John Kerry

what is wrong with that dudes face? Holy shit, he looks like the result of inspecting one too many hookers gooches, don't he? I have never seen quite such an extreme case of a botched forceps delivery in my whole life. A vote for him is a vote to accept ugly people everywhere! Mr. <deleted> Webmaster, I AM BETTER THAN YOU!! Slap back no tap backs!! Woo Hoo Hoo!!

*Note from Anger Central
And let the fun begin! This was obviously posted by someone who knows the webmaster personally. The deleted section contained the webmaster's name.

John Kerry 2

John Kerry is a vile insipid man who hasn't got the first idea what it means to have to work. His sidekick running mate is scary. Pretty boy to offset Kerry's Svengali brute look. He is a threat and a danger to this country. The Democratic party has go to have something better to offer than this. The screams at the Democratic convention are screams of fear.

John Kerry 3

Can this Herman Munster-look-alike actually manage to conduct a sit-down interview without interrupting somebody every six seconds? John Kerry is a histrionic, antisocial egotist who apparently feels he needs to speak with the intonation and authoritarian bearing of a Roman Emperor at every possible moment. Bush's opponents might criticize him with looking flat-footed and bumpkinish any time he has to speak off-the-cuff, but he, unlike his opponent, says what he wants to say as simply as possible without any kind of rhetorical twists.

Kerry, in contrast, reminds me of an annoying, friendless asshole on your high school debate team who discovered own day he loved the sound of his own voice. He's the type who will make completely tautologous, self-identifying statements such as "IF I MEANT WHAT I SAID THEN I WAS BEING SINCERE" just so people will be forced to agree with him regardless if he actually has a substantial point to make. John Kerry's secret drive in life is to forever silence everyone else and publicly declare himself the smartest, wisest man on the face of the planet. Like McGovern and Mondale, he will quickly become one of the never-was candidates that the Democrats have vomited up for a quick, pointless opposition campaign against a too-strong Republican contender. Buy Hunt's Ketchup and vote Bush in 2004.

John Kerry 4

Kerry is like a bargain-bin version of John F. Kennedy only without the good looks...and the strong moral fiber! Hah hah. The man has no vision for America and basically has tried to bullshit his way out of coming up with anything clear and articulate by ragging on Bush. He can't point to anything of significance he's managed to accomplish in this twenty-odd years in the Senate because he hasn't. If elected, Kerry will capitulate to the interests of foreign leaders and sell out his own country so fast that Bill Clinton's "Chinese connection" will look trivial by comparison. The fact that he called fellow soldiers 'war criminals' and threw his medals away yet came back for them thirty years later to run his campaign on shows just how willingly he will throw his values under a bus and say and do anything to win this election. Fuck you, you self-righteous, egomaniacal prick. I hope the doctors didn't catch all your prostate cancer and they end up cutting off your prick.

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