Mexican border

The Chinese built the great wall, Germany built a wall and kept others out of "their" country. but we tie the hands of the property owners along the border and the border patrol, the ilegals cry about "their rights" they are the illegals, not us" BUILD A WALL AND ARM IT WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO DEFEND THIS COUNTRY AND THEN DON'T TIE THEIR HANDS AND LET ILEGALS SHOOT AT THEM, THROW ROCKS AT THEM JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY HAVE A "RIGHT" TO THIS COUNTRY'S MILK & HONEY"

*Note from Anger Central
Actually the German wall was built to keep people in, not out. Just thought you should know.

Our Borders 2

Just as the one rant under this category states, 2,000 years ago the Chinese built a wall 30 feet high and 30 feet thick that was 2,000 miles long that would be a formidable obstacle to any invading parasite even today. Yet the shit sucking scum from city council all the way to that do nothing know nothing douche bag in the oval office betray us on a daily basis and lie continuously. It is a mistake to make the statement that they " think we are so stupid" that we believe their shit. To make that statement diverts attention from the matter at hand. It is much more to our advantage to not waste our time asking if they "think we are stupid". We must tell them with one voice that they ARE: Treasonous PARASITES THAT ARE TO BE TRIED AND EXECUTED. People, you Must stand. Or you will loose everything.

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