I'm angry with Libertarians, because I've studied their ideas, and it looks to me like they want to let businesses and corporations run riot all over everybody else's rights. I believe that employees, customers, and investors need to be protected from corporations. Look at the way Enron treated its employees and investors!

I'm also angry with Libertarians because they are so anti-tax that, if they had their way, there would be no public money for *anything.* I guess if you don't mind driving on dirt roads and drinking dirty water because there's no public water system...if you don't mind not having a fire department...if you don't mind not having some kind of military or national defense, in case the USA is attacked....then it's okay not to pay taxes.

The good thing, singular, about Libertarians is that they aren't uptight about personal morality like Republicans. That sums up Libertarians: they're Republicans who don't think sex is dirty.

This Libertarian guy 2

At the university I attend, there is this guy who sets up a small table and he forcibly distributes literature promoting the Libertarian party. Granted, this is American democracy and, like everyone else, he has every right to have and promote his own views (not that anyone has to listen, of course). I have had some of the same classes with him. And what irks me is that he attends a public state university! What a hypocrite. If you like your guns, fine. If you fear a democratic government, good for you. But then don't attend a tax-funded public university!!

Libertarians 3

What makes me angry whenever I see/hear/read some libertarian in the media is not so much their politics, even though I disagree with most of them. I don't like their attitudes and personality. When I was a kid I remember most libertarians were categorized as "anarchists in three-piece suits." I did not like their politics back then either, but at least they seemed professional and educated. Today's libertarian movement seems to be dominated by a lower social class. That may not be an appropriate term since they seem to have so little class. Most of them come across as rude, crude, nasty people. There seems to be a lot more sexism and racism in the movement to me than I remember back in the 80s as well. Today's libertarians seem to think freedom means being able to act like vulgar jerk whenever they want. They remind me a lot of those trailer-trash bullies and losers that I remember from high school. Most of those guys went nowhere in life, and it does anger me to see people having some level of influence in the political discourse and earning a living acting like that.

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