I hate these bigoted reactionary fucks with a fucking passion.

When the Mainlander fascists came to Taiwan after getting asses kicked by the Stalinists, they treated the Chinese already living there ("Taiwanese") and the Aboriginals like dogs and created an Apartheid system in which Mainlanders (along with some Uncle Tom Hakka and Aboriginal people they got on board by exploiting pre-existing ethnic tensions) controlled all the fucking wealth and power.

They responding to the emergence of a left-leaning Taiwanese conscious that clamored for democracy and a renunciation of all ties to China with violence, cruelty, and tactics that not even the Gestapo the KGB, or John AssKKKroft's Injustice Department would have been low enough to use.

But then a lone Hakka named Lee Teng-hui took over the Kuomintang and kicked the far-right China-worshipping assholes out of power for good, while people outside of the Kuomintang formed the Democratic Progressive Party so that the progressive and freedom-loving Taiwanese could form a fair and free society and tell the misogynist homophobe neo-Nazi Mainlanders in the Kuomintang to fuck off. Guess it's fucking working. And now Chen raped Mainlander ass in the 2004 election in spite of the Kuomintang bitching, complaining, playing dirty, and being their usual fucktarded selves.

And did I mention the fucking hypocrisy? The Kuomintang fucking moved to Taiwan to use it as a base to overthrow Mao's Stalinists. Now they're sucking Chinese Conservative Party (a party that allows unregulated capitalism and lets foreign companies torture workers and pays them next no nothing is not fucking communist even though it fucking says it is...Anybody who believes "socialism with Chinese characteristics" is a good system needs to look at man who fucking got Chinese characteristics right...Revolutionary socialist (who combined the great ideals of Lincoln and Marx) Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who along with Lee Teng-hui is the only person in Kuomintang history who wasn't a fucktard and actually fought for a just society...It fucking makes Cuba look like fucking paradise, and the best fucking thing about Cuba is that Castro is less bad than the cum stain American dictator who ran the country before him) cock and beating the fucking Chinese nationalist war drum, too fucking stupid to know that Taiwanese remember what the Mainlanders have done to them and don't fucking want to be Chinese except in an ethnic sense. (Nothing against Chinese people. They're smart and damn good conversationalists. They're fucking politics are just wacko. They all vote Fiberal here in Canada as opposed to NDP because the Tories, the Blockheads and the Dippers are all fucking smart enough to respect Taiwan's right to exist, unlike the Liberals.)

In summary, fuck China, fuck the USA (except Cape Ann...That place fucking kicks ass), fuck Al Qaeda, Doubleplusungood fuck Saudi Arabia (a country so fucking despotic it makes North Korea look like fucking Sweden), fuck Israel! Freedom and social democracy for life!

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