I've live in this state my whole life and all I can tell you is DON'T Move to Oklahoma. The economy here is a friggin joke. The public school system here is a national embarrassment. Within a decade, half of our public schools will be closed. Hell Texas is already recruiting our teachers. The only solution that our lawmakers can come up with is raising taxes, even thought a lottery bill has hung over their heads since the early 90's.... This is where the real beef of my state starts. Over the course of a decade numerous bills have floated around to establish a lottery but have been shot down because our Baptist fundamentalist lawmakers declare it immoral in the fact that it's gambling. Funny thing is we have horse racing and the ass backwards tradition of cockfighting and these same moral authorities see nothing wrong with that. Not a goddamn cent of the revenues that come from this "harmless gaming" go towards schools, community programs, or even the fucking roads. Christ, I'm so fed up with these self righteous hypocrites that govern this once great state. I am more than willing to live in any one of the other 49 states if only I had the cash to do so.
P.S. For you city folk who are not familiar with the term cock fighting, it's basically a rooster death match.

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Oklahoma 2

This state has to be the asshole of the nation. The sad truth is that the previous poster is right, this whole state is one big joke. They boast about their job market like it's heaven sent. YES, there are plenty of jobs here, if you can house, feed, clothe, and make car payments on the average salary of $7.00 an hour. The cost of living in Tulsa for example is 24,000.00. The average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $550.00 a month. The average salary amounts to $15,000.00 - $16,000,00 a year. That means that the average person has to work a part time job just to make ends meet. The economy is a total disgrace. They will not allow a lottery even when most people are in favor of it. They will not allow gambling, even when most people are in favor. They boast about producing the best teachers, yet they ca't keep them. They are lured away from Oklahoma by higher salaries in Texas, Kansas, Arkansas. More postings to follow.

Oklahoma 3

What do you expect from a culture of assholes who pronounce Miami, "Miamuh"? The big debate with the bible thumpers here in the second poorest state in the nation is whether to get a lottery going. Jobs and employers are moving out of the state faster than they're coming in. Then again, who the fuck would want to come to this ass backward state? Here in Tulsa they passed the so called 2025 Vision. The people are creaming in their pants about a new arena, which is alright-but what are you going to put in it? Oklahoma will NEVER have a professional ball team. All the big name rock concerts and such stop at Oklahoma City, not Tulsa. Tourism in this state is a joke. I wish the Bible Thumpers would hurry up and fucking DIE!!! Maybe then, the state would progress, and we could at least catch up with Arkansas.

Oklahoma 4

What is the deal with some people in OK? The cost of living is lower than other states, so these people wanna build $200,000 homes knowing good and well that a tornado could rip it to shreds! Every week it seems like we're getting a new doctor here, and they waste money advertising the fact that they can be big fishes in a little pond. Good luck getting a well paying job in Oklahoma if you're not FROM Oklahoma, because the good ol boy factor is multiplied times ten here!

The school system in Lawton is crooked (remember the "ghost employee scandal?), people are friendly but snobbish and the neighborhood zoning sucks! Example: The ghetto is two blocks away from my house, and my house is in one of the upper class neighborhoods! And that's why I'm moving to Virginia. Thanks AC, for letting me rant!

oklahoma 5

let me start with saying that oklahoma has a lot of potential and its simple laid back lifestyle i do enjoy. but what i am angry about in this state is all the corruption in our state capital the good ol boy politics is so bad it makes me sick i think that most of our state reps are brain dead and lazy and waist so much money on junk who know what all they waist are hard earned money on. it really angers me to no end that we are such a poor state but so heavily taxed. what makes it worse is that we just approved a state lottery about two years ago under the pretence of helping education yea right those good ol boys at the state capitol are stealing so much of it for themselves there is nothing let for education. not that im for gambling it has many statistics proving that it is a tax on the poor. the people here is this state are already poor enough as it is that they dont need to be wasting more money on rip off gambling tricks like those scratch off tickets. it makes me so angry that people are that dumb. but it should be no surprise how stupid the white trash in this state are the education is a joke. high schools are just glorified day care centers. and let me tell you about the white trash and redneck problem hear its really out of hand it get tired of going to wal-mart and seeing just how dirty people let them selves get i mean really sub humans is it that hard too put on a clean shirt when you go into public. and just drive down any country road hear and look in these primates yards garbage everywhere is it really that hard to get your yard clean. and these same people complain about low income and low wages well if they would take a little pride in themselves and clean up there surrounds and there homes there property values would go up. ever heard of a paint job on your house. rednecks rednecks are always saying the phrase getter done but they seen to have the trashiest looking homes in the state.im not trying to be arogant this state has some great qualities if they believed in that getter done crap they would get off there lazy asses and stop trashing this great state up.

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