I am angry today at all anarchists. I feel as if they're all brainwashed idiots. My friend used to be just another guitar player. He slowly moved towards dressing more black, and liking punk music. before you know it, he's haning upside-down american flags in his locker at school with an anarchy symbol written on it. it's just too bad he can't survive without our government.

Anarchists 2

Anarchists are stupid, now, I know there are a few that actually make sense, the intelligent, educated ones, but all of the ones I've met are stupid 15 year old punk kids who are pissed at mommy and daddy so they try to be a rebel for no god damn reason. It's ANNOYING. If you're gunna be a rebel, have a cause. Stupid anarchists who think that if the government fell out they'd be able to do whatever they wanted. NO. That's NOT how it works. If they government fell out and we descended into anarchy, all you stupid little 15 year old punks with your dumb little ideas about freedom and no rules would be dead. End of story, you'd be dead.

Gangs would take over, ex-military personnel with military training and weaponry would take over, it wouldn't be all sunshine and daisies, everyone just going around doing what they want and having fun. Ever played the game Fallout? It would be like that, except without the mutants and shit. People coming in and raiding towns for food and weapons, and you and your little teenage friends would be shot for the can of mac n cheese you have in your kitchen.

Anarchism 3

I'm sick and tired of these stupid fucking retards that call me a "fascist Nazi" because there are some things that are considered socialism which I support. But the same people who call me stupid are anarchists, what a fucking coincidence.

I understand there are intelligent people in almost every group that supports a political ideal, but I have never met a half-intelligent anarchist.

They're always talking to me like, "DUDE, THE GOVERNMENT SUCKS, THEY CAN'T ACCOMPLISH THIS, THEY SUCK AT THAT, OH NO!" Right, because human beings are perfect right? Every government in this world is a fuck up in one form or another just some are farther fucked than others.

But in the end, they usually get SOMETHING done. What do you do every day smartass, you eat breakfast then throw the packaging away, there's trash disposal. You use a road in some form or another to get to wherever, there's an infrastructure. You go to wherever, and you don't get stabbed and robbed on your way. Law enforcement, which is again FUCKING GOVERNMENT.

Know why people loot houses during riots and civil unrest? Because there's no government to light their ass up if they do. Know why you can actually get somewhere on your car or walk comfortably? Because the government built roads. Know why if your house sets on fire you're not fucked, if you break an arm you're fine, and if you come home and find that everybody in your family has been murdered and you can do shit about it? BECAUSE THERE IS A GOVERNMENT.

People running on the streets doing what the fuck they please, breaking into your house and taking your shit, shooting people because it's fun, and breaking and burning shit. Do you seriously want that?

It's been proven so many times throughout history that we're all greedy bastards and with no control we'll end up fucking everything and sooner or later the world. Civil order is here for a REASON.

I really don't know how these incompetent morons manage to come up with and spew this shit, much less breathe.

Anarchist Protesters... 4

I hate the anarchists who turn a normal, peaceful protest into a selfish display of violence and vandalism. Every time there is a protest in London about cutting funding, these anarchist jerks decide to come in and destroy everything. As a taxpayer, why should I have to pay to clean up their mess?!? They smash windows, spray paint their "message" and cause chaos. It's selfish and immature - they're accomplishing nothing except making the entire country hate anarchists. They also ruin the message of the peaceful protesters.

I don't always like the government, but these idiots don't even think about what would happen without a government. We'd all end up dead! Greed would overrun the country and we'd be in a mess similar to what we saw in London during the riots earlier this year. Jerks who hadn't worked a day in their lives would think they were entitled to the things that those who have worked hard have earned; they would rob our homes and the businesses of hard-working people. Society would be ruined.

Most of these anarchists are simply dumb children or immature, undereducated adults who are trying to be different and "anti-establishment". They're not contributing anything and are leeches on society. The last time I was near an anarchist "protest", it was a bunch of drunks using it as an excuse to drink while they march.

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