European Union

The European union (or should that really be the euro-soviet union or euro-SSR?) is a complete waste of time & taxpayer's money. It is riddled with corruption (some of its own officials say so-upon pain of punishment), staffed quite often by political pygmies, 5th raters, who were failures & disasters in their own countries & in general employs people who couldn't find a job in the real world. In short its loathsome pointless employees act as if they live in cloud-cuckoo land. Summing up, it is a parliament of whores!

European Union 2

I think the EU is the worst mistake in the history of a continent with too many mistakes to go around. I'm all for free trade, but the EU is free trade under the aegis of a meddling super-government thats committed to destroying all the great historical nations of Europe. We've already destroyed Germany, France destroyed itself in 1796 when they let the radicals take control. Now do we have to destroy Britain, Spain, Italy, et. al. as well? Haven't we hurt the pride of the West enough? What Europe needs is LESS government, not more.

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