Men always getting screwed

I am a women so I am not sexist #1. It totally pisses me off how men always get fucked in divorces. I mean the guys ex-wife could of been screwing his brother while shooting up and drinking a pint and the kid's will still be awarded to her and she still get's half of everything. Sick. Just because the bitch has a vagina doesn't mean she's a saint. Men need to go join Father's for Equal Rights NOW and stop taking it up the ass form these women. I REALLY think it's fantastic when the woman never worked.

Feminists/family court 2

I'm damn angry, because of a story i heard on the radio the other day, of a man who has 4 children with his ex wife, 3 girls 16/14/12 and one boy 8.

turns out that none of the daughters are his kids, and that all 3 daughters are from different dads....but because he was there caregiver for the majority of their childhood (before divorce) he is still responsible for child support, and alimony to his ex...even though he didnt know until after his divorce when he got paternity tests done, that they werent his children...shouldnt you be able to go after the men who fathered these kids to get your money back....shouldnt this wife/cheating bitch, be put in jail for fraud/adultery? no of course not, because you have all these feminazi's making sure that men keep right on paying...

why shouldnt this women be forced to go find her flings to get child support, and upon doing so, the husband should get back pay from them for the money he has paid in child support for kids that arent even his!!!

sad....just sad...why the fuck would any **SANE** man get married anymore...your just signing your life away...noone gives a fuck about you, your just a scumbag with deep pockets, and a dick.

Brett The Shitman Kavanaugh 3

I am so angry at the fact that the idiots who run this Country would elect a perverted asshole like Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court Chair all because poor little Humpty Dumpty isn't man enough to accept getting impeached for all of the crimes that he has committed ever since him master Putin gave him the office. Brett Kavanaugh is nothing but a morally bankrupt sexual predator who has sexually assaulted a number of victims and the idiots in charge confirm him into office well you know what fuck you, you damn tone deaf republican assholes, If I ran the world I would have all republicans executed including our dumbass right wing republibnazi webmaster. That's why Mrs. Webmaster left your ass is because you're a fucking Racist Trump Supporter who has an excuse for everything he does that includes having a rapist like Brett Kavanaugh protect his ass from getting Impeached and spending the rest of his life behind bars.

I am so angry fuck Brett Kavanaugh his sorry ass shouldn't be in the Supreme Court he along with his master Humpty Dumpty should be in Prison and This Country no Life in general would be a lot better if all Republicans were wiped from existance.

*Note from Anger Central
Well, that didn't take long.
We won, you lost. You refuse to accept that and act like spoiled children. However, you keep ramping up and have moved to violence.
Fine. Understand this. The people you've been threatening, attacking and assaulting have just about had enough.
You want war? Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.
Most of the people you hate are armed, quite competent in the use of their firearms and not a few have PhD's in insurgency courtesy of the United State Military.
You do not want us to become angry. You won't like us when we become angry. Or survive long for that matter.
Our next target is going to be Ruth Bader-Ginsberg. When she croaks or finally throws in the towel, President Trump is going to appoint someone that makes Kavanaugh look like a liberal.
Now the fun is really going to start. There are investigations into Ford, Feinstein and others for their antics. Ford is looking at perjury charges. Her lawyers could face disbarment.
You started this. We're going to end it.
Have a nice day! :)

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