Postal employees

I come home and find a package on my doorstep. Fine, but the thing looks like it's been booted several times by someone. Then, I'm thinking "Where's the rest of the mail?" Sure enough, still out in the mailbox. Now this package was just 10" by 10" and 5" thick! My mailbox can handle a 24" by 24" by 24" package!

Further, I had a registered letter come a week later, what happens? There's a massive downpour and the mail (Cunt) won't get out of the vehicle. She's honking and I'm standing on the door step waiting she yells "Come here" I said "No! YOU come here, it's your job!"

She starts to back out I grab notepaper and start writing her vehicle number down, she sees this, slams it into forward and comes back, bitching about the weather. I tell her "This is part of the job" She says something and I say "Well, guess it's time you boss heard this!" Haven't seen the bitch again, got a batter delivery person, but I suspect, they'll soon act like that uppity bitch again. What the fuck ever happened to doing what your job called for? Never mind it's a pain, those postal employees make so damn much, they should be reduced to min wage. Better then that, get some trained monkeys there, it'd be no different though.

United States Postal Service 2

Our letter carrier went on vacation (as folks are wont to do in the early summer), and so the USPS (supposedly) put substitutes on his route and (supposedly) told them where to deliver to our business. Well, we haven't gotten mail in FOUR DAYS! I called 1-800-ASK-USPS to complain, and they sent me to our county's main post office, who sent me to a carrier station, who sent me to a supervisor WHO WAS GONE FOR THE DAY! Next day I finally got a live human being who promised only to "look into it."

Post Office 3

i have not been recieving my mail at all for like 3 months. i called the USPS number and had to go through the automated crap 3 times because they could not hear me. then they told me that all my mail had been marked undeliverable. i asked why and they cant tell me. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM IF THEY DON'T TELL ME WHAT THE PROBLEM IS.

Obnoxious letter carrier 4

What is with the "you have to have the current date on your metered mail" thing? I could understand if it was metered a week ago, but it's *yesterday's* date! We metered the stuff after you left yesterday. Are we supposed to do it first thing in the morning (because we never know when *you're* going to show up)? Does the USPS have *nothing* better to do?

Seriously, get a life or get a new route!

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