Tyler, TX

One doesn't discover the true evils of this city until one leaves it and realizes that, in the real world, people don't act like Tyler, Texas people do.

This city is the most gossipy place in the entire world. There is more corruption here than in the government in Washington D.C. Everyone (and YES I do mean everyone, children, teens, and adults alike) talks bad about each other behind the others' backs, and you live in paranoia because you have no idea who you can trust!

Back in the 60's this place was finally exposed in the book "Smith County Justice" which mysteriously disappeared from shelves fairly recently. The book goes through the serious drug movements going through the city, along with its many other evils.

I hope to never return to this place; every time I do (to visit my few relatives and friends who unfortunately are stuck there), I get a strong uneasy feeling. The place is seriously evil, and good people get stuck there, not being able to handle the outside world b/c they were raised by the devil's workers.

Texas 2

I'm sick of this stupid state. They have no clue how to drive. When they do drive they drive these motherf$***g SUV's and their gas guzzling Ford 150's. They have no respect for outside cultures and still think that Texas is just too damn wonderful to be "associated with the rest of this God forsaken country". They are all about their barbecue and wings. 95% of the state is so damned fat it's disgusting. More fat people here than anywhere else in the world, especially in Houston which in my opinion is the asshole of the world. So fucking hot once you step outside for a nanosecond your sweating like a stuffed pig. If you insult their beloved state they'll send their militia to your home and beat the shit out of you. If I have to hear Ya'll one more time I will have to stuff some beef jerky up someone's ass. Ya'll is NOT A WORD. Don't come here you'll regret it.

seatbelts 3

In Texas, where I live, you are required by law to wear a seat belt in a car....but your not required to wear a helmet on a motorcycle...that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of...now I agree that seat belts save lives...but it should be my choice if I want to wear one...kids however should be restrained in a car...but they should not make adults wear a seat belt...that is just stupid.

*Note from Anger Central
We agree that seatbelt laws are intrusive, but we understand the thinking, (or what passes for thinking among the political classes), regarding helmets. If you wear a seatbelt and crash there is a good chance you will walk away. If you don't wear one you may be badly hurt or killed. On a motorcycle, if you crash at any real speed, you die. Simple really. :)
(And the webmaster does have a current motorcycle license)

big heads of texas 4

I don't get the people in this damn state! THEY ARE SO FULL OF THEMSELVES! "everthang's BIG in TexASS". yeah. including the egos. I lived there for a few months and in that time saw enough ten gallon hats to drown myself in! The cops there are so damn RUDE and obnoxious. In the middle of summer my male cousin was repairing his car without a shirt on and some cocky, drawling, ten gallon hat wearing texan cop waddles over saying that (in reference to the lack of shirt) "we don't do things like that here in texas". yeah, just because my cousin was mexican, I'll bet you anything. then a friend of mine is pulled over because of out of state plates but ends up getting her car searched because of the many suspicious seashells in the backseat. yeah, ok. forgive her for liking the beach. "are these STOLEN?" the cop asked. wtf? is it even POSSIBLE to steal seashells from a beach? The speed limit sucks ass as well. Texas is the largest, most boring state to drive on yet the speed limit is 60 after dark. jesus christ. and they're so full of themselves, i guarantee you that at ANY motel, be it a roach infested hovel or a hilton, there will be a texas shaped waffle maker in the lobby. i guarantee you. damn... texas just sucks.

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