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Not mine, hers. This overweight, under-intelligence turd knows he screwed things up big time at the final hearings, so what does he do - Nothing! I turn in my documents as ordered, signed and correct, to her, so now she has everything she needs. But her lawyer, that maggot Tim in Charleston, keeps "forgetting" to get her to sign the documents I need to get on with my life. He pulled the same amnesia shit at previous hearings - "forgetting" to draft a final order, "misplacing" various deeds, titles, etc., and then my person favorite, being “too sick” to attend not one but two hearings, that I had already taken off work to attend. Tim, you are a fat, loud, stinky (ever hear of brushing your teeth more than once a month?), bumbling, ignorant, beached-whale-couch-potato and I hope you gag on your own vomit someday as you lay there doing what you do best – nothing.

Divorce Attorney 2

"Mr. Whissincunt" - your prurient interests in what I did or did not do while my soon-to-be-ex was shacking up with another is not only unlawful but degrading even to divorce attorneys. The joke you made to my attorney about your own degrading and sexual interests in wearing women's bras and panties was also inappropriate you hucklebuck backwoods southern twat! I hear my now-ex still owes you lots of money! Good luck with that, you bloviating sow. Didn't bother to check his various bankruptcies and judgments did you, you fat bulbous nosed drunk. Yes, everyone knows. It's what southern is all about. I hope 748 ticks land and infest your genitalia to the precise degree you have bestowed misery on people who have otherwise tried to have amicable divorces.

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