I am SO fucking angry!

I live in a small town in eastern washington called spokane. it is a horrible place to live even though its residents would love to tell you otherwise. spokane is poor, the only places you can get a good job at are the casinos OUTSIDE of town, the city council is run by four year olds who cant agree on anything, and no-one seems to give a fuck!

our media (newspaper/tv stations/radio stations,) are run by a small idiotic, right-wing, relgious fanatic family called the ___ (last name rhymes with 'rolls')that always distorts info, never tells the whole story of an issue, and has stolen millions of dollars from the city when they tricked the moron citizens of this town into building a mall that sells things hardly anyone here can afford, and a parking garage that no-one uses!!! (and at all the special events downtown the parking garage is useless cuz they always close off that part of the city for driving due to events!) this family also owns the construction company that built this mall and garage. they own a great deal of the downtown property as well.

the citizens of this city are ignorant assholes. they have not had a mayor serve for more than one term since the 60's! this is for they always succeed in electing the asshole who they shouldnt have voted for! (the "rolls" family always endorses the worst candidates, and they win of course. the people in this town should vote for the persons running for office that are NOT endorsed by the spokesman review [which happens to be liberal candidates.)

people from seattle dont come here. nobody comes here. and the people of spokane cry and ask why!? maybe its because this town is full of racist, right wing, redneck, republicans that doesnt like anybody that isnt christian or white! there are drugs all over this filthy town. last february there were 20(!!) meth lab busts in that one month! just a year or two ago did our serial killer get arrested, and there have been numerous serial rapists. everywhere in this town, around every corner lerks a child molester or rapist or sex offender, its on the news every night were a new one has moved into the city, or one has relocated. they are EVERYWHERE here.

the people of spokane believe its better to spend our tax dollars on making more parks for the kids than it is to spend money on public transportation for the people who cant afford to have their own car! there are many parks all around this city. why do we need more? it seems nobody cares about the homeless here. they say we need to send them away and put them in jail etc. for they are a 'burden to society.' but its this evil uncaring and selfish society that made them that way in the first place!

the "Rolls" family control this town and the police force. whenever a big business has wanted to open up in spokane (factory types) the 'rolls' family chases them away. people want spokane to stay small. they want the majority of people here to continue to live in squaller and poverty. it is very sickening. i could go on and on how this city makes me so fuckin mad, but ive got to go to work now ( i am lucky and actually have a job here.

i have never seen a town so ignorant, indifferent, stupid, racist and sheltered as spokane. unfortunately i was forced to moved here from houston, texas a couple of years ago, but i will be moving back there soon, thank god.

Space Needle in Seattle 2

That damned tiny Space Needle always looked so much bigger on television or in pictures. So I go to Seattle, and am confronted with the reality of a structure that is puny and unimpressive. It's a pathetic little imp of a building that somehow always manages to be portrayed as something much more grand than it actually is. I am angry that it doesn't live up to the expectations I had derived from various types of media always depicting it as a wonderful, amazing, must-see destination. It is unimposing and boring, and not worth the hype and attention it draws.

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