Ohio is without a doubt the dumbest state in the country more dumber than Florida if that was possible. Ohio people think they're so much better than West Virginia just because we're their neighbors I got news for you what makes your dumb idiotic state better than ours and if you all think your so much better why do you take jobs in our state. Also you stupid Ohio people can't drive especially when you come to our state where we have atleast a better speed limit you idiots creep up and down the road and almost cause car wrecks or people to be late for work all because you idiots can't drive. Another thing i'm angry at the dipshit talking shit in a rant about West Virginia why don't you die and go to hell you fucking idiot we take offense to your stupid retarded rant and most likely you need to have the shit beat out of you because most likely you are some idiot from Ohio with no life no job and nothing better to do.

Ohio people stay in your own city with your own jobs stop comming to our state with your abysmal driving skills, acting like your so superior which your not you're all a bunch of rude disruptive morons. If only we could have a boarder patrol to keep Ohio people out of West Virginia just like illegals out of America sorry if it sounds stupid but Ohio people piss me off with their stupidity

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