Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

 What a load of bullshit! So 6 lawmakers can pass this type of thing when everyone else is absent? How is that democracy? And now people are being arrested, being tracked and being called terrorists because they are exercising their first amendment rights? Again, how is this democracy?

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Oh you just know we couldn't leave this one alone now, didn't you? Rather then a long discourse, we thought we would let you read why these laws were introduced:
2) NRO
3) Seattle Post-Intelligencer
4) The Royal Society
6) ADL

legislation 2

I am a teacher in adult education and I'm fed up with having to continually do training courses that go over the same tired old information again and again. Our government seem hell bent on inventing stuff for us to do so that we don't have time to stop and think about why we are doing it.

*Note from Anger Central
You expect common sense from the government? Excuse us while we laugh uproariously. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
By the way, you apparently double keyed the letter "a" and added it to "education". We corrected that for you. ;)

Court Ordered Rehab is Bullshit 3

My husband has been ordered to do 30 days in rehab for his 2nd DUI in 6 years. He has managed to get his cell-phone in with him . And today I snuck into their cook-out at a local resort! This is such BS. I am trying to find him information on the web about "saying" and "doing" what THEY want him to say and do to complete each "step" & get through this brainwashing BS! Oh ya, all this for the cost of $19,600.00

Marijuana Prohibition 4

Im angry at the us goverment. And not for the obvious reasons that have been said over and over again. My anger is aimed at mariuana prohibition. It angers me that the goverment is so stupid. Marijuana, the least addictive and harmful drug (i said least not "un harmful and un addictive") yet the goverment has labeled it a class 1 drug. What the fuck is that? Marijuana is on the same level as herion, Theres somthing flawed about that. What is more addictive marijuana (class 1) or meth (class 2)? Which destroys more lives? Its fucking bullshit. They goverment is so keen on balancing the budget, LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AND TAX IF YOU BRAINLESS SHITS! The ilegal marijuana trade in california is worth 1-billion a year alone, not to mention the rest of the nation. It was made ilegal because of greed anyways, which angers me even more. Making somthing illegal just to profit from it, you should be ashamed you ignorant bastards. I say end the prohibition on marijuana and you would get this country out of debt, solve overcrowded jail systems and allow local and national law enforcement agencies to do what there paid to do ARREST RAPISTS, CRACK HEADS AND TWEAKERS!

Fair housing act 5

That has to be one of the most unfair laws on the books. Us child-free people should be able to have the right to live in child-free neighborhoods and apartment buildings. But that's too much like right...I have to stress myself out chasing other people's fuck-trophies off of my property and have to deal with noisy teenagers to the point I dread the summer (which is usually my favorite time of the year.) Fuck whoever came up with the fair housing act, and I hope you, your children and your children's children suffer a slow, agonizing and painful death.

Police/stupid laws 6

I got a citation for riding someone on the handlebars of my bicycle. I wasn't riding dangerously or causing any harm to any person or object. Furthermore, I got in trouble for riding in the street, because it was ST PATRICKS DAY and the sidewalks were full of drunk, vomiting idiots, and I couldn't get around them. I was not intoxicated, and my operation of my bicycle was perfect. Furthermore, there were no cars in the street, and it was a residential area.I got singled out because the passenger was a babe, and the police were obviously jealous because they were driving 3 deep in a POS pontiac, undercover, trying to bust kids for having a good time. The car wasnt even a real police car, I didn't even think that they were cops because they were wearing green t-shirts and looked like common GDI trash.

THEN when I stood across the street and waited for them to question her/etc, I was threatened with being arrested, even though I was peacefully assemblying in a public area! I was NOT impeding their stupid jobs! Where is the justice in that? I should have stayed, gotten arrested, and had the ACLU help me in suing those guys for violating my constitutional rights.

Bill S.978 7

Congress are fucking retards why don't they fucking mind their business I can understand online downloading and streaming but really Fanfiction Fanart Video Game footage. That is not fair whatsoever people write fanfiction to pay tribute to their favorite stuff and make fanarts as well this is retarded the entire internet could end up in risk of this idiotic law being passed what's worse anyone who breaks this law goes to prison for 5 years. THAT IS FUCKING RETARDED you mean if I draw a picture of Mickey Mouse on the internet without Disney's permission I could spend 5 years of my life in prison; that is a bullshit law the fucking idiot who wrote this law Amy Klobuchar is a stupid retarded bitch who needs to be taken to a parking lot and hung RIGHT NOW. Note to internet please read this rant and tell congress to go burn in hell and anyone who supports this idiotic bill who also supports this stupid bill should also burn in hell. Save the internet and destroy Bill S.978 and the idiots who made this retarded copyright law.

anti smokes rules/laws 8

It's actually really simple.

All politicians crying that there is not enough money in a budget and at the same time they doing all what is possible to slow down money to get there. At the same time by the same rules and regulatory acts they help mafia to build underground railroads to bring tobacco products into cities such as New York.

Just think about it.
Before all this anti smoking campaigns pack of cigarettes in store cost about $2. No black market. As soon as stupid politicians start making those rules and regulations black market emerges and you could buy pack of cigarets for price which was use to be store price.

Now when current administration pushed "law" to the limit on anti-constitutional price of pack on the black market around $6, store price is $11!!!

Who won? Mafia of course.

Politicians should take history test before they run for the office. Any office.

Prohibition creates and feeds black marketers and mafia, hurting people and the budget.

Think about it. In New York city alone about 10 million smokers. Out of those not less than 5 buying cigarets from black market just because it is too expensive to buy in store. Black market= no taxes. Where does those money goes? To mafia.
Make prices at the level of manufacturers suggested price, around $2, and black marketers will go away and budget get more money then with price of $11.

Simple but truth!!!

light bulb fascists 9

Light bulb fascists governmental legislative bodies have declared war on old people and animals. Here in the USSA during the "W" Bush reign of terror, our leaders in the legislature urged by big business profit passed the death blow to life giving heat producing incandescent light bulbs following the enlightened socialist European union. As a feral cat caregiver, and old person, I used to be able to provide enough heat using a 100 watt bulb in a small enclosure to keep feral cats and their water and food from freezing in winter. My stockpile of bulbs is dwindling to the point that I must purchase the new 100 watt incandescent bulbs which only produce 800 lumens and significantly less heat. So now I'm forced to use tactics like those required when the low flow toilets needed 5 flushes to dump an Obama shapped turd down the crapper, by using 2 way splitters and 2 sixty watt bulbs to keep the critters warm and thereby increasing the amount of electricity used and tripling the cost drain on my retirement income. All the while these fat cat kickback collecting legislators use more electricity in their mansions than a small city.

*Note to Anger Central! Thanks for being here as our rants fall on deaf ears by the same "leaders".

*Note From Anger Central
You're Welcome.
FYI, thanks to the lower costs of LED lights, more are being used and the moonbats are baying that light pollution is becoming a problem. :)

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