She tries to control every damn event going on. She is a glory-whore! She runs around like a chicken without a head and spazzes out. CALM THE F**K DOWN BROAD. She tries to be the sacrificer and the martyr-but the funny thing is that people want her to GO HOME! At one event she took on so much that when the event happened we went to her and she almost had a nervous break-down- She was so disorganized! The staff noticed how spastic she was and told her not to talk to anyone-

She thinks her kids are the greatest when really they are just a couple of fat lazy kids unintelligent kids -just like her- If she spent more time at home with her kids and less at the school maybe they wouldn't be such screw-ups. Get a clue. And someone needs to tell her that she doesn't run the PTO! The President tries to be nice to her and won't tell her to CURB HER F**KING fake ass-ENTHUSIASM because they are friends. Ive seen her boss the President around and the President should tell her OFF! She needs to be reminded that she is the TREASURER nothing else! She should just pick up the money and deliver it and report on it. When she's mad at a teacher she will try to keep from giving them a bigger portion of money! SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO DO THAT!!!! She is so passive aggressive. She hates certain people and she'll just smile the biggest smile at them and act like they are her best friend. How is it possible for one person to be an attention whore/spaz/control freak/Drama queen?? I'll never know. grrrr Thanks for packing my ANGRY EYES Mrs. Potato Head!!

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