The School district of Broward County, Florida

The Broward county school district goes all over the country to recruit teachers from out of state but takes up to two years (!) to process applications from teachers in state who want to teach. Everyone who works in the offices downtown is inefficient, discourteous, incompetent. They will lose everything that you send them at least once, so be sure to make copies of everything. If you know someone downtown, you will be hired immediately. Everyone else must wait for years. And this goes on while they publicly claim that there is a teacher shortage and that they can't find teachers! I am so angry that I took them seriously and am looking elsewhere for a job.

Public Schools 2

I am angry at the whole public school situation because of attendance laws, trampling of rights, and just flat-out idiocy. I believe schools are nothing but daycare centers used for brainwashing. Tell me, wise lawmaker, what right do you have to FORCE an education on people? I could understand in grades kingergarten-8 but why oh why must one be required to attend high school? It should be voluntary, used for one's training in the career path they choose.

Being punished for truancy is ridiculous even though its the law). Why do total strangers have the right to punish someone for delaying their OWN education? An education is something that everyone has a right to, not a requirement. Before public schools were created, literacy and skills in mathematics were on the rise; now they are decreasing and it is no wonder why. Many people hate being forced to do things, and if they are forced, they will hate it. Take a slave for example: force him/her to clean up after you, change your sheets, arrange the clothes in your closet, and cook you breakfast every morning. They will hate slavery and will want to steer clear of it(of course). Public schools are causing kids to HATE education, and when education is hated, it is a bad thing.

Education doesn't necessarily come from schools only. I can learn as much and more beneficial) information on the Net than I can from a week of school. Give a kid a wealth of books, freedom, and do not threaten him with jail for not studying them, and perhaps he will be responsible for his own education this probably wouldn't work now because many probably want to stay away from real education, after being exposed to forced knowledge).

Also another thing that pisses me off is how much student's rights are trampled. If I recall correctly, the case of Tinker Vs. Des Moines shed some light on the fact that students are citizens of this country as well and they have Constitutional rights too. I am also sick of a lot of teachers acting like they are superior to those they "teach", and also the ones who follow every single little ridiculous rule in the book not one that is actually an important rule, such as chewing gum or listening to a cd player when work is completed). Homework is also ridiculous; what does one need homework for? School has its time. What I do from the time it ends to the time is begins again is MY time. Schools are just prisons that keep you in fear of being put in jail or fined for not going. Some freedom that is. At least prisoners get smoking time.

Austin ISD 3

You have two choices, AISD: Transfer my kid out of the ghetto-ass toilet you made me send him to while I await the transfer, or kiss my ass this coming February and watch me, my child, and my money move out of district!

I applied in May to transfer my child, and was told the day before school began that they are not going to know if they can transfer him until after Labor Day. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons:

  1. Kindergarten transfers are eaten up by kids who transferred last year from the Pre-K program. You have to be on welfare or not speak English to get the kid in the Pre-K program. Da poooor widdle welfare mommies who touldn't teep deir widdle wegs cwosed have everybody feel sorry for them, so naturally they get priority over the child of a single mother who works 42-45 hours a week doing tech support, and skipped meals rather than see her child starve or be in an inferior private preschool.

  2. The public school system can't know who is or is not at their school until after Labor Day--Parents who don't give a damn (and yet get priority) don't necessarily warn schools when they extend their summer vacation until the beginning of September. Isn't that nice of the school to wait? NOT

  3. One of the reasons I moved to Austin and took the cheap apartment I did was because I was assured I would be able to transfer my child to a better school than what East Austin had to offer. HAH! What a CROCK OF SHIT!

In the meantime, my child goes to a school where he is not expected to afford school supplies or even speak English. And I am supposed to just take this lying down?

Pep Rally from Hell 4

I am MAD. Today we were having an FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) pep rally. These are so stupid they make a pencil look smart. The first thing was the cheerleaders doing their little preppy I'm-so-cute-when-I-wave-my-little-pompoms thing. Then Mrs. Moore, one of the bitchiest teachers at DMS, made us stand up and scream like banshees. "EVERYBODY ON THEIR FEET NOW!!!" She told us it would be willful disobedience if we did not stand up and do the gay cheers with the cheerleaders. The band tried to play OutKast but they inevitably botched it. Then the cheerleaders did 16 cartwheels in a row (Is that an achievement?) and came on again to do FCAT cheers. Then they said "You better do well on FCAT or we'll GET YOU!" Oh, I'm so scared of some little prep in a miniskirt. THEN when I went out, 3 cheerleaders blocked my easy way to get out to the parking lot and told me my hairstyle (I have little tiny spikes in my hair) was inappropriate for school. I felt like kicking their heads in but instead I said "Heck if this girl here cares. My principal liked it and you are not the boss of me." I left. I now have a definition of P(r)ep Rally: A day where teachers mess up your schedule so the cheerleaders/football team/any other teams can make you get a headache and want to tear your freakin' hair out. Thank you webmaster for letting me vent. Ugh.

*Note from Anger Central
Rant placed here since it does deal with school districts, even if peripherally.

School system 5

Well, I went for my "conference" this morning at the school. Perhaps I should not have gone unchaperoned . . . I think it's ridiculous that they are making such a big deal out of this. My son is like me . . . he'll take it and take it until he just can't take it anymore and then he snaps and says things he doesn't really mean. Like "I'm going to cut your head off and smother you with a pillow." I felt like doing much much worse than that this morning . . .

OK. Here's the thing. That bitch of a principal at the elementary school says she thinks he is frightening and needs serious psychological help and wouldn't let him back into the class unless I made an appointment for a 2 1/2 long evaluation at . . . yep . . . you guessed it . . . Mental Health. Back to those same stupid bastards. She says that they asked my son if he really meant what he told that kid (who was calling him fat and slapping the back of his head and popping him with a rubber band AFTER my kid had alerted the teacher who CONVENIENTLY stepped out of the room), and he said that he wasn't sure why he had these thoughts when he gets really angry but that sometimes he felt like he did mean it. Well, duh. When I get pissed off, I feel like I really mean it, too . . . but that doesn't mean that I would actually do anything like that. My son would no more actually hurt someone than anything. If I had to put up with that kind of crap, I'd probably say much worse than that. (I told her that, too.)

I told her I thought this was all bullshit (yes, I said bullshit) and asked her what they're doing about the bully problem they have since I was tired of my child coming home crying an average of three days per week because kids are picking on him and calling him fatso and tubb-o and lard-ass. She says they'll handle their problems if I'll handle mine. I came very very very close to telling her that I was going to cut her head off and shit down her neck, but figured she wouldn't see the humor in that. She says that because these "threatening statements" are a recurrent problem (with my 9 year old child!), that they've already sent his record (or contacted them or something) to the "authorities" and that he will have to go before the judge if this happens again and go to JD. I told her we never had bullshit like this with the schools where we lived before . . . she asked if that meant that he never did anything like this before down there, and I told her that no, that's not what that meant . . . it just meant that they handled childish squabbles much more appropriately and reasonably and didn't get so freaked out and irrational over NORMAL bickering among children.

So, I told my kid that he is not to open his mouth. Just get up and walk out and come straight to her or to the assistant principal each time someone picks on him and if it's 20 times a day, then so be it. She said, no, you should tell your teacher about it. And I told him that he could tell his teacher on the way out the door that he was going to the office. I also told him not to open his mouth, just knock the shit out of the kids that are bothering him . . . and I'll stay home with him when he gets suspended, but that I'm betting the bullying will stop if he gets their attention and stops looking like a victim by holding it in and trying to be all meek and mild. Just don't say a word . . . that "using his words" and talking about it (like I've taught him to do for years) is OBVIOUSLY not working, so just punch their lights out. Knock the holy shit out of them . . . just don't TELL them about it.

The appointment that was made for him (the psycho hose beast of a principal called from the school to make one . . . I was just going to take him and leave -- f*ck them) at mental health is on Thursday, December 1st at 1:30pm, and of course I have to work that day, so their uncle will have to make arrangements to be able to take him to that. I've told him to explain to them that we do not have the money to pay for this (the school counselor told me that if you can't pay, you don't have to) and that they will need to arrange for a mental health counselor to come to the school, as it will be a hardship to haul his ass to these bullshit sessions way the hell over there, 30 miles away. The school says their counselor just "doesn't have the time to devote to my son to give him the in-depth counseling he obviously needs."

I hope that bitch gets deathly ill and I'm her nurse. Or maybe she'll get hit by a bus. Or develop tongue cancer. I think THAT would be the best. Of course, I am chanting the litany as I type this . . .

School dress code 6

my school has this STUPID dress code and one of them is NO RED CLOTHING because they say it's GANG RELATED,im a good kid by the way and im NOT one of those ASSHOLE kids,I have a backpack with a teency bit of red on it,so i thought they would'nt make a big deal out of it.anyway,i was late for school and they had an assembly in the gym talking about the school rules(it was the second day of the new semester)so i walked in when a woman was going over the dress code rules.I was walking to take a seat somewhere,minding my own business.Then the teacher explaining the dress code rules,as i was walking to take a seat,she says this on the microphone " this young man here with a red backpack..." like in front of everyone while i was walking across to take a seat.THE REASON IT PISSED ME OFF WAS THAT SHE WAS MAKING AN EXAMPLE OUT OF ME  BECAUSE OF MY BACKPACK WHITCH MOSTLY HAD BLACK ON IT AND SHE SAW THE RED I was thinking this in my head "FUCK YOU BITCH SO WHAT IF THERES LIKE 2 INCHES OF RED ON MY BACKPACK!" ugh,school and their retarded rules.why dont they start making examples of the ASSHOLE kids who ARE clearly assholes,WHY DONT THEY MAKE EXAMPLES OUT OF THEM!.

*Note from Anger Central
Put an American Flag patch on your backpack, in a respectful manner. If they make a stink about that because of the red strips, then you can make a big stink about it. ;)

School systems 7

I have 10 years of teaching experience and a master's degree in my subject area. I have been VERY actively looking for a new position (after being laid off from my job because the school was cutting their music program) for several months. I am damn good at what I do and all my references would say the same thing. WHY, then, dammit, do I not have a job yet?????? I apply to every open music position in my state that comes up and almost NO interviews- that the heck it that about????

School 8

My school has decided to open tomorrow just for years 11 and sixth form even though it's still stupidly snowy outside! And of course I just happen to be in year 11! I'm so angry I'm actually shaking! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!! I just want to KILL my stupid headteacher! I swear he would keep the school open if it ws hit by a nuclear bomb because 'it's our education that matters'. To HELL with our education!!

School 9

School, what can I say... YOU MAKE ME WANNA STAB MYSELF IN THE FUCKING EYE WITH A PENCIL! what fucking genius though that pouring more shit on us and training teachers and staff to have and ass that can't pass SHIT! im a smart kid, i know it sounds arrogant, but please just understand... this is a good example... a kid (9th grader) punches me in the balls (not squirrel tap, but full out punch) for NO FUCKING REASON. of course i would love to break him in two, but as you can imagine I CAN'T FUCKING RUN AT ALL, TO CATCH THE FUCKER! rest of the day i don't see him. next day i find him, i run after him, he starts running, a 6ft tall faggot (the basketball coach) stops us and sends us down to the fucking office, I GET A FUCKING WEEK OF CLEANING, HE GETS SUSPENDED FOR HALF A FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!! is there no justice? or do we just have to make our own?

Educational System 10

I have many issues with the current state of our educational system, but there is one in particular that really bugs me. What is it? The fact that we are forced to take classes that have no effect on our future. When I go to college, I'd like to study journalism and make that field my career. If this is so, why do I need to have 3 credits of math? How will pre-calculus help me become a journalist? Will biology REALLY improve my ability to write? I see absolutely no point as to why my schedule must be clogged up with pointless courses when I could be taking ones that interest me or will help me in my future. You know, like college? History is a huge interest of mine, so why aren't I allowed to have AP European History next year instead of Geometry? It also irritates me that colleges LOOK for these useless classes. My parents don' remember anything about calculus. I think that proves a lot.

Michigan Public School funding 11

My child needs help. The school systems in Michigan get to decide if he is disabled and WANT to spend funding on him. Doesnt matter if I have a diagnosis from a qualified docter or not! I hate this. I am moving. And so are lots of people who think the governer is immaturely spending our tax money. BOO Michigan!

Wasting public funds 12

Totally have no respect for principals who waste money decorating the schools during festive seasons. if each school spends 6-10 k on decor and there are 3 major festives, Lunar new year, Christmas, hari raya, imagine 300 schools Those thousands ought to be given to the people who actually do the work in school ie teach. Not the ones who click mouse in the MOE.

Not the few teachers who run off during term time to China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia , doing all kinds of crap, the experiential learning and what have you

Come on, this EPMS system is secretive, so that my ministers can happily get their 8 month bonus If my minister earns 3 times Obama's pay, i should get 3 times the average American teachers pay.

school 13

Our education system can't even teach our children to read, yet they claim that they can "prepare" students for the future. How the fuck am I prepared to enter the work force, by learning some bullshit theorum? Oh right, I suppose a sheet of paper can somehow measure your "intelegence"(ability to store in mindless crap), which will in the end affect your future. The thing that even makes me more mad, are the fucking lies society shits up, to encourage things like these. While major coporations/politicians make billions on a failing system, the american people are fooled into believing its potential. Believe me, half the fucking books/videos in your school are probobally owned by scholastic (the company that also makes act). We're rather rotting our brains staying in these places, when we could actually be learning life-long skills.

Schools Get your Shit Together 14

The reason a lot of children would rather be homeschooled is because of every single lazy, fat bastard principal that takes out all of their insecurities out on their students, and the fucking bullshit zero tollerence policy, that policy needs to be abolished because it goes to show you how fucking spineless alot of teachers are and how Principals would rather expel a victim that was being bullied and reward the bully, if I was in charge, I would have every bully from school expelled and put in a scared straight program and any Principal that punished the victim would be fired.

It's bullshit that a lot of students drop out of school, and the reason is because the teachers refuse to grow a spine and stop bullying, some teachers have even insulted their students in class, those kind of Teachers need to lose their jobs, and also a lot of these Principals also need to get their fucking shit together because it's obvious a lot of them are nothing but unfit fatasses, that punish students over stupid reasons, all because their fatasses refuse to lose weight, my one fat bastard Principal in middle School made everybody eat lunch and not talk or get in trouble over an incident in the gym, suspend a student publically because he stood up to you, and in high school, he and all of his yes men suspended a student for 10 days for not pulling down his hood, yeah over something like that, and now he is expelling a student with a disorder because he punched him, well guess what you deserve to be punched for how much of a abusive fat piece of garbage you are, and then tell the boy you are legally allowed to own a gun and insulting him, I really hope you lose your job, but since the US Educational Department is so Goddamned stupid it's not going to happen, because the idiots that run it are nothing but a bunch of fat, lazy, spineless pussies that care more about money and less about helping students.

It also pisses me off that a student who beat down a bully who was picking on a helpless blind kid, gets kicked off the Football team, really you're kicking a Student off the Football Team for Fighting a fucking worthless, insecure, loser bully and let me guess, you would be ok with the Quarterback shoving kids in the fucking locker and not doing anything about it? This goes to show how fucking stupid the Educational System in this Country is, Fat and Lazy Principals, Corrupt and Spineless Teachers, and Yes Men that only care more about Money and less about actually helping students, seriously it's about time that the Educational System seriously gets it Fucking Shit together, Abolish the Zero Tollerence Policy, Expel every Bully in School and have them all put in the Scared Straight Program, actually hire Teachers that know how to Teach and Principals that treat the students as their friend and at the same time are man enough to punish bullies and help students with issues, instead of ignoring them, so to the Educational System, Wake the Fuck Up and Get your Shit together right now.

*Note from Anger Central
You might want to review your classes on sentence structure and punctuation.

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