oh, by the way, WVU MUOTAINEERES KICKED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THE CLEMSON SHITTURDS. 70-33 WVU won. My friend and I are WAYYYYYY smarter than almost anybody in THIS FUCKING LITTLE TOWN OF DENCE MINDS! Thank you and good night, and god bless amerrica! <---- George bush quote

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