Free-enterprise is a bunch of malarkey. There are people who are on the brink of poverty in the US and at the mercy of the profit-seeking tyrants called the elite. To hell with market forces and the right-wingers such as President Dubya, Rush Limbaugh and the other conservative bastards who live by it. I'm not all for communism nor socialism; just pay us well enough so we can actually survive! Unfortunately, I'm using a capitalist company to access the Internet!

*Note from Anger Central
We aren't certain if this should be under this section or under the Things section. We will continue to think about it.
Also, if you don't like capitalism, perhaps you should move to  Cuba. Don't like that idea? How about Sweden then? They both provide cradle to grave care, and you don't have to think about anything, nor accomplish anything either. And, both have economies that are collapsing, or have failed completely. We suspect you are one of those who hates people who are more successful then you. Would you care to guess why socialism never caught on here? Because people here want to be rich. We certainly do, and if we can get the boot heel of government off our backs, we could be a lot better off then we are.

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