I don't like conservatives because they want to run everybody's life. Why can't they butt out of other people's bedrooms?

They also have a serious problem when anybody opposes their ideas. Excuse me, but I thought that in the U.S., we are allowed to have dissenting opinions. If you fought for my right to dissent, why do you get so upset when I use it?

And it really annoys me when I disagree with right-wing ideas and then get told "if I don't like it, I can leave the country." I don't see anything in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that guarantees right-wingers "freedom from opposition".

*Note from Anger Central
Now this is a well written rant! Concise, meets the new guidelines, doesn't use foul language and not a single misspelling. We don't agree with what was said, but we do applaud how it was said. Bravo!

Conservatives 2

I dislike conservatives immensely because they believe in the moral high platform. They believe in dividing and segregating people to such an extent that it would be hard to recognize that the same group of people form a "nation of one".

*Note from Anger Central
The lengthy political diatribe included with the posting was removed. We kept the best part of the rant.

Conservatives 3

Yes, I am a kind of a conservative myself, but now I am angry at conservatives in general. Many of them tend to think white males are the most oppressed group in today's society; they call this "reverse discrimination". They think that the "California left coast hippies" whine too much in favor of minorities, women, homosexuals, and other marginal groups that have been oppressed in the past (and even today, to some extent), when they are the ones that whine the most themselves (wouldn't that be "reverse whining"?). Conservatives think that discrimination against these groups have ended, and the oppressors have now become the oppressed, thanks to the infamous...POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (oh no!). In their little conservative rants about Blacks, women, etc. are, they often try to masquerade their own ignorance with "anti-Political Correctness", like that's supposed to excuse them from being labelled a bigot themselves. They usually bitch and moan about things they don't understand; a very common example is "Why is there only a Black History Month? I wanna White History Month!!!! Boo hoo...." Has it ever occurred to conservatives that the reason mainstream media is so "PC" is because most people actually GET what they are doing. In the back of almost every conservative's mind, they know that they want to go back to a racist, male-dominated society---where everything goes THEIR way! They think that liberals are suppressing freedom of speech, when it is actually themselves who want to control everyone. So, to all you white males that think you're being discriminated against: pull your heads out of your asses and take a look at the world around you. As I mentioned earlier, I am a conservative myself, but I am ranting about conservatives in general. Even though I am one, I'm still all for multiculturalism and taking action.

I'm probably going to write another rant about liberals in the near future. If you think all of what I said was stupid, I don't care, political incorrectness blows ass anyway.

So called conservatives 4

As a lifelong conservative i'm damn pissed off at some of these idiots ruining our good name. I mean those contracts in iraq after the war to bush supporters goes against all that free market capitalism stands for. It just gives every blood sucking parasitic socialist moron another excuse to trash the greatest country in the world.

Conservatism 5

Maybe its just me.In a society that views complaining as disgraceful, why am I complaining? Because I as PISSED OFF at those who call themselves as "representatives". They do not represent the little man, but instead are slaves to special interest groups. If you ask anyone of these "representatives" what the people need, they'll go off spewing some precanned answer about Miedcare and taxes. Catering to the fat cats is bad enough,but lying in the face of the people is traitorous.

 Conservative Right Wing 6

I am angry that the conservative right wing is so grossly disconnected from real life situations. They love to say that people who need help are lazy while they sip champaigne on their yaughts that I apparently don't "deserve" even though I have worked every day of my life (even before the legally recognized age of 16). When big business laid off my husband after first injuring him and providing the LEAST amount of care to fulfil the statues of workers comp, we barely received enough to pay our bills. And these people told him he was lazy. He made looking for a job a full time job and we were undeserving of help even though we followed the orders of the Right Wing regime and bought a moderate home and an American car. My husband took side jobs earning a living and at tax time got totally raped for the pittance he made. And yet he's considered lazy? How is that? On top of that, I don't understand how abortion is wrong and invitro fertilization is ok. In both scenarios, you are playing God's role and deciding who should or should not breed. If abortion should be illegal, then so should unnatural fertilization. We all need a reality check to realize that nothing is so black and white.

*Note from Anger Central
What color is the sky on the planet you live on? Are you taking plenty of hallucinogenic drugs? Why don't you go back to your SEIU union masters and let the grown ups try and clean up the mess you've made.

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