Government Bailouts

OK, maybe I don't have a college degree, but this makes a whole lot more sense to me: GIVE THE MONEY TO THE PEOPLE!!! It is our money anyway! Why don't we hear the news anchors talking about this every night on the news? If the government gave every citizen over 18, who is gainfully employed and paying taxes, a million dollars, instead of handing it over to greedy CEO's, how much better off would all of us be? Go ahead, tax me on it, I don't care. I still have enough left to pay off all my bills, including my mortgage and car loan. Hmmm, if I am not working to pay off my debt, then I will have money to spend on other stuff... and if everyone was spending their money on "other stuff" instead of trying to pay bills, the economy wouldn't be in the crapper... Wow, I am a genius!

All this posturing and and crap from the politicians and the corporation, I can't stand it anymore! When is the government of the people going to do something to DIRECTLY help the people?

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