Hillary Clinton

Well, what an interesting topic. First, maybe this word just didn't make it into Hillary's vocabulary: It's called "divorce". Why is she even married to Bill since he still dates other hot chicklets. Remember what happened in the oval office: I wonder if that girl got pregnant. Oh yeah, Bill wore a condom. Interesting. Well, if Hillary is still married to this jerk, then why should we vote for her for president? Obviously, she doesn't care about anybody, so go figure.

*Note from Anger Central
Surprisingly a whole new category. It is amazing that no one has posted about the Iceberg before.

Hilary Clinton 2

I can't believe this is who the Democrats and I fear the majority of the country want to be the next President. Say what you want about Bill, but the more Ken Starr investigated any crooked dealings about Bill, Hilary's name camp up more. Bill is a womanizer because Hilary doesn't like men. Hilary likes power more than anything and I really fear what she would do to this country in order to give herself power. Just like the democrats accuse someone of being a racist if they don't support Obama, they will know accuse you of being a woman hater or pig if you don't want to support Hilary. I wish the majority of this country would be more informed on the truth than let the media tell them how to vote while they spend their time watching entertainment news and sports but no real news. Stupid voters. There should be a law that allows you to vote only

if you have enough education to make your own decisions.

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