Jennifer Granholm

this bitch has screwed Michigan sooo bad there's nothing left, lets tax the piss out of everything and do nothing to get new business into the state, lets raise the taxes on the poor bastards that are left in the state, everyone else has left so what the hell we can support jenny and her stupid ass family for another overseas trip to do absolutely nothing.

*Note from Anger Central
We suspect that you won't be voting for the Democratic nominee for President then? :)

Matt Bevin 2

I want to give my condolences and heartfelt wishes to the victims of the senseless shootings caused by a dumbass kid and I hope they hang him for what he has done to the victims. You know it really pisses me off when dumbass politicians decide to blame murders on something like Video Games. Why do you want to blame video games for the reason why some dumbass shot up a School, first of all Video Games had nothing to do with it, the kid was a fucking moron who had dreams of shooting up a school. Are you going to say the Kid played Grand Theft Auto and gave him the thought of going on a shooting rampage? Get fucking real Matt Bevin you are without a doubt a total fucking idiot, and to all of the dumbass inbred hicks who voted for you I say you all are a bunch of goddamn idiots.

Matt Bevin is completely unfit to be Governor and is so completely out of touch with reality, to even blame a mass shooting on fucking video games. I blame writing this angry rant on dumbass, unfit politicians like you who need to be elected out of office but unlike your claims, at least I can prove how much of a total moron you really are.

Not to mention he even wished for people who don't agree with him to burn in hell. No Matt Bevin you go burn in hell because of how much of a lying, finger pointing, arrogant, unprofessional, idiot you really are. You're a disgrace to Kentucky and I hope a sorry worthless excuse of a human being like you gets voted out and Kentucky gets a much better leader than you; Fuck Matt Bevin.

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