The Fucking FCC 1

FCC please leave our Goddamn Internet Alone, why the fuck does the real biggest piece of Foreign Garbage who should be deported from this country Aijit Pai want to fuck with our Internet connections. First of all you leave our fucking connections alone you want to destroy our Internet just to give to Big business that doesn't deserve it; what you deserve is a fucking sledgehammer to break that stupid looking face of your's and have every bone in your pathetic body broken and your remains set on fire. You want to fire back all because you can't accept the truth of what a pathetic waste of human life you are than I hope you prepare to have your will written and you better Hope Satan is nice to you because you're on your way to Hell because Karma is coming you fucking idiot; and I pray that the next time your on the news that your body is hanging from a noose and set on fire. Save the Net, Save Net Neutrality, Fuck the FCC, Kill Ashit Pai.

*Note from Anger Central
We're assuming you're talking about the Net Neutrality regulations.
Anger Central has remained somewhat "Neutral" in this debate for one reason.
No one has bothered to define exactly what "Net Neutrality" means. We have our ideas of what it means and you have yours.
Oh, threatening violence towards a federal official is a felony. However, we can't trace you back, but the NSA may be able to.

Ajit Pai 2

This stupid looking bastard who plans to destroy the internet needs to be deported from the United States or better yet have a sledgehammer break his stupid looking face. This sneaky, greedy asshat for Verizon doesn't give a shit about America he just wants to impress his former bosses at Verizon. This Goddamn retard has no business making decisions for the FCC what India's only known inbred needs is a noose tied around his neck and hung from the gallows. Worst of all he's so desperate to kill the internet he created several fake accounts to try and kill Net Neutrality; Ashit Pai needs to be handcuffed and locked up in Prison and get raped by Bubba because that's where you going, you've abused your power and you clearly don't give a shit about the American People and you also give Foreigners that are living in this country a bad reputation too and i'm sure just about all of India hates your Goddamn Guts and I would deport you to India but you deserve far worse, I say let's skin you alive and tear everyone of your internal organs out of your pathetic body and make curry out of them and we'll let Satan take care of the rest once he takes your Soul and makes you his bitch for all eternity, Karma is coming Ashit Pai, either you leave our Internet Alone or The Devil will have his Pitchfork in your ass, roasting you over the fires of Hell. Also Mr. Webmaster this bastard will most likely kill Anger Central too, so I suggest joining the fight to save the Internet and let's make sure Ashit Pai is either spending the rest of his pathetic miserable life rotting in a Jail Cell or Hanging from the Gallows.

*Note from Anger Central
1. Since Pai is the chairman of the FCC, we're putting this here.
2. Threatening violence is a great way to get a visit from the FBI. Even though we don't track, the NSA does and we can't stop them.
3. Please define Net Neutrality. We've heard many different definitions, and until we can all agree on what it means, we really can't have a true debate on the subject.

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