I am angry at the NHS as for ten years now they have been promising to help me overcome my depression but have failed miserably. Doctors say they will keep an eye on my progress (last time I had a repeat prescription for medication they wrote out the wrong one and I ended up with a large amount of strong painkillers - not smart for a suicidal person!!
I've been on a waiting list for counseling for 2 years now and when I tell them how much I need help, the only helpful suggestion they have is "go private"! If I could afford it I would but I can't.

I read so many articles about how people need to get off medication and into counseling as its so much better for them. But how can you do that when the resources just aren't there?! Even when I end up in casualty for cutting my arms up (every other week) they just get some kid doctor to bandage me up and send me home, I don't even get to talk to a psych doc anymore - anyone would think they want me to die!

*Note from Anger Central
This is the National Health Service isn't it? If so, we aren't surprised at the delays your are dealing with. You get what you pay for.

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The New Healthcare Bill 2

What the hell does healthcare have to do with student loans? How dare you mix the two together in one bill when they don't have anything to do with each other? Thanks to this stupid shit, I am probably going to lose my job! There goes 3/4 of my family's income!


*Note from Anger Central
We changed the name on the index page to makes this more international.
We're also fracking furious over this. Welcome to the Totalitarian states of Obama

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