The greens party

What the hell do these people think they are doing? (any australian will know what i am talking about). This must be the worst government party in the australian democracy (with a few partys coming close behind it: one nation party (racists), the shooters party (trigger happy), and the horse riders party (do i need to explain?)). The greens party want to legislate a few choice laws, like:

  1. Make pot, heroin and ecstacy legal

  2. Stop all logging and mining in australia (what will happen to these people's jobs?)

  3. Make abortions illegal

To top it all off, their leader is one of the biggest hypocrites in australia (plus, he doesn't bathe). I hate you greens party!

Green Party 2

The damn fucking german green party.
Maybe, if someone knows that germanys government has a coalition of 2 parties. SDPG(social democratical party of germany) + the greens party.
The germanys greens party is one of the most stupid partys ever existed on this earth.

  1. The want to close all nuclear reactors you fucking bitches, where we gonna get our power?

  2. we have here a special ecology tax for fuel, which makes the fuel prices impossible high!!


LISTEN, WE'VE CAN TAXES HERE, YEAH REALLY, IF YOU WANT TO buy a can of cola or some other can-shit you've to pay $0.25 for each can. AND WHAT REALLY PISSES OFF is that you only can give this can back in the same shop and with a special piece of paper.. This motherfucking greens party. Yeah, that's all true.. you bitches, I didn't vote for you..even worse than Bush with his Iraq war..

Greens Party 3

First of all: This post is about the German greens party (I deliberately don't capitalize the name because I am so damn pissed of at them).

The German greens party is apparently the worst greens party in the world. The most horrible fact is that they have so much influence in the whole country and their popularity continues to rise! They got almost 10% of the votes in the last federal (Bundestag) elections!!

So why am I so pissed of at them?

and guess what: this so-called "ecological tax" has absolutely nothing to do with ecology or environmental protection BUT IT IS USED SOLELY TO FINANCE THE LAAAAARGE GAP IS THE RETIREMENT FUND.

This greedy bastards proposed and finally implemented a so-called "ecological tax on fuel" This tax had constantly been raised during the period from 1999 to 2003 and now makes up 10% of the gas price. Just imagine, because of this whores ONE LITER A 95 (super) gas costs 1,40 Euro!!!! JUST IMAGINE 1,40 EURO A LITER !! NOT REALLY BECAUSE OF THE HIGH OIL PRICE OR OTHER TAXES BUT BECAUSE OF THIS "ecological tax" this subhuman party pushed through!! How come a minor party has such great influence in countrywide politics and can push through any law and tax by threatening to leave the coalition government? FUCK! DAMN YOU!

The second thing those assholes proposed and managed to implement is a so-called "can-deposit". So by buying a can of coke or a plastic bottle of coke or water or whatever one has to pay 25 euro cents for the bottle! 25 euro cents!!!! god damn you!! fucking greens! damn your environment!!! In the first 1 - 2 years the whole system didn't work at all. One was allowed to return the can only at the place one bought it and special "can deposit chips" were given along with the bottle/can and in order to get the deposit back one had to bring the can along with this chip. Ridiculous crap!!! finally, the government managed to establish a countrywide system for that shit.

here we go with the next "ingenious idea" of the greens, the greatest one: The phase out of all nuclear plants by 2020 and switching to "alternative renewable energy"... That makes me laugh and cry at once. Currently renewable energy doesn't even provide 1% of the whole energy in Germany!!!! And while phasing out the nuclear reactors new coal-fired power stations will be built! isn't that great? isn't that ludicrous? care about the environment and at the same time replace nuclear plants with coal-fired power stations while promoting renewable energy to the whole world. Guess how it ends? Germany will buy its electricity from France, 70% of which is generated by nuclear power plants. The greens can only bark around and propose and implement laws without prospective thinking. Renewable energy, how ludicrous!

Stupid voters wake up and see what this assholes are doing to the country!!! soon you will be forced to use leaves instead of toilet paper!!

One of their propaganda spreaders gave me a brochure with the programme of the party. The programme contains the following: remain as many roads as possible in the city and replace it by green or parks. Care more about the environment and use FUCKING GODDAMN PUBLIC TRANSPORT AND RENOUNCE YOUR COMFORT!! WELL I TELL YOU SOMETHING: YOU WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE AND FUCK YOU ALL!! so, that's it I guess, long and detailed, but finally I was given a possibility to share my thoughts!

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