Gay marriage ban

I feel totally embarrassed for Missouri. They just won the dubious honor of being the first state to vote yes to allow a state constitutional amendment allowing a gay marriage ban. (Horrors of all horrors--what if what happened in Massachusetts happened in the good ol' heartland!) I'm from Kansas and I'm straight with several gay friends I care about. I want them to have the same rights others do. I fear Kansas will be one of the next states that follows in an ugly domino effect.

I blame the religious nuts and right wingers for this backwards ugly mess. Gays don't choose to be gay, and so what if they did. It still doesn't mean they should be excluded.

If right wingers want less government intruding on our lives, what makes it ok telling 10% of the population you can't get legally married like heteros do. The bible was written mostly by a bunch of white guys telling their opinion (agenda) of what they wanted Christianity to be. Religion and power are strange bedfellows indeed.

I'm appalled this is the progress we've made and that so many people are threatened and disgusted by the idea of gay marriage. What makes marriage more threatened is all the hetereos that do it so easily, procreate more children the overpopulated world doesn't need so they can selfishly replicate themselves, and then get divorced half the time.

If it makes anti-gay's feel any better, they should let gays marry just so gays might have a dwindling sex life, just as married heteros do. Then maybe they can feel better about their righteousness and less disgusted with gays at the same time.

*Note from Anger Central
How should we put this? The reason most people do not like homosexuality is probably genetic. Homosexuality is not a survival trait for the race. True homosexuals do not reproduce. A normal couple, even if they decide not to have children could change their minds, or a little surprise could show up later on.
Another reason is the fact that AIDS was brought out of Africa by homosexuals. (Patient Zero was a gay flight attendant and extremely promiscuous) Then the gay rights lobby did everything they could to prevent AIDS from being contained once it was identified claiming civil rights. (Please look at the history of Typhoid Mary)
A third reason is the Gay rights lobby generally shoving their lifestyle down people's throats. The lobby generally will not allow any sort of vote to be taken by the electorate, and prefers to find sympathetic courts to force the general public to bend to the lobby's demands. The reason is simple. When a vote is taken the lobby loses big time.
Anger Central does not support gay marriages, however we do not support gay bashing. If the employees here find someone beating someone because of sexual orientation we will step in. However we do not want to be told who we will associate with.
To those who may disagree with the above and wish to argue, threaten, insult or generally make a nuisance of yourselves, please remember that our bit-bucket is self emptying. We are simply providing some of the reasoning behind the opposition to gay marriage. Of course the divorce lawyers are thrilled. They see a new customer base. :)

Gay Marriage movement 2

The very idea that anyone is taking gay marriage seriously burns me up. Think about it. If you and your wife die and leave kids behind, some gay couple would have an equal right to adopt your kids - even if their lifestyle was anathema to you. This is total BS. I know plenty of gay male couples and they all, without exception, are into group sex with anyone they can pick up. Monogamy is nonexistent with these guys. They all say they are "a couple" but it only means they are shacking up with a revolving door on their bedroom. I will fight against gay marriage even if it means throwing lots of money to the conservatives. If you want to do the nasty with another man, go ahead in private, but don't you dare try to call it marriage - you will never know the meaning of the word.

Gay Marriage 3

I'm angry because it seems that most people have this bad view on gay people, and the bottom line is that they are just insecure, close minded, scared people that don't have a clue. I know plenty of gay persons that have been in a monogamous relationship for years, some more than heterosexual ones and if they choose to get married and share a life together and even have kids, that should be their choice. Besides most children of gay relationships are straight, it has nothing to do with how you were brought up, or that your mother dressed you in girls clothing when you are a boy. So that leads to years of therapy, not being gay. These seem to be 9 times of 10 the same persons who are republican, & Catholics. Why this is, I'm not sure, it just is. The same people that say that it's their decision on if you can have an abortion or not, yea I don't see them volunteering to take the child into their homes and give them this great life. HHHEEELLLOOO have you seen the orphanages lately? Full as it is, not to mention the kids in the system that are left to fend for themselves, or are abused, and tons of other bad things. OK lets get this straight you would rather have a kid born into that, then the life that isn't even started ended. I'm talking no heart beat people. It doesn't matter what is going on in your neighbors house, it's none of your damn business, so stay out of it. It shouldn't matter what so ever if someone is black, gay, green eyes over blue, had an abortion, doesn't want kids, is a swinger, cheats on their taxes, you get my point. If you can't handle it, then stay home locked up in your safe little house. Face it folks times are changing, it wasn't all that long ago there was no sex before marriage, no interracial couples, and black and white TV. Now don't get me going on things like war, GWB, and all the other things I'm pissed off about, cause there are a few. BTW I'm female, married, and make enough money to make me a republican, but I'm not, I vote, I'm well educated, and I'm a iatrical part of my community, so that just goes to show, not everyone is what you think that they are.

Gay Marriage 4

WTF?!?! Ok so all of a sudden Christian are assholes for voting on an amendment that the Gay Rights movement forced on straight people (Prop 8) but, after acting within the confines of the law. But, then it is okay to rampage in the streets, attack people in their places of worship, put people on a list for not thinking as they do and supporting an opposing view point but hey I'm the asshole who always says aren't Civil Unions Legal, why yes they are so why is it necessary to make sure you change someone else's religious views........Yes I went there I'd tell anyone who calls me a hate monger to suck it.... but that wouldn't be right now would it.

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