The Kennedy's

The entire government can be reflected in this family. Let's see, we have Joseph P. Kennedy, ambassador to Germany at the start of WWII, a Nazi sympathizer. John F., essentially a good president but a blatant womanizer, and Ted, who got away with murder (like a lot of people in politics). A legacy which has shaped the government today into a self-serving organization which the people serve.

Dare anyone question this foundation. The founding fathers' vision is dead. the US breaks the laws too often these days and gets away with it, and they had an example of how to do this. We'd have allied with Hitler if Joe Kennedy had his say.

*Note from Anger Central
In the interests of openness, it must be said that the webmaster's family has a personal history with the Kennedy family going back two generations. However, the present generation has had nothing to do with them. We just make fun of their incredible stupidity.

Kennedy Clan 2

These morons drive me fucknuts. One magazine cover showed Caroline Kennedy and the headline read something like: "Caroline Kennedy, balancing a career, family, and history." I do NOT understand why people idolize her or why they idolized that chronic idiot 'John-John.' Really, do people truly believe that anyone in this family actually works at a place that demands they arrive on time, do actual work, and use their brains. The whole family is filled with thieves, spoiled brats, and idiots. I guess taht is why they 'glamarous' by the standards of PEOPLE Magazine. If their dumbfuck father hadn't been assasinated, they wouldn't be as famous. They all have 'jobs' true, but these jobs are to protect the family image. And as for their being "American Royalty," well my loyal citizens, it is time we eliminated the whole family, since last time I checked, we didn't tolerate royalty in this country. Viva la guillotine!

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