the attorneys in San Diego
who rejected my job applications

Well over a decade ago, I graduated from law school in two years near the top of my class (law review). I also had a master's degree in another discipline. Despite these credentials, not a single firm in San Diego (where I had attended law school) gave me a goddamn chance. I sent out thousands of resumes and made thousands of phone calls, but - despite hiring mediocre shits from my law school - people far below my class rank and without other advanced degrees - the "hiring partners" and other motherfuckers who run these firms helped to ruin my life. These cocksuckers hired a bunch of fucking cleancut punk kids and an assortment of simpleton cunts from OTHER PARTS OF THE COUNTRY - from the South, Midwest and East. Yet, here I was - a local, a Southern California native, someone who'd gone to school literally a stone's throw from these downtown San Diego firms - and no one would give me a chance. ROT IN HELL, YOU STINKING MOTHERFUCKERS

*Note from Anger Central
We weren't certain of this should go here or under the companies section. We decided this would be as good a place as any.

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