Nashville, TN

Ok get this. When I was 19 years old I was doing the most innocent thing in the World. I was walking the course of a few blocks to the bus stop after church.

These officers come up to me start, asking me questions and then even though I AM A LEGAL ADULT, A VERY YOUNG BUT LEGAL ADULT AT THE TIME. They have the nerve to call mom and daddy and tell them what I am doing.

If they ever mess with me anything I will bust everyone of their heads open with a baseball bat!!!

Clarksville, TN 2

This fucking place is the most racist, backwoods, redneck, tobacco chewing, goat-fucking place on the planet. The mall here should be bulldozed. It has absolutely nothing to offer shopping-wise, and is just a hangout for thugs. Everything in this town is on one road, Wilma Rudolph - whoever the fuck that was. Therefore, it is bumper to bumper traffic nonstop. Not to mention the weather sucks ass. It is either raining for 15 days straight or it's hot as fuck with 100% humidity. There are no good paying jobs here. I'm a paralegal with 20 years experience and I was offered $9.00 per hour. Seriously. I can't wait to leave this fucking shit hole.

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