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These damn Republicans and Democrats have pissed me off beyond all belief. If it was up to be both of these damned parties would be disbanded. For on thing they're doing very little in uniting and healing this nation, they've turned Congress into a elementary school playground complete with name calling and crying. Right now they are doing more to damage this country than to heal it. Just look at all this petty conservative vs. liberal bickering. These people are their party line first and Americans second. They really aren't doing much to try to calm this rivalry, in fact all they're doing is inflaming the situation even more and keeping this nation divided. Secondly they don't give crap about any of us, they lie to our faces just to get the coveted vote. Republicans are just as despicable as Democrats. I can't vote for Republicans because I don't agree with a single moral issue of theirs, and I can't vote for the Democrats because I don't agree with many of their domestic issues (fuck giving illegals driver's licenses, those fucks need to be shoved into a bus and hauled back to Mexico, they want in, they can take a number and get in line). The biggest flaw in this nation is this damned two party system. Fuck you Republicans/conservatives, and fuck you Democrats/liberals. Get the fuck off your high horses each of you, you're just as bad as the other.

Comedian Lewis Black said it best "The difference between a Republican and a Democrat, is a Republican sucks, a Democrat blows."

*Note from Anger Central
You have just hit the nail on the head. Although the American Democrat Party tends to be a lot more self-centered the the Republican Party, they are both a complete waste. Take a look at the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The liberal wing has essentially gutted the U.S. Constitution. Now if some big company pays a bribe to a mayor, they can take your property and give it to the developer for "reasonable" compensation. Reasonable to be determined by the government. And don't get us started on the McCain-Feingold incumbent protection act, err. we mean campaign finance reform act. That basically gutted the First amendment. Time to have another revolution we think.

Republicans 2

(I doubt that this will be posted. I just need to vent.)

I am sick, tired, and angry of the Republicans' moaning about healthcare reform. A "no" vote was a yes to denying children coverage because of a pre-existing condition. A "no" vote was a yes to dropping people because they get sick. A "no" vote was a no to tax credits for small businesses (and aren't they obsessed with tax credits?). It is obvious that they did not read the bill, and are too content with their handouts from the insurance companies to regulate one-sixth of the economy to make sure it can b its best. It isn't "socialist", "Communist", "Nazi", etc. The industry is still private- with more, necessary regulation.

The Republicans voted to deny kids due to pre-existing conditions.

*Note from Anger Central
You are correct, it won't be posted. Oh wait! It was. :)
In any case, we would suggest you actually read the law these idiots passed. They conveniently forgot to put anything in regarding children's health. In point of fact, this isn't about health care, it's about a socialist takeover no matter what you may think. The Webmaster has been in a hospital run under government auspices. (As a visitor, not a patient) Basically you go there to die, nothing more.
Hmm, perhaps we should start a new section with regards to the new health care destruction act? We'll see how many rants come in first.

republicans 3

What the Hell is wrong with republicans!? They bitch about how health care is going down the tubes because it will become more available and affordable to those with lower incomes. I mean how heartless is that? I mean wouldnt it just be a travesty if some tax dollars went to saving the lives of disadvantaged American citizens instead of another laser guided bomb. I mean thats like a page out of Stalins book. And why cant Obama just swim down to the oil rig and just put his finger in the leak? Republicans act like its just that simple. all the time with that "Fix the leak" bullshit. like its just that easy. And despite claiming 3rd party status the anger.net guy is way republican. You can tell by his lame biased comments and ignorant pot-shots at left leaning rants..... infact anger.net makes me angry... FUCK OFF ANGER.NET GUY

*Note from Anger Central
Hello spoiled brat. Why don't you try reading something besides the New York Times and the Huffington Post? You think the new health care law is going to fix things? It's already collapsing and hasn't even gone into full effect. It won't work. Why don't you look up the National Health Service in England and see how many people are killed by it each year?

As to the oil mess? Obama has prevented measures to mitigate the spill. This is documented. Why don't you read up on the governors down there and how ripping mad they are at Obama's government and how they prevented the oil from being cleaned up? Of course, you won't. You're just a none thinking Obot who mindlessly yells out progressive talking points. We hope you have a plan on what to do when they whole thing collapses, probably next year. Our guess is you don't other then to wait around and expect someone to doe things for you.

Political Parties 4

Holy fucking shit. If I hear one more "I don't like him because he's a Democrat / Republican" There's going to be another America's most wanted on the T.V.

Who gives a flying fuck about what party you belong to? Oh, your a Democrat? Whooptie-fuckin'-doo. You should make your votes biased on their leadership skill, charisma, negotiation skill, all that happy B.S.

Or, here's another idea, how about we all just move to a Communist Regime. That way, if you bitch, we kill you. Happier existence, right? The leader of a country is not fucking football, you don't only vote for your favorite team, it's a little bigger than that, as in that person can singlehandedly pwn the entire world with warfare.


I feel better now, thanks Angry Webmaster.

Political Parties 5

The two party system has failed, completely and utterly. Both parties continue to expand into uncharted territories on their respective 'sides'...the left goes further left, the right goes further right. It truly makes me wonder if there are even any TRUE moderates anymore. Instead of focusing on compromising in a way that both parties can be satisfied, they engage in constant mudslinging campaigns and petty name-calling. They conveniently dance around the major points and focus on stupid petty bullshit that shouldn't and doesn't matter. What is a moderate meant to do in this country? As far as social issues, I tend to lean left. But as far as fiscal issues, I like the right more. So where is my candidate? Who the hell should I be voting for? Certainly not any of the current candidates, who are so far at the ends of the spectrum that no moderate could EVER vote for them. It almost seems like a contest. These candidates are almost POLAR OPPOSITES, and there is no compromise in sight. Thus why neither party can get bills passed. They WILL NOT compromise. This is why the two-party system has failed. The current system has caused the wheels of government to grind to a halt.

They have turned the political system of this country into a high school, with different cliques and groups, none of which can ever hope to get along or cooperate. They hurl personal insults at eachother constantly, they bring up stupid petty bullshit into debates, and pay no mind to telling the voters the actual TRUTH.

To hell with the two-party system, we need new ideas and fresh faces, with some REAL viewpoints that can actually represent how the majority of American people feel.

Democrats 6

Democrats are so stupid and hypocritical. They constantly rally against republicans over things that democrats do too. Democrats complain about Trump supporters being racist towards blacks and mexicans, when democrats are frequently racist towards whites, sexist against men, and bigoted towards straight people.

I've even seen footage of black people attacking Trump supporters, beating them up and stealing their cars. I've even had black people harass me the past few months, in the streets, when I never bothered them! Just because I was white I suppose. They try to cough all over me, surround me, and threaten to beat me up! Democrats riot in the streets, block traffic, and they have bragged about stealing Trump election signs.

Trump might not be great, but Clinton has covered up their own nasty secrets, harassed republicans financially, and bribed plenty of people to do what she wanted. Democrats always ignore this and attack Trump for saying bad things like "pull her by the pussy".

Democrats are the real pussies, because they cried when Donald Trump won! I'm glad Trump won. The Democrats are busy lecturing people on social media on why people voted for the wrong person, but I'm glad Trump one because it bothers them!

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